Identity revealed of ABQ grandmother who shot fugitive intruder

A dramatic confrontation unfolded when Anissa Tinnin, an Albuquerque grandmother, protected herself and her granddaughter from a fugitive intruder, Joseph Rivera, during what began as a peaceful movie night at home. The incident occurred shortly after Tinnin and her 4-year-old granddaughter had settled in to watch the Taylor Swift Eras Tour film, celebrating with popcorn and M&M’s.

The tranquility of their evening was shattered when Rivera, who was fleeing from police after driving a stolen vehicle, crashed nearby and entered Tinnin’s home. The police pursuit had escalated after officers used spike strips to stop the stolen vehicle, which Rivera continued to drive until it was inoperable. He then fled on foot, eventually forcing his way into Tinnin’s residence.

Faced with the intruder, Tinnin took decisive action to protect her grandchild and herself. “Get back. Get back. I have a gun. Get back. Get back,” she warned Rivera, as reported by KRQE. Despite her warnings, Rivera advanced, prompting Tinnin to shoot him as he forced his way through the locked front door. After she fired, Rivera, wounded, questioned why she shot him, to which Tinnin responded assertively, “Because you’re in my f–king house!”

Tinnin then called 911 and took measures to ensure her granddaughter’s safety by hiding her in a bedroom. Even after the altercation, she demonstrated compassion by offering to help Rivera with his injury, cautioning him against any further threats. Police arrived shortly after and apprehended Rivera.

This incident highlighted Tinnin’s bravery and raised concerns about community safety and the effectiveness of local law enforcement strategies, as she expressed frustration over the city’s handling of crime. Rivera, who had multiple prior felony convictions and was wanted on another charge, faced new charges including burglary and auto theft.

The episode underscores the challenges and dangers that ordinary citizens can face and demonstrates the lengths to which individuals might go to protect their loved ones by utilizing their Second Amendment rights. Tinnin credited divine intervention for their safety during this harrowing ordeal, telling KRQE, “I do believe we had a guardian angel here with us, and I do firmly believe that God was watching over us.”


17 thoughts on “Identity revealed of ABQ grandmother who shot fugitive intruder”

  1. What might have happened had she not had that gun? You know the one that MLG and her cohorts want to take away from the everyday law abiding citizens. s Just another case that proves law abiding citizens are not the problem. Criminals are the problem. Keep the criminals locked up instead of releasing them and gun and drug crimes will decrease drastically. Enforce border control and gun and drug crimes will decrease at an even larger rate. In other words enforce the laws that are already on the books. Guns are not the problem. Politicians are the real criminals.

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      There is nothing more important than protecting your self and your loved ones from a criminal. I salute you Mam job well done.

  2. Love the brilliant mind to have a weapon to protect her Granddaughter. The adrenaline kicks in when one of your family is being harmed. That’s what happened to Grandma Tinnin. This should be a goal for everyone. Take a course in gun safety, practice,practice and more practice. She’s my hero. The minions in Santa Fe will not like this success story.

  3. Bravo to grandma Tinnin , she showed precisely why the second amendment is so important for us citizens. She exercised 1/2 of the reason why this is such an important part of our culture and constitution. The other half is to protect our selfs and our posterity from the communist vultures in Santa Fe and Washington.

  4. Alissa Tinnin demonstrated our need and rights to the Second Amendment.
    MLG, I hope you understand the need for our gun rights in New Mexico and
    Legislators, at the next Special Session, protect New Mexico citizen’s gun rights.

  5. After many years of peaceful nm living, this year i will be armed while gathering next winters firewood. Started wearing a rig this winter while cooking and doing chores…what a shame.

  6. Ironic the policies destroying the family and creating criminals are from the same people against your right of self-defense. Vote accordingly.

  7. A hero and a rightful gun owner! With the lack of leadership in city, state, and federal Government to protect us citizens we must arm up. Open borders, sanctuary city, NO MORALS lawyers and no cajone`s judges letting punks run free….. The punk who thinks he can waltz in to someone’s house needs to meet his maker! kick your way in and be carried out by 6!

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