See where NM ranked in child well-being on ‘The Kids Count’ report

The Baltimore-based nonprofit, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, recently released its annual “The Kids Count” report. The report examines data across 16 total indicators in four broad categories: education, health, economic well-being, and family and community. New Mexico was once again ranked last overall. The data is derived from the years 2021 to 2022. 

The state ranked 49th in economic well-being, with 24 percent of children in poverty — a mere once percent change from last year’s 25 percent.

35 percent of New Mexico children’s parents lack secure employment, an increase of three percent from the last year at 32 percent.

Children living in households with a high-cost burden remained the same at 26 percent, but still very high.

Teens not in school and not working shot up one percent to 12 percent from last year’s 11 percent.

In the category of education, New Mexico ranked 50th, with 59 percent of children ages three and four not in school (the same percentage as last year), 79 percent of fourth-graders not proficient in reading (up from last year’s 76 percent), 87 percent of eighth-graders not proficient in math (up from 79 percent last year), and 23 percent of high school students not graduating on time, a slight improvement from 25 percent previously.

New Mexico ranked 44th in health, with 9.4 percent low birth weight in newborns, slightly up from the previous 9.3 percent, six percent of children without health insurance (the same figure from last year), 43 teen deaths per 100,000 (up from 36 previously), and 36 percent of teens ages 10 to 17 who are overweight or obese (up from the previous 32 percent). 

In the family and community category, 44 percent of children in New Mexico live in single-parent households (the same as before), 12 percent of children live in households that lack a high school diploma (slightly better than the previous 14 percent), 19 percent of children living in high-poverty areas (up from 22 percent), and 19 teen births per 1,000 (down from 42 previously).


14 thoughts on “See where NM ranked in child well-being on ‘The Kids Count’ report”

  1. Even thought supposedly they have increased the money to education, many schools are asking for money to help the schools. And when asked why, when you thought the money was more than enough for the public schools, the teachers say that there is not enough money. Most likely the money is going to administration. The need to check the budget and where the money is being spent is crucial for a true evaluation. And who is to blame? Well, the round house of course which is run by the Democrats… So sad for the children. Teen births are down due to abortion up to birth is allowed in this God forsaken state.

    1. Administration is also what drives the high cost of college. Over 30 years ago, the University of California’s president made over $1 million/year. Ludicrous! They don’t do anything useful! Well, they go out to lunch a lot but rich Univ of CA donors pay for it.

    2. You are Spot On about this. So glad my children are grown! I would homeschool. My children wouldn’t be going to public school in this state.

  2. This state just “sucks” on so many levels. I was one of the pioneers in the homeschooling movement in NM starting in the mid 1980s. I never regretted a single day. Now my “successful” daughters are homeschooling all my grandkids. I remain grateful my girls didn’t spend one day under the failure that is the NM education system.

  3. What most people do not realize is that every time the schools get a raise the insurance the schools use goes up, too. The services offered by said insurance companies does not change. It is a scam that negates most of the “raise”.

    Also, as the spouse of a NM school employee I can say that raises should be merit based.

  4. Until New Mexicans realize they are mostly conservatives things will stay the same. We have folks running from poorly run states (California) and putting bad government into NM. What happens in other poorly run states happens in NM 5-10 years later. Get ready to sweep human poop off your side walks Santa Fe as you will be the first to see it. I understand the republicans have their problems but at least 25% of them are worth a crap vs 2% of the democrats. NM needs to vote for the better of the 2 evils or accept we will be last in almost all categories until the New World Order takes over and all states will be last in all categories.

    1. I really wish I could agree with you about New Mexicans being mostly conservative. They are not. The education level is why and because of the poor education here, way too many vote for free stuff and this is why we are where we are.

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