Herrell drops another hint about possible 2024 run

While speaking on Real America’s Voice’s “Just the News – Not Noise” with John Solomon and Amanda Head, GOP Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District gave another hint that she is running for the seat in 2024.

Herrell, who currently holds the position, was narrowly defeated by Democrat Gabe Vasquez, a far-leftist, in the November 8 election after Democrats gerrymandered the district to benefit Democrats. The current congressional maps are in litigation and could be overturned if they are ruled to be drawn for partisan political gain.

“Congressman, you are beloved by the people of New Mexico. You have consistently been a very sage voice in Congress, and I know that the people of New Mexico, in particular, would like to know what’s on the horizon for you,” Head said to Herrell.

Herrell responded, “You know what, I have been asked by so many people to stay in the fight, and I will because it is just too important for our country, our state, and just to know that we have an opportunity to change the course of America by getting ourselves back on track. Putting American sovereignty [and] American security first. So, all options are certainly on the table, but I will definitely be staying in the fight, and next year, we will definitely be making some announcements for sure.” 

The latest development comes after Herrell filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for a 2024 matchup against Vasquez.

She previously wrote in a November 17 email, “We know our work in Washington was not completed, and hundreds of people from all over the District and colleagues in Washington have asked me to stay in the fight…all options will be on the table – so stay tuned.” 


5 thoughts on “Herrell drops another hint about possible 2024 run”

  1. Yvette Herrell was well respected, loved, and a great asset to our state. That is why the lib creeps fixed it so she could not win. Those who voted for that idiot Vasquez deserve what they get but the rest of us do not. When will these idiots wake up? Probably not until All of our freedoms are taken away. I am going to fight for mine.

  2. She better run- with the corrupt dembocrats in New Mexico stealing and crippling NM citizens we are headed for deep trouble! Yvette Herrell will have my vote and a few bucks!

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