ABQ homeowner proves why the Second Amendment shall not be infringed

In Albuquerque, a recent incident has underscored the Second Amendment’s critical importance and citizens’ right to protect their homes and families. The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) apprehended 32-year-old Joseph Rivera following a dramatic sequence of events that ended with Rivera being shot by a homeowner during an attempted burglary.

The situation began when APD officers located Rivera driving a stolen vehicle in the Valley Area Command. In an attempt to stop him, officers deployed stop sticks, deflating the vehicle’s tires. However, Rivera persisted, driving on the rims until the vehicle ultimately crashed near the intersection of Candelaria Rd. and Rio Grande Blvd.

After the crash, Rivera abandoned the disabled vehicle and fled on foot. In a desperate bid to evade capture, he broke into a nearby residence. The homeowner, confronted by the intruder, was thrust into a nightmarish scenario. Rivera, undeterred by the sanctity of the home he had violated, demanded the homeowner’s car keys.

In a moment of quick thinking, the homeowner managed to lock Rivera out after he momentarily left the premises. However, Rivera, undaunted, forced his way back into the home, further demanding keys. Faced with an increasingly perilous situation, the homeowner retreated to her bedroom and armed herself with a firearm.

When Rivera refused to heed the homeowner’s warnings to leave, she was left with no choice but to defend herself. She shot Rivera and then, displaying remarkable composure, administered first aid until law enforcement arrived.

This incident not only highlights the homeowner’s bravery and quick thinking but also serves as a potent reminder of the fundamental principles behind the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms is not just a constitutional provision but a critical element of personal security and self-defense, particularly in situations where the immediate protection of life and property is paramount.

This case is proof positive that the Democrats’ attempted gun grabs are attempts at keeping citizens like this woman from protecting themselves — especially in the dangerous city of Albuquerque. If citizens are disarmed and left vulnerable amid this violent crime wave, criminals would be even more emboldened.

Rivera is currently recovering in a local hospital and will face charges, including burglary and attempting to commit a felony, upon his release. 


15 thoughts on “ABQ homeowner proves why the Second Amendment shall not be infringed”

  1. It has been said that when seconds matter, the police will arrive in minutes (this may be a bit optimistic.)

    Coupling our indigenous criminal community with the onslaught of unvetted illegals of military age, we need fully automatic weapons.

    A belt-fed weapon for me please.

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      She was in danger by a lunatic that was already on the run from the police. Got job Lady you took a criminal down.👍

  2. I do not necessarily agree on this as a 2A issue on self defense . I firmly believe we have the right to defend with a fire arm our homes and property. But I also believe the main purpose of the 2A is to protect our country from the government. Currently many states are currently working to take our guns as they want complete control of the citizens. To do this you need an un armed citizenry. NM is one state that is trying to take the lead on that. We are not as bad as NY, CA, and a few other states, but as long as we keep our marxists lawmakers in power, the sooner our 2A rights will be trampled on. My hats of to the women and hope NN does not send her to prison, but I have faith in most of our law enforcement to do the right thing.

    1. I think “shall not be infringed” applies to both of these things. We not only have a right to protect ourselves from government, but also from those who government refuses to protect us from.

      1. “Shall not be infringed is the final words of the 2A. What I feel is the most important words are “the right of the people” to keep and bear arms. The 2A is not only for our protection from criminals but from our tyrannical government and the government of NM is tyrannical. How did they get elected? With mail in ballots and ballot drop boxes that aren’t monitored or verified there is the question of what’s mighty wrong with NM’s elections

        1. Amen, you finally touched on why NM continually “votes” in these despicable communists over and over. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned mail in ballots and drop boxes. The public doesn’t want these types in office but since they control the process they continue to be (s)elected to our detriment.

  3. This criminal was lucky the homeowner didn’t shoot to kill. I would have, thinking: “it’s either you or me…and it’s not going to be me!” Kudos to the homeowner for protecting herself!!

    1. To defend yourself, you shoot to stop the threat. If that turns out to fatal injuries, the attacker picked the stakes and se la vie.

  4. punks like Rivera and the incompetent boob squatting in the roudhouse are a prime examples of the need to have a firearm at the ready! LOCKED AND LOADED!! Oh wait –in case anyones asking I dont have any guns AND they would be locked away..

    1. Do not dismiss the Communists in the Roundhouse nor the Tiny Tyrant as incompetent…. they know exactly what they are doing.

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