Die-hard Biden supporter MLG casts doubt on Biden’s electability: Report

During a Wednesday call with 20 Democrat governors, Joe Biden claimed that “he underwent a medical checkup after last week’s debate and is fine, according to three people with knowledge of the discussion,” per a Politico report.

However, the appointment was “a short checkup by a White House physician in the days following the debate due to lingering symptoms from his cold. The exam, that person added, was brief and did not include any major tests.”

The disastrous debate left Biden increasingly vulnerable, as Republican 45th President Donald Trump is now leading in many swing states, including New Mexico and Virginia, per leaked Democrat internal polling. 

Politico noted that even Biden’s staunchest allies, such as New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, are beginning to cast doubt on Biden’s electability, even in New Mexico.

“Two Democratic governors — Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico and Janet Mills of Maine — expressed concern to Biden over whether he could still win their blue-leaning states, describing them as competitive, two of the people with knowledge of the discussion said. In 2020, Biden won New Mexico by 11 percentage points and Maine by 9 points,” the report noted.

Lujan Grisham is a campaign surrogate for Biden, vowing she will “do everything I can” to stop Trump in 2024. 

The concern from the far-left Democrat governor appears to show that the dam is breaking, even with Joe Biden’s staunchest supporters. 


18 thoughts on “Die-hard Biden supporter MLG casts doubt on Biden’s electability: Report”

  1. The seated governor wants to do everything she can to stop Trump. So she is saying she is doing all she can to stop the Will of the people, citizens of this Country.

  2. Ellen you are correct. Democrats have no respect for the will of the people as they believe their people are something to be molded.

  3. Carlos Del Valle

    We will begin to see things more clearly once we realize that the whole “democratic vs. republican” sideshow is a ruse. Good cop/ bad cop routine. Pro rasslin’. Every election is “the most important election of our lives”. I won’t argue that who we elect has no effect whatsoever, but I will argue that it does not change the final trajectory. Those who were alive when republicrats controlled both houses of congress and the presidency back during “the contract on america” should be able to provide the historical example. What we have is a privileged political class running a very profitable game on the rest of us. To paraphrase Samuel Clemens: “If voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it”.

    1. Congrats Carlos and most insightful! You are100% correct ! It is a fact that most “elected “ officials are owned by money pumped in from billionaire “donors “. They are beholden to the people that fund them , not us . That’s why they show disdain for us and why laws are made to suit them. Politicians no longer need your vote only the support of their masters . This happens whether they are democrat or republicans , that’s why nothing changes in America!

  4. She may pretend to be a staunch Biden ally & surrogate but recall that Kamala Harris officiated her wedding in DC. I’m pretty sure that’s where Wujan-Grisham’s loyalty lies & that there would be a significant position for her in that administration.

  5. Your gov. needs a job soon…..the kackler is her BFF. Do the math NM. I don’t believe you want another 4 years of the lunatics, I don’t think NM can withstand it. You guys have to vote, please don’t let this opportunity pass NM, we all deserve better. You have to vote if you want things to change, complaining from behind your keyboard will not change anything.

  6. I have to feel the whole debate debacle was theater. The DNC wants to get rid of him. How better than to show him as he is, so feeble he might actually pass away in his sleep. Days of mourning, him lying in the capitol rotunda, nation wide sorrow for him, and the sympathy vote for which ever criminal puppet they can stick in there. Whadda ya think?

    1. Carlos Del Valle

      Well, Sue, whatever the objective, one can be very sure that they are looking at theatre – not just in the dog-and-pony show that disgraces the discipline of debate, but in the whole nine yards. It is “The Wizard of Oz” playing itself out right in front of our eyes and we mistake it for reality. This did not begin in 2020; it began before the parents of anyone reading this were born.

  7. Which right wing propaganda site did you plagiarize this piece of used Charmin from butt boy? 🤔

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