MIT think tank claims NM’s elections are top-notch

According to the far-left Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “MIT Election Lab,” New Mexico is ranked first on its “Elections Performance Index.” MIT is a predominantly leftist institution, according to a survey by the school.

The state got an 88 percent, with multiple factors determining the score. Interestingly, the state’s participation in the far-left George Soros-funded Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

According to Influence Watch, “ERIC was established by Pew Charitable Trusts, a left-of-center nonprofit advocacy and grantmaking organization, in 2012. 990 tax data shows that one year prior in 2011, grantmaking organization Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS), funded by philanthropist George Soros, provided two grants to Pew Charitable Trusts totaling $725,000, ‘to support the Pew Center on the States’ voter registration modernization initiative’ and ‘expand [its] scope and scale.’”

Because New Mexico joined ERIC, its score on the MIT index went up. New Mexico is ranked 40th in its voter registration rate, with 80.35 percent registered.

Other factors include data completeness, information lookup tool availability, absentee ballot problems, and the number of registrations rejected.

In terms of absentee ballot problems, which the Election Lab notes, “[m]easures the degree to which citizens are deterred from voting because of problems with registration or absentee ballots,” New Mexico ranked 14th, with 1.46 percent.

For registrations rejected, New Mexico ranked 15th at 0.9 percent. 

As for absentee voting, the state ranked 28th for absentee ballots not returned at 10.96 percent, while a mere 0.1 percent of absentee ballots were rejected, ranking 11th in the nation. Only 0.2 percent of provisional ballots were rejected in New Mexico of the 0.8 percent cast. 

The state’s average voting wait time was 3.8 minutes, which is 21st among states. And at 46.65 percent, New Mexico scores worse than the national average for voter turnout.  

Following the news, far-left Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver said in a news release, “I’m proud to have helped modernize New Mexico’s elections by finding a critical balance between voter access and election security.”

“I’m so proud of this important distinction for our state. In New Mexico, we are committed to free and fair elections and protecting democracy. I urge all eligible New Mexicans to exercise their right to #vote this election year,” chimed in far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.


17 thoughts on “MIT think tank claims NM’s elections are top-notch”

  1. Gaslighting at its finest. All those leftist colleges with the same donor base as politicians would certainly aid fellow commies to give the illusion of “fair elections “ . In fact I would tend to believe the opposite. We’re still voting on programmable dominion voting machines. Illeg— alien- are still allowed to vote, as are the dead. Finding boxcars full of democrat ballots when needed is also a factor . Fluff piece by commies.

  2. It is true. The Top Notch of corrupt political insanity. Yup!
    There is an old quote and I wish I remember who said it, but loosely translated it is this: “if you want to see how politics works, go study New Mexico.” The quote was from someone in Congress.

    No one does it better (WORSE) than NM.


  3. Ha! They still cheating. They did redistricting some areas and lost Republican candidates. We need a new leadership who is a strong believer in small businesses and jobs, not climate changes hoax. MLG hurts our Land of Enchantment! Planned Parenthood and Marijuana are the embarrassment businesses, they need to be destroyed!!!

  4. What shouldn’t disturb me, but does, is here in Otero County the refusal of the clerk’s office to make an effort to clean up the voter roles – no time to do so? Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I was dedicated enough to my job (which was serving the war fighter) to work a 50-60 week, being paid 40 hours a week (no overtime allowed) – I did so because those who chose to put THEIR LIFE on the line for ME deserved my dedication to them. Eating lunch at my desk, having a cell phone number available 24-7, allowed me being accessible to the needs of overseas units… it was simply a sense of DUTY. Unfortunately, it’s all about self these days.

  5. When I worked, the day was not done until every thing was completed! Phone calls answered and returned is my biggest gripe today.

  6. The factors NM does well in (such as not rejecting ballots, ease of vote access, etc.) are also factors that make it much easier to falsify ballots. Looking at the metrics in this study, the higher a state ranks, the easier it is to corrupt the election.

  7. Look up ERIC sometime. I wish we could put a stop to all of the ballot drop-off boxes!! Vote harvesters would walk in to the precinct to drop off stacks of ballots. They probably just avoid letting the poll watchers see them do it nowadays.

    1. UPDATE: A few minutes ago I learned that the SOS has agreed to release the tool used to convert dice rolls to selected precincts. However, I have not seen it yet so I cannot be certain of what we will be getting.

  8. Last election they switched tactics here with an early “jump/leap” in democrat votes (unnatural numbers early on) so no one could cry “hey look at the sudden jump at the end (like Biden’s “win” SOO UNNATURAL/IMPOSSIBLE leap). Ronchetti destroyed Grasham in the debates but all NM believed(?) the “You’ll loose your Abortion Rights” lie from the left and like good sheeple “voted” in mass for her?

  9. Don’t send ur kids to MIT, u will not get ur moneys worth. You can say it over and over but it does not make it true. If u think your vote counts in NM you are in Lala land. Though the lower elections may be close to right, any elections dealing with DC are definitely tainted.

  10. Michael D Weber

    Our elections are top notch! They resulted in the preservation of our “democracy.” (In the Communist lexicon, democracy is the rule of Democrats.)

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