Influence-peddling ‘Karen’ gets MLG to quash popular community park: Report

In northeast Albuquerque, a community’s aspiration for a playground faced unexpected hurdles this year, entangled in political maneuvers at the highest echelons of the state.

Netherwood Park, nestled between Indian School and I-40, became the focal point of a heated debate initiated by families in the area over the proposed addition of a playground. Galen Loughrey, a supportive neighbor, highlighted the potential benefits of such a facility, emphasizing its role in fostering social cohesion and providing opportunities for children to interact.

However, dissenting voices, led by Democrat failed gubernatorial candidate and ex-Lt. Gov. Diane Denish and other neighbors near the park challenged the idea of introducing a playground. 

Denish argued for preserving the park’s open space, asserting that children’s creativity thrives without structured play areas. Concerns were also raised about the potential for undesirable elements gathering at the park.

To gauge community sentiment, families conducted door-to-door surveys, revealing significant support for the playground. 

“To gauge support, some of the families went door-to-door. Residents against the playground sent emails to the city. KRQE asked how many they received: 61 for and 22 against. Two-thirds of families were eager for a playground at Netherwood Park,” reported KRQE 13

State Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino sought $200,000 in capital outlay funding to materialize the project amid a slew of approved allocations for various initiatives across the state.

Unexpectedly, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham vetoed the funding for Netherwood Park, citing a lack of neighborhood consensus. It later emerged that Denish, a close confidante of the governor, had lobbied for the veto. Ortiz y Pino expressed disappointment, questioning the governor’s decision-making process and highlighting the lost opportunity for community development.

The outlet further reported, “Denish said she called the governor and asked her to veto any funding for Netherwood Park. Neighbors accuse Denish of treating the park as her backyard. ‘I don’t apologize for having a lifetime of public service where I’ve known these people. I’ve worked hard for New Mexico and being able to call them and having a conversation about something that’s important to me,’ said Denish.”

Moreover, neighbors raised concerns about unequal access to city and state officials, pointing out instances where Denish appeared to wield undue influence. Despite efforts to redirect the funds to other parks, the underlying issues of political influence and community representation remained unresolved.

“The loudest voice, or the voice who seems to have the most direct line of communication, is getting the response, and it’s not representative of the community as a whole,” said neighbor Nadya Loughrey.

In response to inquiries, Governor Lujan Grisham declined to provide further insight into her decision, leaving lingering questions about the fate of Netherwood Park’s playground and the broader implications for grassroots initiatives.


14 thoughts on “Influence-peddling ‘Karen’ gets MLG to quash popular community park: Report”

    1. Cronyism at its worst. One’s years of public service does not erase selfish disdain for the good of neighborhood children. What evidence is there that playgrounds encourage undesirable elements?

  1. It’s interesting that Ortiz y Pino didn’t have more influence. He was very influential in introducing and shepherding the geothermal energy bills through the legislature with the aid of the Sierra Club. Geothermal energy requires fracking. Fracking is fracking whether for oil or water to create steam to drive turbines. The geothermal energy plant in Animas broke down in 2019 after only 6 years of producing energy. The break down released toxic water that ruined farmland and killed animals. Of course that’s a whole different subject. Except like fracking is fracking, influence peddling is influence peddling.

  2. I guess Kids don’t count in ex-Lt. Gov. Diane Denish’s neighborhood. Three to one in votes to have a playground and she calls her crony MLG (Queen of Abortion) to veto the park project. What a shame, but typical of Democrats when Kids matter.

  3. Typical Democrats displaying their ‘Let them eat cake’ attitude. The people of NM should realize MLG and her supplicant Dinesh don’t care about ‘the little people’ unless they want their vote! MLG cannot be re-elected to the Governors office and Denish isn’t qualified to be dog catcher!

  4. This Governor is a joke she is a baby killer and a crook she hates America and the freedom. She wants everyone to bow down to her well she can kiss my a**

  5. If denish was so concerned about “undesirable elements gathering at the park,” the solution is very simple, don’t go there!!!!

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