How spoiled are New Mexico’s dogs? A new survey has answers

A new survey conducted by Forbes Advisor delved into the pampering habits of dog owners across the United States. The survey, which included responses from 10,000 dog owners across the nation, aimed to determine which states boast the most indulgent pet parents, taking into account various aspects of canine care, from health prioritization to birthday celebrations.

Florida emerged as the leading state in terms of spoiling its dogs, with a remarkable 66.5% of respondents confessing to spending more on their dog’s health and grooming than on their personal well-being. In addition to this financial dedication, 43.5% of Floridian dog owners admitted to pushing their dogs in strollers, while a staggering 54% regularly organize birthday parties for their four-legged companions.

The following states rounding out the top five in the survey were Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and California, each showcasing a high level of devotion to their canine companions.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the survey highlighted the states where pet owners tend to spoil their dogs less. Oklahoma claimed the title for the least indulgent, followed by Indiana, Wisconsin, Idaho, and New Mexico. South Carolina also made the list of states where dogs receive relatively less pampering from their owners.

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In New Mexico, which tied South Carolina at 45th out of all other states, 39.5% of dog owners brought their dog on vacation, 40.5% prepared homemade dog food or treats, and 11.0% pushed their dog in a stroller.

Forbes Advisor further identified the top five ways in which pet parents pamper their dogs. Topping the list was the practice of taking family photos with furry friends, with 58.7% of respondents nationwide admitting to this indulgence. Additionally, 53.7% expressed their love for pampering through the purchase of dog clothes.

Health care for dogs emerged as a significant aspect of canine indulgence, with 45.8% of respondents acknowledging that they allocate more funds to their pet’s health and grooming than to their own. Some dog owners even go above and beyond by preparing homemade meals for their dogs, with 45% engaging in this practice. Moreover, 43.2% have treated their dogs to restaurant-quality treats, underlining the extent to which some pet parents go to ensure their furry companions enjoy the finer things in life.

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7 thoughts on “How spoiled are New Mexico’s dogs? A new survey has answers”

  1. Driving around NM, you can see why the rating. So many refuse to neuter their pets out of ignorance. Also, they remain unvaccinated and underfed. Many dogs on reservations are the same. It’s sad. If you can’t afford a pet, don’t have one. And my motto : “Adopt, don’t shop!”

  2. New Mexico sucks for dogs. The Las Cruces shelter kills more dogs than any shelter in the country. I applied for a job there that is what the director told us. When I was an inspector for the county and the city, I saw so much animal abuse it made me sick. This state people abuse starve and neglect dogs worse than anywhere I have lived. A dog here is destined to be neglected. A few do love their animals the majority leaves them outside 24/7 my neighbors is one of them. Can’t wait to get out of the God forsaken place.

    1. What is wrong with dogs & cats being outside? God gives them the ability to grow hair for winter and shed in the summer. When I was a kid almost no one had them in the house. And some prefer outside.

  3. I have had dogs (and cats)that have never had to sleep outdoors. Some have never had to sleep on the floor. When I die I want to come back as a dog or cat that has an owner like me. They are all God’s creatures and they are our responsibility. People who are cruel to animals will go straight to Hell.

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