Lujan Grisham brags about wasting $10M on taxpayer-funded abortion mill

Far-left pro-abortion up-to-birth Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recently bragged in a Democrat Party of New Mexico (DPNM) fundraising email about wasting $10 million in taxpayer funds on a new abortion mill set to service Texas women who cross the border into Las Cruces. 

“Throughout my tenure as Governor, I’ve worked with Democratic legislators to ensure New Mexico remains a safe place for patients and providers of abortion care and reproductive health care,” the anti-life governor wrote. 

She touted her 2021 bill that stripped all protections for women, mothers, and medical professionals and effectively legalized abortion up-to-birth with a door open to infanticide — something already occurring in New Mexico.

She listed “[o]verturning New Mexico’s … abortion ban in 2021, preemptively protecting abortion rights in our state even before the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision” as an accomplishment. 

“Crafting and enacting into law House Bill 7, the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Care Act, to prohibit municipalities and local governments from restricting access to reproductive or gender-affirming care,” she listed, along with “[p]assing Senate Bill 13, Reproductive Health Provider Protections, which I signed into law this year. This codifies my 2022 executive order to protect confidential information of patients and providers of reproductive and gender-affirming care, including abortions, from other states’ criminal liability and discrimination.

S.B. 13 harbors criminal abortionists in the state. It bans the extradition of criminal abortionists and the sharing of information regarding such criminals with other states.

“The work doesn’t stop there. As Governor, I dedicated $10 million from my capital outlay funding for a full-spectrum reproductive health clinic in southern New Mexico,” she bragged.

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) led the charge to strip the $10 million from the appropriation bill.

Bipartisan legislators later opposed her extremist allocation, but the bill was passed with the governor’s millions for a new abortion mill to kill more babies in the state.

She added that “we can only continue protecting abortion at the state level here in New Mexico if we continue electing Democrats to our State House and Senate, both of which are on the ballot in the next general election.”

Republicans can harness this extreme pro-abortion up-to-birth stand and help stop the far-left fringe ideas of no-limit abortion by similarly funding and promoting pro-life candidates at the ballot boxes in the upcoming 2023 municipal elections and in 2024. 


71 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham brags about wasting $10M on taxpayer-funded abortion mill”

    1. It’s always men yelling about abortion. If the male portion of society ever took responsibility for their actions. But let’s keep voting down Healthcare,childcare andmaternity leave.

      1. Ma’am you didn’t finish your half thought out response you said “ if the male portion of society ever took responsibility for their actions. But let’s keep voting down Healthcare,childcare andmaternity leave.

        There was no clear defined statement there all I read was an open ended partial statement and that’s the problem. You take a situation like this and make it about why you feel a person should have to right to do up to birth abortions. Why somone thinks they have a right to take a pregnancy full term and then after 6-7 or even 8 months of carrying a fetus In their womb , go and end the life they helped create. Well by the same token a person should have the right to put in their body anything they want so then let’s all go out shoot up a bunch of cocaine and fentanyl and make ourselves so sick and sterile and just lower our self worth to the point where we go and randomly have sexual relations w anything that has a pulse and then we won’t need abortions because everyone will be so poisoned that their bodies won’t be able to produce anything pure and COMPLETE … just like your comments , half thought out and of no real value.

        1. I’m waiting for the law to expand to post-birth-abortions to be next. The way things are going with the late abortion demands, it appears that will be next.

      2. You are so right!
        Men create the problems and then accept no responsibility. No one likes abortion. The best solution is VASECTOMY !!! Why blame the women ? It is the fault of the men.

        1. I could not agree more with you and I am so sick and tired of these Viagra commercials that are all over the TV stations. What next? A ban on contraceptives?

        2. Or hysterectomy…you’re obviously are one sided … how bout a better idea is using birth control… oh I’m sorry we’re the women forced into sex or was it consensual. It’s a woman’s fault just as much as a man’s.

      3. I’m sorry but if its not rape or child rape . Then the female is in charge of sex. How about females take responsibility when it comes to sex an picking their partners. If he doesn’t have protection don’t have sex it’s 50/50 . Common sense. You sound bitter an not really thinking .

    2. If abortion clinics in NM were more well known then maybe the 2 teens who disposed of their babies, 1 in a dumpster & 1 in a hospital trash can, might have used a clinic & avoided making the disastrous choices they did!!!

      1. I’m pretty sure they were aware.. It sounded like they both had mental issues. No human being no matter how young should do this..I’m not a supporter of abortion but a supporter of life. These babies were so innocent. They both know what they did. I wonder if there was another avenue. The one in the hospital should have had the baby in nursing room and just expressed her desire not to keep and give it to medical staff. I’m pretty sure they were aware of abortion they just decided to take a different route.

      1. I’m a Democratic James T Bundy. If you got something to say about democrats, you better say it to my face or shut the hell up

        1. I say the same things i have always said. Democrats are ruining this country with their lawless ways and murdering of babies.

      2. Unfortunately, you were one of the ones that should have not survived. Such putrid ignorance is embarrassing.

      3. Putting something in all caps won’t make it true! This is not a political thing as much as a person’s private medical decision! Judge not as the Bible says or you just might find yourself in the hot seat on judgment day explaining your own hatred!

    1. I don’t know if you are Catholic/Christian but the last week or so there was a handout from Archbishop John C. Wester and pretty much hit it spot on. Of course if you’re talking to Demoncrats about this it’s like talking to a wall.

  1. Most of these abortions are pregnancies that are not compatible with life. They would not result in a child with any kind of life.

    1. That is a lie. The VAST MAJORITY of abortions are performed because the BABY is unwanted. They are done for the convenience of the ‘mother.’

      1. No, that is the lie. Regardless, it is nobody’s business but the woman’s! It is between her and God and He will be the last word. In the meantime, perhaps tend to weeding your own garden.

  2. Agree with Laura. Fully support Lujan in protecting the right of women (and young girls) to make informed decisions about their own bodies.

  3. I fully agree with Laura and Anne (sarcasm intended). We should be allowed to kill babies. Makes perfect sense, calling Abortion “protecting women’s rights”, when it is murder. How about protecting the rights of the unborn child instead of a woman who decides to get an abortion because she simply doesn’t want her life interrupted. I hope one day people will understand that this is not about “you”. It is about that precious child. But I realize we live in a society that is so absorbed with self, that we cant see past us. Sad times we live in.

    1. How about making it easier to have an unplanned pregnancy. Like affordable health care, maternity leave, decent childcare. No. we preach save the fetus and abandon the children to poverty.

      1. How is it that save the fetus EQUALS abandon the children to poverty. That equation has NO factual basis. Yes, New Mexico is a poor state but how does that justify your equation? Actual, verifiable facts please. (Living below the poverty level is something the general population of New Mexico does.) So question: are you an elitist who believes poor people shouldn’t have children? Or, are you under the false assumption that New Mexicans are so hard hearted and cruel that we don’t help those in need? Questioning your premise for your statement.

      2. It’s only people like you who think this way, it’s easier to kill with all kinds of excuses trying to make yourself feel better like you are bettering mankind somehow when in reality it’s your failure to take responsibility for actions.

  4. Pinon Post should do an article detailing MLG alignment with the Satanist Church to provide abortion services in New Mexico. A “little” detail a lot of voters know nothing about.

    1. Yes, I agree with your suggestion to expose this demonic woman whose gaze in the top photo speaks for itself. I’ve known about her association with Lucien Greaves, the head of The Satanic Temple whose agenda is to ‘Lucifer-ize’ our children and sacrifice the unborn.

  5. I have no problem with common sense abortion laws but the laws in states that provide no exception for rape or incest, age of the mother, and where woman are required to carry to term nonviable pregnancies, and where citizens are encouraged to turn in each other for a bounty are insane. Happy these women have a place to come.

  6. This article twists the truth. I agree with what Lujan is doing. Women need the access to healthcare and she is helping provide it. There are many comments on here from the pro birth/anti life republicans. Women’s health is between a woman and her doctor. It’s none of your business. I’m happy to see that the State government is helping with it.

  7. “…New Mexico remains a safe place for patients and providers of abortion care and reproductive health care” “… I dedicated $10 million from my capital outlay funding for a full-spectrum reproductive health clinic in southern New Mexico”

    I remember another group who changed the language to terms like “The Final Solution” and “Life, Without Life.”

  8. So very sad that we have become a state that condons murder under the pretense it’s about protecting womens health rights. The unborn is worth protecting even though we have a democratic party that doesn’t think so. There will come a day when folks will answer for this evil they have promoted and endorsed.

  9. The best thing AND the right thing that needs to happen is she is escorted out of the roundhouse wearing handcuffs!!!

    1. She should have seen jail time after Fort Bayard. 8 frail elderly died on her watch. What did she do? Feign “a breakdown” to cover the fact that Richardson fired her. She also abused her emergency powers during covid to keep the federal money coming in while she ate luxury food and shopped at closed stores. AND her use for surplus money we had was to spend it on a shot coercion lottery. How many already-born people’s health and well-being were harmed with that? I personally know several people who developed myocarditis and two who had strokes as a result of being coerced to take these experimental shots that protected no one. Yet…she’s still in office. Democrats are untouchable, apparently.

  10. I think it’s rich when men that do not want to pay 18 years in child support have an opinion about women’s bodies. How about mandatory vasectomy? How would you boys feel about that?

      1. As one who had a lifetime of “female health issues,” as well as an unplanned pregnancy that I carried to term (and had to deal with a malignant narcissistic “co-parent” for 18 years), I would welcome “manditory hysterectomies.” Bring ’em on! Matter of fact…when I was dealing with months of continuous pre-menopausal bleeding and begged for a hysterectomy, I was told by five doctors that I “wasn’t bleeding enough to justify one.” I’m sure I’m not alone in this, either. Plenty of us would opt for this if it was an option.

    1. I was 17 when I had my Daughter. I was a kid myself…Some stuff went down after my daughter was born with her Mom. She didn’t want my daughter to see me.We went to court and they said they would never not let a father be involved with his child. I manned up and paid child support for 18 yrs. If someone as young as me can do it. There should be no excuse for fathers that try to skip over that or missed payments.

  11. Bottom line abortion of a health baby is just plain sick. Our Governor has taken upon herself to force us all to become complicit by using our tax dollars for murder of the unborn. I did not vote for this evil governor.

    1. None of us did. Look to Maggot Screwloose Oliver as to how she was installed. She is paying a $22K fine for denying IPRA requests about voter data, out of taxpayer funds and is being allowed to do so. As long as we have that Maggot infesting our state, we will never have secure or honest voting. She will install whoever her handlers tell her to install.

  12. In response to a couple of comments, first the two young women that “threw” their newborn babies away did exactly what Grisham’s law provides, basically abortion up to birth but without the abortion mills profiting. Next, birth control is easily available, use it. Saying unwanted pregnancies are mens fault fails to recognize that fact these women are screaming about, my body, my choice. People that say it’s abortion is no one’s business but the woman and her doctor are forgetting one important thing, taxpayers are funding the current abortion nonsense, that does in fact make it our business.

  13. The Republican Party should look into how many of these New Mexican ladies going to this mill. Then use it to bring it out as to how our taxpayer dollars are being used for out of staters. How are our tax dollars being wisely used by these idiots in Santa Fe.

    1. She should invest in the failing schools and rampant crime…there’s a murder almost everyday in Albuquerque …she’s doesn’t care about them but she sure likes supporting the killing of of the unborn.

  14. Y’all need to stop this crap about God this and God that! First of all for the sane and reasonable Psssst… Hey you, come here. (THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD!) Now, lets get this straight, religion and abortion have zero to do with each other. Also, allowing abortions in Roe v.Wade were meant to give woman victims of rape a way out of their ordeal. I agree with this. Many years later, laws were passed where abortion laws now included to help young girls and children a way out of their horrific experiences with an old pervert. However, that wasn’t good enough for the weekend barfly, alcoholic, or drug addict. You disgusting women use abortion as a contraceptive. This also doesn’t mean that men should not be held accountable. Men would be held accountable if the woman wasn’t so intoxicated, she could remember his name. Or it was a friend and “the poor woman doesn’t want to tell him because she doesn’t want her friend to know, because she values her friendship with this friend more than a life”. It’s all B.S.. When in fact, Both drunkards / addicts / friends are responsible. Abortion laws should ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, be used in the event of rape/ child molestation / or in the event the unborn child may have defects preventing an excellent quality of life, or in the event the death of the baby and or mother may occur. All other reasons should be removed from any such laws. The woman made the self bad choice and chose to be a barfly/ hood rat / groupie/ prostitute. And the man, well they choose to pick up on such women because most can only think with their pecker. Regardless both of you, had a great roll in the hay, but it’s time to part and forget it! At least for the next month or two anyway. And then it hits, what was his name! Ooops! I’ll just go to New Mexico because murder is legal there!

  15. MLG is scum … all you support abortion are scum… all you who are pro-abortion your mom should have aborted you.. all you dummies who are pro- abortion should be thankful that you weren’t aborted and discarded as medical waste. There was a dictator that supported killing babies like all you who support abortion.. Hitler…I’m a devout Catholic and pray for people like that. You might not believe in God. But in his eyes and mine you are murders. It takes two to tango..if a man and woman have unprotected sex and aren’t prepared for the repercussions then that’s their fault. There’s things called birth control. MLG is in bed with the devil. It’s hard to say this. But when her time comes I hope she gets judged a lot different. Maybe instead of wasting taxpayers money she should invest in the failing school system and skyrocketing crime..she doesn’t care about people being murdered every day but she sure cares about taking an unborn babies life.

  16. Ponder what the world would be like today if every person who advocates for abortion had been the victim of an abortion themselves.

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