Leftist columnist rips Dems’ fake outrage over threats to ‘democracy’

Leftist columnist Walt Rubel recently ripped Democrats a new one over their gerrymandering and their false outrage against Republicans.

Rubel wrote for the NPR affiliate KRWG Public Media, “Two years ago, money poured into the district, as anybody with a TV or mailbox knows. The contest between first-term incumbent Democrat Xochitl Torres Small and Republican challenger Yvette Herrell was the most expensive in the nation, with a combined $37.3 million in campaign spending; $24.3 million coming from outside groups.”

He added: 

After Herrell’s win, Democrats in D.C. moved on. We’re apparently no longer on Emily’s list. This year, Democratic candidate Gabe Vasquez is behind on fundraising, running against the Republican incumbent.

The Democratic National Committee doesn’t have funding to help new, young candidates like Vasquez, but does have money to bolster the most dangerous, radical Republican candidates running in primary elections. 

Democrats have spent some $44 million this primary season to benefit Republican candidates in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland, according to reporting from the group Open Source. They are attempting to eliminate moderate Republican candidates in the primary on the theory that the extremists will be easier to beat in the general election.

He then ripped into Democrats over them playing in primaries over these so-called “extremist” (mainstream) Republicans.

He wrote, “There’s going to be a lot of hyperbolic talk from the left between now and November claiming that Republican candidates are an existential threat to democracy. Don’t believe it. If Democrats really thought that, they would be doing everything they could to defeat those candidates at every step along the way, not support them.”

Rubel called out the Democrats over their fake outrage. Will they listen?


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