Former New Mexico governor declared deceased

On Wednesday, it was reported that former New Mexico Gov. Jerry Apodaca, 88, had passed away. 

Apodaca was elected in 1974 and went on to serve on Democrat former President Jimmy Carter’s Council on Physical Fitness after leaving office in 1979. 

Apodaca’s son, Jeff Apodaca, a former 2018 candidate for governor, told the Santa Fe New Mexican that the former governor “may have suffered a stroke at his home.”

He said, “His legacy is not that he was the first Latino governor elected,” adding, “His legacy was that he opened doors for minorities, Hispanics, women in the state and around the country.”

Governor Jerry Apodaca in 2002. Screenshot via C-SPAN.

Apodaca was elected to the New Mexico Senate in 1965 and defeated Republican Congressman Joe Skeen in the gubernatorial election.

In the 1970s, governors could only run for one four-year non-consecutive term, so the former governor only served one term. Once leaving office, Apodaca served on the University of New Mexico Board of Regents. The New Mexico Public Education Department building in Santa Fe is named in his honor. 

In 2018, Apodaca, a Democrat, supported Republican Congressman Steve Pearce for governor over far-left Democrat then-Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is currently serving her second term as governor. 


16 thoughts on “Former New Mexico governor declared deceased”

  1. Knew Jerry Apodaca in the 1980’s. Worked part time for him at his Health Spa/Gym. He got me into Corrections work at that time. Always liked and respected Jerry. He was an old school democrat. More from the JFK/ RFK Democrat Party than the new, woke Stalinist version.

    1. You have NO IDEA who or what Stalin/Stalinism is – idiota – because if you did you might see that the Trump Republicans’ ideology is much closer to the deeds and thought of Stalin than any Democrat.

      1. Your comment shows your 60 IQ. The Democrat party has morphed into a disgusting combination of Marxism, totalitarianism, and cronyism. Gov. Apodaca was an old school Democrat. Like my grandfather who was state Democratic chairman in 1950s he would be considered a conservative today. RIP Gov. Apodaca!

      2. Please, share the basis for your statement that “Trump Repubs ideology is much closer to the deeds and thought of
        Stalin than any Dem. enlighten me.

    2. He was the first democratic governor I ever voted for, his ideas were slightly toward conservative. Definantly old school. I changed parties right after he left office. Rest in peice Mr. Apadoca you don’t have to worry about how the so called woke democrats are ruining your state anymore. Eventually we will get a governor that will raise this state off the bottom of the rating list in every category

  2. Jerry wrote a letter for me when I was drummed out of a reserve officer candidate school while a student and called up for active duty. He got me an honorable discharge and I could stay in school rather than go to Viet Nam. Thank you Jerry. RIP!

  3. Jerry was a great supporter of the performing arts and many whose groups, like Pro Musica, owe a lot to his legacy..

    1. I don’t share your feelings about this web site – it is a valuable tool for New Mexicans. The only site I have found that throws light on what our elected officials are governing and running our state and how they are using our tax payer dollars. After all we do pay for their salaries and every other tax dollar that they spend.

  4. He abolished the DEATH PENALTY in New Mexico, leaving murderers and rapists to survive as parasites on the State.

  5. I do not see where you acknowledged Jerry was a Lobo star football player.Hos first job out of college was Coach at Talf jr high-school , then Coach at Valley high and also I think Las Cruces. Also I think a insurance agent . More to his life than a Gov.

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