Heinrich steps in it again, responds to blowback from embarrassing ‘elk’ post

On Monday, far-left U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich responded to massive social media blowback from his now-deleted Sunday X post that identified a bighorn sheep in the background of a photo shared as an “elk” that he called a “beautiful and amazing animal.”

Later Sunday, Heinrich tried to play interference by sharing what he called “Frito pie with homemade elk adovada” — the same “beautiful” creature he claimed to “interact with.”

Heinrich blamed the painfully out-of-touch post on his staff, writing on Twitter, “Sometimes you send your team a bunch of photos at once and they get jumbled up.”

He added, “Both animals have made amazing recoveries in New Mexico thanks to the work of conservationists.” 

New Mexicans were quick to respond to the clearly manufactured story about his staff supposedly mixing up the pictures.

“Ah the good old blame the staff routine. Amazing leadership from the Senator from Maryland” wrote one X user.

Another opined, “So, um, you killed that elk that was extinct over a century ago thus erasing all the work of previous conservationists. I don’t really think it was your interns. Just own it.”

“It took you over 24 hours to come up with this lame excuse. The only thing needing recovery in NM are the people from all you corrupt politicians,” continued one other New Mexican.


12 thoughts on “Heinrich steps in it again, responds to blowback from embarrassing ‘elk’ post”

  1. Yes similar lack of knowledge on his failures, not representing issues negatively affecting New Mexicans! But supports all things GLOBALISTS- not NM!

  2. I concur. Northern liberals are a blight on the land and on our freedom. Keep voting democrap if this is what you want.

  3. Yet again…

    Hindlicker achieved success.


    He got his name in the news again. It doesn’t matter if it was for a “Gaff”… even if it was an intentional “Gaff”. Look at “FJB”… he puts out “Gaffs” right after left…and the media swoons over it embracing FJB’s stupidity and mental decline.

    Name recognition is the name of the game in old school Democrat’s or Dead Politics…and I hate to say it…you helped put his name out there.

    Stop mentioning the fools name. Call and refer to “IT” as one of the (potential) male Senators from New Mexico, because “IT” may not recognize “IT’s” gender identity.

    Recognize and call “IT” out and tell the public that you are not sure of “IT’s” radical gender so you are trying to use the proper terminology so you don’t offend “IT” which is what the Democratic Political Party desires which terms to use when addressing “HE…SHE…IT” in todays NM Democratic led majority. (Don’t say that too fast either when you do… “He She It” may not sound DNC correct).

    “IT” blamed “IT’s” staff on a superbly ignorant misidentification of a native NM Elk with a native NM Big Horn Sheep.

    “IT” is that…stupid… and yet “IT” was elected to public office.

    There I said “IT”… because no one else will…

  4. Maybe the sheep self-identified as an elk and Heinrich didn’t want to “mis-species” it. You don’t want the Dept. Of Game and Fish arresting you for emotional abuse of a game animal.

  5. This MF does not even live in NM, vote his marxist out, he does not represent conservative NM, which is of course most of NM. – those sickos in Santa Fe, Las Cruces and Albuquerque.

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