After Dem failures during 2024 Legislature, MLG threatens special session

Far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham expressed her major dissatisfaction with the Democrat-majority Legislature’s inability to advance her anti-gun bills and other initiatives during the 30-day session that concluded Thursday. In a move that surprised many, she revealed in a post-session news conference that she is contemplating convening a special legislative session focused on public safety issues. “Both houses are well aware that I’m frustrated,” she stated after most of her extreme, unconstitutional proposals to ban guns fell flat. 

The governor’s contemplation of a special session caught legislators from both parties off guard. House Speaker Javier Martínez acknowledged the governor’s authority to summon a special session but mentioned that he had not discussed this possibility with her. 

The reaction among Republicans was one of dismay, with House Minority Leader Ryan Lane questioning the necessity of a special session after a month-long regular session had just concluded.

Senate Minority Leader Greg Baca echoed this sentiment, arguing that the legislature had already made its stance clear and that a special session would be seen as an attempt to override the legislative process. 

At the outset of the legislative session, Lujan Grisham had proposed a “comprehensive” public safety and gun control package. This included measures such as an “assault weapons” ban, stripping 18-20-year-olds of their constitutional gun rights, and attacks on the firearms industry, among others. While a few elements of her package, such as a seven-day waiting period for gun buyers and increased penalties for certain crimes, received legislative approval, the bulk of her proposals died.

Addressing New Mexicans directly, Governor Lujan Grisham voiced her concerns about public safety, stating, “I don’t think it’s safe out there” without her proposals being enacted.

The specifics of what might be included in a potential special session agenda remain uncertain, but the governor stressed the need for a “criminal competency bill” to address the treatment needs of repeat offenders with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Beyond public safety, the governor faced challenges in advancing other priorities, such as a strategic water supply initiative, an attempt to force businesses and workers to pay for job-crushing “paid family and medical leave,” the requirement for a 180-day school year, which was met with massive blowback from all sides, including teacher’s unions. Despite legislative resistance, she expressed her intention to pursue these goals through alternative means, including the establishment of a state Office of Housing with funding allocated from the Governor’s Office budget.

As for her involvement in upcoming legislative races, Governor Lujan Grisham stated her intention to focus on the national campaign trail, particularly supporting Joe Biden in his bid to stay in the White House, while maintaining a distance from direct engagement in state legislative campaigns. That remains to be seen. 


22 thoughts on “After Dem failures during 2024 Legislature, MLG threatens special session”

  1. She is determined to unconstitutionally make criminals of law abiding gun owners. This is illegal and unenforceable. And most will not obey.

    1. There will be much bloodshed if she attempts to pass a law that means someone will show up at a law abiding New Mexican’s residence with a confiscation team.

  2. I keep telling folks the majority of New Mexicans are conservative. Many were groomed in our failing schools that we are democrats, many NMs are so busy with work and family and all that it takes to keep a family in good order that they do not have the time to follow politics so they just vote democrat. NMs are catching on and some democrats legislatures know they need to move to the center or they will be out. It is a slow process but we (conservatives) might be starting the shift.

  3. She claims it isn’t safe out there but then she wants to blame responsible gun owners. How about punishing criminals and having a 3-strikes you’re out law? Harsher punishments makes crime not so appealing.
    The crazy evil witch got her $.50-$.70 gas tax approved. She has increased taxes on fuel for New Mexicans $.50 already. Now our gas will be over $1.00 more per gallon in stupid taxes than it should be so she can line her dirty pockets. NM people have short memories is the problem.

  4. Wicked witch of the west. Did not get her way so she makes everyone Suffer. Tired of special sessions. No Man’s life, Liberty or Property is safe when the legislature is in session.

  5. I can see her storming around her castle beating her fists and stamping her little feet, shouting ‘Off with their Heads!’ The legislature needs to stick to their guns no matter how much of her toxic spoiled brat nature shows itself. She is being pressured by the Globalists to get their agenda done to move forward with their New World Order. Most of the law enforcement in this state is not on her side and we all need to link arms and tell her to melt back under the rock she slithered out from!

  6. Just remember when fjb was “elected” the wicked witch of Santa Fe wanted to be selected Secretary of State, DC offered her Secretary of Interior and she told fjb to piss off. Now the lame duck is doing all the unconstitutional stuff to get another shot. As the great philsopher Dennis Miller said “thats just my opinion and I may be wrong”.

  7. Acts 5:29
    29 Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings!

    Proverbs 14:34
    34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.

    Ecclesiastes 10:2
    2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

  8. So she want’s a special session to attempt to push anti-second amendment gun grab bill(s) ….. and during an election year when every seat is up for grabs and the members of the state House and Senate can’t campaign for $$$. what a worthless bit#h

  9. I figure she will call for a Special Session. She did not get everything she wanted, so we need to keep the fight going to stop this Dictator.

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