NM responds to ​​Gov. Lujan Grisham declaring a ‘gun violence’ emergency

Far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a “gun violence” “public health emergency” on Thursday, as well as shelling out $750,000 taxpayer dollars on new gun grabs, which she did by the stroke of a pen in an executive order.

The governor used an 11-year-old boy’s tragic murder on the way home from a baseball game as the pretext for her order. 

Here’s how New Mexicans responded to Lujan Grisham’s latest attempt at clinging to more power:

New Mexico House Republican Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec) wrote, “It is unfortunate that the Governor has decided to politicize the death of an 11-year-old to push her anti-gun agenda. What’s likewise unfortunate is that with billions in revenue this state has not funded meaningful criminal justice reform including addressing reckless pre-trial release policies and behavioral health rehabilitation. The Democrat’s policies have created and exacerbated the crime crisis that is literally killing New Mexicans daily. It is unacceptable that it has taken this long to notice the number of everyday New Mexicans that are being affected by criminal violence.”

State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote on X, “If only @GovMLG cared about the high number of babies and children that have died from Fentanyl overdose in New Mexico.”

“Or cared about the 599 overdose deaths each year, putting New Mexico 45.89% higher than the national average OD death rate. Or if she had pushed for the increased penalty bills for criminals with guns that I cosigned with Rep Bill Rehm. Or pushed for the ‘tough on crime’ bills that we presented.”

She added, “If only she cared enough to look at other states and how they have successfully lowered crime with task forces in high-crime areas that target criminals with guns.”

One person wrote, “What are you going to do to stop violent criminals? Guns are inanimate and in no way, shape, or form commit violent crime. People commit crime and it’s cowardice to blame inanimate objects. Not fooled.”

“This is on YOU.  You have created the crisis. The Constitution CANNOT be suspended because of a State public emergency that you have no authority to initiate & make up based on the policies YOU put into place,” another wrote, adding, “THE CHILD’S BLOOD IS ON YOU & THOSE THAT SUPPORT YOUR INSANITY. OWN IT. Because I guarantee I will let everyone know about throughout NM. You will not be able to escape the truth of what you are responsible for. I will not be silent.” 

“Disregard and flatly ignore NM Executive Order 2023-130,” wrote state Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo).

The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association wrote, “For years, our Governor has constantly attacked law enforcement and peaceful gun owners while violent crime spiraled out of control. With every legislative measure passed, the problem has only become worse. This only stops when violent criminals are held accountable.”

Here are some other notable replies to Lujan Grisham’s latest order: 


46 thoughts on “NM responds to ​​Gov. Lujan Grisham declaring a ‘gun violence’ emergency”

  1. Commies coddle criminals and then wonder why there is lawlessness. Murders , assault, auto theft, shoplifting and all other property crimes are out of control but the communists insist on disarming God fearing law abiding citizens because that is their intent all along. The communist state must disarm us before they enslave us. Our rights come from God ,not petty tyrants according to the constitution of the United States. Any law that is repugnant to tha constitution is null and void!

    1. Here’s the commie-lib solution: First create a problem. Then propose a solution that has nothing to do with solving the problem, but takes away citizen’s rights.

      1. No, MLG sounds like a crazy Nazi. You realize that this is exactly what they did in Germany–created a crisis and took away their guns….. Read a book.

      2. Newsflash Bettie….Democrats ARE the nazis. Project Paperclip, look it up. We are a captured nation. Obama was a communist, look it up.

  2. Why not declare gangs as domestic terrorists and let our special force’s take care of it. I will not allow you to take my God given rights away I will not abide by any law that takes away any constitutional right I have. I have been a gun owner for 52 years in NM and never stepped outside the law as a gun owner but if you make me a criminal by having the ability to protect myself and my family then I guess I’m going to walk on the other side now.

    1. As a child i remember almost everyone had a gun rack in the back of their truck, including teens. We never had a school shooting. The more mandates the government puts on guns, Ok governor, should we take away vehicles to stop accidents. I could go on, but enough said. All I can say is our governor is self serving and really stupid. Shame on those who voted her into office.

    2. Considering that she refuses to close the border AND she has been photographed at campaign events hugging known members of the Sinaloa cartel….she isn’t going to do a thing about gang violence. However, her calling the DoJ in to raid Bandito members homes…that might backfire on her. And I very much hope it does.

    3. Declaring the gangs/drug cartels as domestic terrorists would be great, but they have too much influence in the NM political sphere for any leadership to do so.

  3. I was censored again, maybe it’s my truthfulness in exposing our “leaders” who are merely communist functionaries posing as elected officials or my mention of our God given rights being trampled?

  4. Diane Cordero Starke

    Our governor is and always shall be an idiot, but someone put her in that seat of power so now she’s gone make our state look stupid. There’s no one to blame except for the idiots who put her in office. So now we all suffer from her idiocy.

    1. The idiot that put her in office was Maggot Screwloose Oliver. After watching the election, watching 10,000 Mules, reading Clement’s Audit Taskforce Report and watching her ramrod the election bills through that codified mail-in ballots…there is not a thing anyone can do that can convince me that she was honestly elected. There are stupid liberals in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, but the entire state isn’t that stupid. SENM and ENM are solid red, and even though I work with a lot of liberals, I don’t know a single person that voted for her. So…

    2. Well it already looks stupid.. Albuquerque was voted the most trashy city in New Mexico. It even beat El Paso, Houston and Denver. Used to love spending time in New Mexico now I avoid it like the plague…

  5. The dumbing down of New Mexicans via poor education is a component to all crime and violence. Thanks Democrats!

    The failure to control crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, inflation, high taxes are more contributing factors. Thanks Democrats!

    Democrats! Boo!

  6. This ‘governor’ has no right according to the LAW to do what she is trying to do. All who follow illegal orders will be just as guilty in breaking the LAW.

  7. Foolish people reelected this little wanta be. Stand up against all crime, including rotten people who push in constitutional laws on us. Time for the “Tea Party” and impeaching this fool.

  8. The cycle of all blue states…..Democrats make poor policy that enable crime, then declare themselves the savior to stop the crime.

    Shut down industry/jobs with bad policy then come to the rescue with welfare

    Wake-up people

  9. Let me be clear munchkin Grissom You will NOT force anyone to comply with your illegal fiats. I did not comply with your mask mandate I will never comply with your gun mandates. This is the USA we make laws via a process not a swipe of you pen.

  10. By law, the 30 day legislative session in even numbered years is for the sole purpose of clearing unfinished business from the previous legislative session or to address emergency matters. By declaring this emergency democrats can devote the entire 30 day session to ramming through new and unconstitutional gun laws.

  11. I will not abide by ANYTHING that 4 foot troll has to say. Where’s protection at the border and harsh penalties for criminals?? Look at the streets of Albuquerque that witch cares nothing about us!!! So deep in Joe Bidens pockets she just screws us all. We need to get her out!!! Impeach that clown.

  12. We don’t have a gun problem. We do have a sick, depraved, moral-less, entitlement-minded, rudderless society full of mentally ill, drug addicted, violent cretins who will kill without remorse of sense of right and wrong. We subject our children to perverse deviance, endless violence and bullying online, fatherless homes, communist indoctrination in the public schools and wonder why they turn into psychopaths. Just keep on doing stupid, useless things that only alienate good people and the spiral down the drain will continue. Governess Wuhan Gruesome, and those who actually support her ignorance, are fully to blame for this. The leftist liberal is a truly vile, loathesome creature, worthy of only scorn and contempt.

  13. Hey Loserjan THIS IS ON YOU!! Your stupidity and arrogance has done NOTHING to help New Mexicans. Thank you for your poor actions regarding thugs and punks along with letting drugs and riff-raff walk across the border. You need to resign and leave politics.You are hopeless! I pray every day for your arrest and you being escorted out of the roundhouse whilst wearing handcuffs!

    1. Her BS goes far before just today, though. Is anyone here old enough to remember Fort Bayard? 8 frail elderly DIED on her watch. Richardson allowed her to feign a nervous breakdown to cover the fact that he fired her. As a Congresswoman, she was known as a partier and someone who would pretend to help to get a free trip. In 2018, when she was supposed to be in Puerto Rico to look at hurricane damage, she was staying in a luxury hotel and drinking and dancing when other Congress members were in a meeting (https://freebeacon.com/politics/dem-rep-gubernatorial-candidate-drinking-dancing-puerto-rico-trip-hurricane-recovery-progress). And then she tried to BS her way out of that (https://www.grantcountybeat.com/editorials/politics-enter-at-your-own-risk/45798-message-from-michelle-lujan-grisham-i-don-t-care-about-tribes-and-pueblos). And do we want to talk about how she and Richardson attended “official state events” at Zorro Ranch and did nothing about that?

      I could go on and on….there is SO MUCH evidence of her incompetence if you dig just a little in her track record. She should have been jailed decades ago, but we have two big problems: Democrats and globalists protect her, and a big majority of people in this state have no cojones.

  14. Oh how I love this paper and the comments that show common sense. It is my feel good thank you people who share my thoughts and can see through all the BS and propaganda being shoved done our throats. I’d especially like to thank NORTENO, DARRELL, JONNY,
    DIANE, MARIO, RALPH, STEPHANIE, TRUTHFULLY, ANDREW, ROBERT, NICOLE for your comments and chuckles which definitely exposed the real problem. If commander MLG wanted to fix anything, she would secure the border, do away with the sanctuary cities, deport illegals, quit persecuting the police and abetting the criminals. It’s time to have real consequences for lawbreakers instead of a hug and a slap on the wrist.

    The real problem is getting the facts to the uneducated “free and great benefits” who are the entrapped herd of sheep who vote and are the heart of the problem.

  15. Agreed Stephanie. My gut reaction to initiating a ‘public health emergency’ falsly gives her more power down the road when the SHTF again.

  16. I loathe Little Hitler MLG with just as much hate as the names Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden, and McConnell and Gstes, Soros, Schwab, and the WEF, WHO, FBI, NEA, and CIA. Trump exposed them all for the evil they are. You do know Atty General Raul Torres is bought and paid for by Soros and so is the Albuquerque DA. Cashless bond, revolving doors for criminals, and letting the Cartels freely push fentanyl, meth, and crack in this state and let’s face it, scumbag no morals parents and Democrats are to blame. A gun doesn’t shoot itself. A criminal holding it does. The bottom line is liberal communist Democrats and elites in power will never control us as long as we have guns. That’s why they are trying so hard!

  17. Can someone send all these right-on comments to the elected representatives in Santa Fe, including our no so smart Governor. I want the death penalty back for those who cause the death of a child by violence, drugs, human trafficking rape and incest.Scripture says ( not verbatim) that anyone hurts one of His children, that a rope be wrapped around his neck with a millstone and tossed into the Sea. It looks like Capitol punishment to me.

  18. As much as the gov loves power, she, like other communist dictators think she has the right to suspend the Constitution. I seriously doubt she even know what the Constitution does. Next question, what the heck is the $750,000 for. Doesn’t the legislature need to approve any spending. The little troll has decided she is the queen of this failed state. FML

  19. It is time to resist as a group, all those actions / restrictions that are against the Constitution. No more kowtowing! Group entries to companies that comply, or just don’t shop there anymore. Make our voices heard.

  20. When you allow government to suspend rights during an emergency, government will create emergencies so it can suspend rights.

  21. Maybe the NRA should intervene and tell her how gun laws really work and tell her of our constitutional right. If she thinks it’s so easy she’s got another thing coming. These bozos are trying to change laws that were established before they were even born.

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