Vasquez humiliated during border visit as his narrative crumbles before his eyes

In an unexpected turn of events, New Mexico’s U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez found himself in an awkward situation during a recent border visit, as The Wall Street Journal reported. During the visit, Vasquez accused Republicans of exaggerating the number of illegal border crossings, only to be proven wrong shortly thereafter.

According to the WSJ, Vasquez dismissed claims by Republicans that migrants were crossing the border “24/7” at a specific location. He stated, “This was a spot where Republicans claimed migrants were illegally crossing into the country ‘24/7.’ But no one was there. We’re on that same trail right now.” However, moments after his statement, a group of exhausted-looking men appeared along the sides of the hill, contradicting his claim.

“Moments later, a few exhausted-looking men, then more, appeared along the sides of the hill. They finished their climb and searched the mountain for pockets of shade to rest. In all, about 20 men and one young girl crested the ridge, where the terrain makes any border barrier difficult to maintain. Vasquez offered one of the men his bottle of water, guessing they were all suffering from dehydration,” wrote the WSJ.

This incident highlights a significant disconnect between Vasquez’s stance on border security and the reality on the ground. Vasquez has consistently opposed commonsense border security measures, opting instead for a more lenient, open-border approach. This has drawn criticism, especially as illegal crossings remain at alarmingly high levels and incidents of migrants hiding in New Mexico schools have surfaced.

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) seized the opportunity to criticize Vasquez. Maureen O’Toole, CLF Regional Press Secretary, stated, “Come November, New Mexico voters will elect the candidate they trust to fix this border crisis – and that’s not Gabe Vasquez.”

Former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, the GOP nominee for the Second District, wrote on X, “Denying reality doesn’t change it, Gabe!”

The border crisis continues to be a contentious issue in New Mexico and across the nation. With the upcoming elections, voters are increasingly looking for leaders who can effectively address the challenges posed by illegal immigration. Vasquez’s recent misstep at the border may further sway public opinion toward candidates advocating for stricter border controls and enhanced security measures.

As the situation at the border remains critical, the pressure is mounting on politicians to provide viable solutions. The outcome of the November elections will likely reflect the public’s growing concern over border security and their demand for tangible actions to address the crisis.


20 thoughts on “Vasquez humiliated during border visit as his narrative crumbles before his eyes”

  1. I can only hope the Democrat voters in NM pull their heads out of their azzes and realize the vast majority of the problems this state has are caused by progressive Democrat politicians -MLG, Vasquez, Heinrich, Lujan, Stansbury, etc., etc., etc..

    1. By the looks of the number of ‘moderate ‘ democrats defeated there isn’t much hope of us changing anything for the better. Hate to say it but most New Mexicans are stuck in liking the same Ole junk.

    2. True but they will be “giving rebates” come August thru October to buy the vote. Democrats are too easily manipulated to believe the leadership is doing things in “they’re best interest” Hope they wake up before it’s too late.

  2. Our country is being invaded by noncitizens. The only way to stop it is to place the military on the border. Untill
    our do nothing politicans pull thier head out of thier a_ _ !! The invasion will continue!!!

    1. Their are BOARDER PATROL AGENTS already doing that and doing it well. It is a legal port of entry, what is the military going to do? Oh and the last time the military was put there, they just cleaned up the area. You are a turnip.

  3. The irony is that Vasquez lives so close to the border, yet doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see, what’s going on under his very nose!

  4. They know what is going on, the door is wide open for a reason. Very evil people destroying our country day after day.

  5. I agree with the posters who said the military should be placed at the border. No more illegal crossings permitted. Period!

  6. Vasquez a go where the Democrat Party directs him. To held with the United States and New Mexico. Follow the party leaders there is money at the end

  7. Just recently, Vasquez was all for keeping the border open, now, he’s for less migration. Will the real Vazquez please stand up.

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