Leftist NM columnist says NM Dems must call for Biden’s ouster

In a striking op-ed, Milan Simonich, a leftist columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican, has called for Joe Biden to be replaced as the Democrat nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Simonich’s argument is rooted in a belief that Biden’s declining performance threatens to undermine the Democratic Party’s chances in closely contested races.

Simonich points to Biden’s recent debate performance against 45th President Donald Trump as particularly damaging, stating, “Biden no longer inspires confidence. Instead, he is on track to depress turnout, making Trump more formidable.” 

He writes that Biden’s presence at the top of the ticket could be detrimental, especially in swing districts, potentially tipping the scales in favor of Republican candidates like Yvette Herrell in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

Herrell, a former Republican congresswoman, is seeking to return to Congress after a reportedly narrow loss to Democrat Gabe Vasquez in 2022. Simonich notes that “Biden’s presence at the top of the ticket might be enough to tip their rematch to Herrell.” 

The column also underscores the potential impact on other Democrat candidates, including Sen. Martin Heinrich. Facing a challenge from Republican Nella Domenici, Heinrich’s campaign could be adversely affected by Biden’s declining popularity. Simonich warns that “Heinrich’s campaign for a third term becomes harder with Biden heading the Democratic ticket.”

Simonich calls on New Mexico’s Democratic delegation to take a stand, criticizing their lack of action, commenting, “New Mexico’s delegation has exhibited no such courage or candor.” He argues that prominent Democrats must urge Biden to withdraw from the race for the good of the Democrat Party and the country. “For its own self-interest and the good of the country, the New Mexico delegation should tell Biden to withdraw from the election,” he writes.

Highlighting the broader implications, Simonich asserts that “Biden’s ego would be bruised by a Democratic uprising, but the alternative is much worse.” He claims that nominating a supposedly stronger candidate at the Democratic National Convention could reinvigorate the party and improve its chances of success in the general election.

Milan Simonich’s call for Biden’s replacement reflects growing concerns within the Democrat Party about his ability to lead them to victory in 2024. His far-left column emphasizes what he sees as the urgency of decisive action to secure a stronger future for Democrats, advocating for a new nominee who can galvanize the electorate and counter the Republican challenge effectively. According to leaked Democrat polls, the only formidable known candidate to go up against Trump in November would be former First Lady Michelle Obama, who is not interested in the position. 


13 thoughts on “Leftist NM columnist says NM Dems must call for Biden’s ouster”

  1. “threatens to undermine the Democratic Party’s chances in closely contested races”

    Yeah, don’t worry that a senile old coot will get us into WWIII, worry about the Dem party’s chances.

  2. All of these tools pretending to be shocked at LGB-FJB’s condition are hilarious. They’ve all known, it can’t be hidden but due to all of the corrupt law fare that they anticipated would keep Trump from even running (much less winning) still thought they could pull the puppet strings another 4 years & now they’re boxed into a very bad corner. Boo-hoo

  3. It’s all about The Party…Screw the Nation, the Economy, National Security in a time of Worldwide Islamic Jihad for control of Europe and then America. These DemocRats always show their true nature when backed against the Wall. They can go to Hell, along with their dementia Prez and his Ho VP.

  4. Biden needs to stay in the race for the good of the country. Biden will lose to Trump which will be the best outcome for the USA.

  5. The author misses the mark. Biden is unfit to run for the Presidency, he is unfit to be the President today. He needs to be removed from office today, Speaker Johnson needs to recall the House and start hearing why the Cabinet and VP haven’t reported his impaired state.

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