Leftists celebrate NM law harboring criminal abortionists taking effect

On Friday, the far-left George Soros-funded group ProgressNow New Mexico (PNNM) gleefully celebrated an extremist law, S.B. 13, taking effect. 

S.B. 13, signed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, will harbor criminal abortionists in New Mexico who are wanted for extradition to other states. 

Section 4 of the legislation reads, “It shall be a violation of the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Protection Act to request from a third party, or for a third party to transmit information related to an individual’s or entity’s protected health care activity with the intent to: . . . (6) deter, prevent, sanction or penalize an individual or entity for engaging in a protected health care activity.” 

Section 9 of the bill expressly exempts from extradition criminal fugitives who commit or conspire to commit illegal abortions, so long as the perpetrator remains in New Mexico during the commission of the crimes. 

PNNM hailed the extreme law, writing, “SB13 Protects information of New Mexico abortion and gender-affirming care providers, seekers and helpers. This includes protecting New Mexican’s health care information, health care providers’ licenses, prohibiting extradition for the provision of in-state abortion and gender-affirming care, and preventing the state from cooperating with out-of-state investigations.”

On Twitter, the extremist group wrote, “Oh Happy Day,” sharing what they like about the new law.  

The Soros dark money organization claimed, “Gender affirming medical care is safe, evidence-based and medically-necessary,” which is not true. 

The bill is currently being put up for referendum if organizers get enough signatures to have it put on the ballot.


8 thoughts on “Leftists celebrate NM law harboring criminal abortionists taking effect”

  1. It would be good for John to post law and the New Mexico Constitution for the sleepers who will not do research and climb the wrong trees who read his online news. Clearly, all the alleged officials are imposters and we are allowing them to remain in an office that they are not entitled to. The Devils have taken over New Mexico . Most every Sheriff, and the Cops, AG, Governor, Mayors, judges etc are impostors who are ruthless lawbreakers. What are we doing about it?

  2. These criminal monsters obviously need to be expelled from the United Sates of America to the sunny shores of the Guantanamo prison, (abortionists, child surgical sex organ mutilators, and their supporters).

  3. Thanks to *nmg mlg New Mexico is a safe harbor for murderers, pedophiles, baby killers, abortionists and other assorted scoundrels and scofflaws.
    We the People cannot break the law – but the bloodsuckers who are celebrating passage of this abomination will have to face a higher power. They will spend eternity burning in the pits of Hell and they have earned it.

    *not my governess

  4. These so-called protected people are noting but murderers and mutilators who should be jailed for horrific crimes against unborn and new-born babies.

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