Leftists churn out fake news about Trump’s NM primary margin

Leftist news networks began attempting to delegitimize 45th President Donald J. Trump’s primary election night victory in New Mexico, claiming former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley created a failure in the primaries with a “huge vote against him.”

KRQE 13 ran a headline reading, “Haley, Christie and others take votes away from Trump in New Mexico primary,” focusing on the meager 8.6 percent Haley took from him, the tiny 2.6 percent Christie took, and the 3.3 percent “uncommitted,” which added up to 14.5 percent.

Newsweek continued perpetuating the fake narrative with the headline, “Donald Trump Suffers Huge Vote Against Him in New Mexico Primary,” bringing attention to the same numbers as the local TV news station. 

Even far-left “comedian” Steven Colbert brought attention to the Newsweek headline, trying to claim the results were a “hiccup” against the 45th President. 

But these leftist news organizations and personalities failed to mention Joe Biden’s performance in New Mexico, which percentage-wise was around one point off from Trump’s numbers.

Biden grabbed 83.5 percent of the New Mexico Democrat primary vote, while Marianne Williamson snatched 6.7 percent, and a huge 9.7 percent or 12,877 rejected Biden — a massive blow to the wildly unpopular Democrat politician. 

One X user wrote, “I don’t like to extrapolate or make predictions based on primary elections, but I find it interesting how Trump has a higher % of the GOP primary vote share vs. Biden in the DEM primary in New Mexico tonight.”

State Rep. John Block wrote regarding the KRQE article, “What a bunch of fake news! Taking votes away from Trump? Try Biden! He only got barely one point more than Trump in NM. Give it a rest! Oh, and 10% of Biden’s votes are uncommitted vs. Trump’s only 3%! Report that!”

The leftist media in New Mexico or nationwide, however, neglected to mention Biden’s abysmal performance, which could tarnish him in the Land of Enchantment, which he purportedly won in 2020 by a 10.79 percent margin of victory.


8 thoughts on “Leftists churn out fake news about Trump’s NM primary margin”

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      I’m an Independent I know New Mexico must change course for the better of it’s citizens especially it’s children. My family and I will be voting Red in November. God Bless America and New Mexico.🇺🇸

  1. It is time for the traditional Democrat voter in NM to really question if they want to continue to vote for a party that no longer reflects their values.

  2. Many voters I spoke to felt that the general election is the one that counts. Voters will show up for Trump in November.

    1. They will show up for him, but will the powers that be allow the truth to be told. Fraud is a very real thing.

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