Biden’s EPA awards NM eco-leftists $350K for ‘environmental justice’

Far-left Joe Biden approved via the “American Rescue Plan Act” around $350,000 in federal funding for eco-Marxist groups’ “environmental justice” initiatives. 

According to the Albuquerque Journal, “Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions received $75,000 to create a water quality and public health curriculum for 400 eighth-graders in the South Valley and in Gallup.” 

“Tree New Mexico received $200,000 for a two-year project to plant 400 trees in the International District,” and “The Health Equity Council received $75,000 to create a neighborhood food hub plan for the International District.”

The Tree New Mexico claims the South Valley is an “urban heat island.” 

“Limited tree canopy and an abundance of asphalt and concrete make the region several degrees hotter than surrounding areas,” the Journal reports.

Shannon Horst, the group’s executive director, claims the data is key for a community where “environmental injustice has been endemic.”

The Health Equity Council’s work will include a focus on “air quality and conservation,” while Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions will use the cash for ten field trips to nail the eco-left message into them. 

Leftist “climate change” doomsday theories have long been peddled by many in groups similar to those that got the federal funding, which is driving a narrative for the U.S. to pass a trillion-dollar “Green New Deal,” such as the one passed in New Mexico in the form of the “Energy Transition Act,” which is causing massive economic havoc with little results regarding clean air and water. 

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