Trial date announced for suspect in policeman and paramedic murders

A trial date has been established for Jaremy Smith, a 33-year-old man from Marion, who faces charges including the murder of a New Mexico State Police officer. 

The proceedings are scheduled to commence with jury selection on June 10th, 2024, at the Pete V. Domenici United States Courthouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This trial not only addresses the grievous incident involving the officer but also encompasses charges related to the death of a Florence County, South Carolina paramedic.

The case against Smith stems from the events of March 15, when New Mexico State Police Officer Justin Hare was fatally shot. Officer Hare was responding to a situation along I-40 near Tucumcari, where he had stopped to assist Smith, who appeared to have a flat tire. The circumstances turned tragic when Officer Hare was killed during the encounter.

Smith’s apprehension occurred two days later, on March 17, after he was involved in a deputy-related shooting incident in Southwest Albuquerque. His capture was facilitated by a tip from a convenience store worker who recognized him as the suspect wanted in connection with Officer Hare’s shooting.

In a disturbing revelation, the investigation linked Smith to another violent crime—the murder of Phonesia Machado-Fore, a paramedic from Florence County. Her body was discovered near an abandoned home in Dillon County on the same day Officer Hare was killed. Machado-Fore had been missing since March 12, last seen at her residence in Marion. An autopsy confirmed that she died from a gunshot wound to the head, and her death was ruled a homicide by the Dillon County Coroner.

The dual tragedies have drawn intense scrutiny, connecting the deaths of both a law enforcement officer and a paramedic to Smith, who now faces nearly 20 charges. These charges include murder, kidnapping, and carjacking, reflecting the severe nature of the crimes involved.

As the community and families of the victims await justice, the upcoming trial in June will likely be a focal point for both local and national attention, underscoring the profound impact of the events on the respective communities. The trial promises to be a significant undertaking, given the gravity of the accusations and the multiple charges spanning different jurisdictions.


4 thoughts on “Trial date announced for suspect in policeman and paramedic murders”

  1. Grand standing for the district attorney, this guy is pushed to the front of the line due to huge public interest. What about those who have been waiting for years for a trial date? Must be election time coming up…

    1. I don’t know that it is grandstanding. My understanding is that there are federal charges he is facing, which is different then a lot of cases. Add in that they plan to extradite him back to SC… I am sorry that you appear to be offended that Justin’s killer is having to face the music. There is no reason why you have to make this political.

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