Lujan Grisham makes ghastly assertion about New Mexico’s energy identity

While speaking at POLITICO’s energy summit Thursday, Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham angered eco-leftists over her justification for vetoing electric vehicle tax credits in the omnibus package previously passed during the 2023 Legislative Session.

“These were important but way too small,” Lujan Grisham said of the tax credits. “These benefits were so small, they don’t move the needle. Sometimes when you get something, you don’t get a second bite at it.”

Eco-leftists charged the governor with “blowing smoke” with her “bull***t response.” 

However, other comments Lujan Grisham made at the summit have New Mexicans concerned.

The governor told the moderator during the event, “We have free college,” adding, “I’m producing workers in the renewable energy sector.”

She then said, “New Mexico was framed, and in fact, I might…I do disagree with that frame as an energy state and a leader in energy” (emphasis added).

On the contrary, New Mexico was responsible for the largest U.S. oil production growth in 2022 at 50 percent — beating all other states, as we previously reported. Much of the state’s massive $9.4 billion budget derives from the booming oil and gas industry.

A policy and performance analysis for the 2024 fiscal year from the Legislative Finance Committee noted, “Bolstered by high oil- and gas-related revenues, growing incomes, strong consumer spending, and inflation, New Mexico is experiencing record-high revenues across all major revenue streams.” 

The free market think tank, the Rio Grande Foundation, asked regarding Lujan Grisham’s comment, “On what planet is New Mexico NOT a… leader in energy?”

New Mexico, which is the second-highest oil-producing state in the country, certainly is an energy state, and any assertion otherwise is a fabrication of the truth.



21 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham makes ghastly assertion about New Mexico’s energy identity”

  1. nmg* is such a useless slugs. Anything I might say about her/m wouldn’t be nice so I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.

    *not my governess

  2. I don’t know how she was reelected. Everyone I know all across the state wanted her out last midterm elections.

    1. Can you say “Dominion”? She gave Dominion 53million. More than any other state in the union. The next highest state gave Dominion 12 million.

    2. Maggie Screwloose Oliver was primarily in charge of that. Dominion + pushing voting bills (mail in + automatic registration + lowering voting age) to make it easy to cheat. Notice how, if any of her job is questioned, she immediately insists that she is being “threatened” and “attacked”? And notice how hard she went after Audrey Trujillo – who ran against her – trying to discredit her and make her look like a crazy MAGA freak? Why would someone in office waste the time to do that if they thught she was no threat? Yet Mags had no problem threatening Sandoval and other commissioners who questioned the results of the elections and demanded hand counts. That is a commissioner doing their job (if you think there was cheating, you’d better not certify) – yet Maggie threatened arrest if the results were not immediately certified. Then, when the votes were “audited,” it wasn’t done by a citizen team or someone not in the SoS office. It was done by her and MLG – the very definition of the fox guarding the henhouse.

      I also know no one who voted for MLG. Even hardcore Dems I know wanted her out, because she is unethical, corrupt and supports socialistic, anti-American policies.

      1. One comment: I understand the fear of the Dominion machines. However, if the ballots have already been tampered with (by allowing people who are not the actual voters to whom those ballots belong to use those ballots to cast phony votes), then do as much hand counting as you like, it will not fix the problem – the phony-voted ballots themselves.

        The only chance we have is through voter signature verification, but look at what’s happening in AZ to see how that can be corrupted too.

  3. Comments as expected from the right wing news and it’s readers!! What part of very small do you not understand??

  4. She hates the OIL…she loves the revenue. A typical LIbTard HYPOCRITE, she also loves the money rolling in from MARIJUANA sales. One has to wonder if she, too, enjoys the benefits of MJ, since her ignorance and stupidity on both issues cloud her pea-brain.

  5. Yeah we are an energy state rich in oil and gas but our government doesn’t share the profits from the revenue with the people like they do in other states. No they tax the hell out New Mexicans and everything else. The people don’t see a dime from that revenue. All Michelle does is it piss it away and pocket what’s left.
    In Alaska, most residents receive annual dividend payments from the state’s Alaska Permanent Fund (APF). The fund, established in the 1970s, generates the money by investing oil-related revenue. While the dividend amount fluctuates from year to year, the media’s forecasts are generally accurate, and the official number is announced shortly before checks are issued each October. For Alaskans, the APF offers a fairly predictable source of extra income.

  6. Hello all;
    I do not understand why someone would want the job of Governor. From what I see in the aformentioned comments, the opinions on her performance are pretty brutal; they’re also immature, petty & counterproductive. If you can do better, run for governor.

    1. You obviously have a problem with truth. What is immature and petty is believing her self PR. MLG loves the limelight and she doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her. She likes control and power….that is why she is in public office. That, and she is unqualified to work a regular job. By her own admission, she barely squeaked out of high school, and her uncle sent her to law school because her college career wasn’t great, either and she had to “do something with her life.” Barely passed there, too. She is what is known as a Useful Idiot. Grease her palm and she’ll do whatever she is paid to do.

    2. The comments are not brutal. The Democrats to include the governor only want power, they do not do much to help the citizens. We are last in schools that should be an easy fix to at least get us to number 25. How about how the leadership effectively spends our tax dollar, well we are 3rd worse. They are many other worst things NM does but do not have the time to list them.

  7. There should not be tax incentives for electric cars. This only helps the folks with money. Most of us cannot afford a $50,000 electric car that is too small for a family of 4. We (at median and below income for NM) can afford a bigger truck/truck that is older (10 yrs +) that can do a multitude of tasks. Some could buy a use electric car for cheap but it will more than likely need a new battery which is 10-15K, so I guess we need to keep our cheaper gas vehicles.

  8. Maggie is good friends with Katie Hobbs, the governor-by-fraud of AZ. Maggie has been trying to change the election laws on her own for years. No Republicans won any of the state-wide offices this time. I understand there was/is Soros and cartel involvement. HRH mlg talking to Politico is another dead giveaway as to where her loyalties lie. Her climate change stance is probably more like wanting to hang out with the “cool kids” than caring about climate idiocy. Pot legalization is probably the same thing. “Cannabis” – call it what it is: pot or weed.

  9. Wickipedia (which is a horrible source of information, its all biased as hell just like google search), needs to put her name under the definition of hypocrite, being against petroleum production, yet making millions off the oil and gas industry. Right Michelle?

  10. this clueless, racist, hypocritical idiot lied through the whole interview about guns, energy, etc. she should do her research before she open her piehole

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