Massive ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ message appears in Albuquerque

On January 6, anonymous conservatives put up a slogan most can recognize by now— “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

The anti-Biden message which is a euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden,” appeared on the overpass along I-40 from Los Altos Park right before Exit 165 for Eubank Boulevard in Albuquerque on Thursday in a direct protest to Joe Biden, who was sworn into office despite evidence of election fraud showing he did not win the election.

The conservative activists who erected the slogan and have asked to remain nameless, told the Piñon Post, “One year ago today we were in DC protesting an illegitimate election. Today we protest an illegitimate President, while exercising our First Amendments rights, Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Peacefully Protest.”

They added, “Let Freedom ring across our Great Nation. USA!!! Oh yeah…Let’s Go Brandon!”

Although the far-left City of Albuquerque run by socialist Democrat Mayor Tim Keller took the display down around noon on Thursday, messages circulated across social media sharing the display and celebrating the anti-Biden sentiment.

17 thoughts on “Massive ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ message appears in Albuquerque”

  1. The left, even though fighting for control, sees that very control quickly going away when even a FAR LEFT city like Albuquerque shows that liberalism is a losing cause, and to help keep their control they take the so called offending message down….but not before social media gets ahold of it and makes it go viral. Whoever put this up….let me help you next time and we will put up up all over the place. This is awesome!

      1. Do you ever wonder why the things we on the right have been told over the past few years make us look stupid?
        Covid isn’t real, the vaccine is poison, racism has been cured, the election was stolen, etc, etc…its the liberal long game. Short term we get trump back, long term, our party goes away forever.
        Antifa isn’t real people, its just a small group of anti-fascists. We need to take responsibility.
        We are the most ignorant we ever have ever been as a party. Remember When we had the smart people in office? Now we have the foil hat crazy people.

  2. Now that Wuhan Lujan has extended The Masks wearing until February 4th …surprise …surprise …Ibet we will be seeing more of this

  3. I’m so glad that some people from New Mexico are opening their eyes and ears and are finally seeing the devastation President Biden is doing to our nation. Since New Mexico is a far left state. LETS GO BRANDON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  4. Every time Mayor idiot of ABQ takes it down, Proud patriots of ABQ should put it back up. Let’s go Brandon.

  5. I often feel very alone these days. Articles such as this remind me that I’m not. Thank you. And thank you Patriots for making your voices “heard.”

  6. This shows many Americans hate the Dems and their failed policies… rampant inflation, homelessness, violence, Afghanistan, CTR… Idiots like Biden and Keller. It will be a Red Wave in November and let’s take back the House and Senate. Let’s go Brandon!

  7. I moved to NM 34 years ago. The democrats in this state brag about voting more than once as a family tradition. I lost count of the number of times the election officials suddenly found a few boxes of ballots in a closet on election night. They cheated to new heights in 2020, know they are way behind now so they will up their game of cheating to compensate because the loss will mean their exposure.

    1. Ugg. More stupidity. “Boxes of votes” have never been found. Thats a recycled story from Arizona. Why do we constantly let the left make us look so stupid? We look like the dems in 2016 crying about Clinton really winning. Unfortunately, we took it way too far and pulled a bunch of people into the party that we would never have never wanted in our party previously. I am proud to be Liberterian now, Done with the crazy social media, tricked by the wealthy, donation party. C’mon people, come with me to the party that really represents us. Think it through..

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