Heinrich spent over $21K in donor cash on ‘security upgrades’ at his ‘residence’

According to Martin Heinrich’s report submitted to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) from April 1 through June 30, he raised $1,492,673.01 while spending $579,141.56. 

Large contributions include $6,600 from San-Francisco-based Meritage Group LP, $5,000 from Facebook Inc. PAC, $6,000 from Google’s PAC, $3,300 from marijuana company PurLife’s CEO Darren White, $4,000 from retired U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy’s campaign committee, among tens of thousands from the eco-left energy sector such as The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and Environment America Inc. Voter Action. 

His largest expenditures for the fundraising period went to the fundraising firm “Authentic Campaigns,” which received at least $119,500. Other large recipients include the fundraising firm Fulkerson, Kennedy, and Company ($144,461.29) and FDM Connects LLC fundraising consulting company ($57,924.3).

Heinrich also hired Adam Schiff aide Brad Elkins, paying the far-left staffer who previously worked for the abortion up-to-birth group EMILY’s List $28,517. He paid far-left Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez’s fundraiser Kyra Ellis-Moore $19,528.88. 

An interesting tidbit from Heinrich’s previous report is that he spent $13,804.25 on “security upgrades at the residence” through “Jillian Homes Realty” on January 13, 2023, and spent $7,374.15 at the Arizona-based Safe Haven Defense LLC for the same purpose on January 30, 2023.

During the fundraising period ending in June, Heinrich spent $17,305.29 on mileage, meals, and travel, spending big at places such as the Albuquerque Hilton Garden Inn, San Francisco Grand Hyatt, Chicago AC Marriott, Bellevue, and Washington’s Hyatt Regency, among other expenditures. 

He spent $4,652.78 during the period on legal fees, $7,000 on polling from Public Policy Polling, and $13,413.63 on videography and photography.


14 thoughts on “Heinrich spent over $21K in donor cash on ‘security upgrades’ at his ‘residence’”

  1. Wow. Darren White contributing to this awful polition. How disappointed and far has what used to be a good law enforcement man fallen.

  2. AngryTXARNGVeteran

    Why, am I not surprised. There was a time (even when I was still a Republican), I could go to Heinrich’s office (when no one else would answer the ???) and his office staffers would go to any length to help any constituent.

    No longer. Now, Heinrich is in lockstep with the Democrat Agenda. His constituents can go pound sand as far as he and his staffers are concerned.

  3. I do not know the laws but it seems that should be a personal cost. I did not send him money, heck I would not piss on him if he was on fire. He is a POS and would not doubt he is was on the CCP payroll.

  4. Who wouldn’t spend more than the $21k on “security upgrades”, if they had a slush fund, too. Have you seen how dangerous and crime ridden our streets have intentionally been made by the socialist policies of politicians like Heinrich?!
    One change we could strive for is to demand all local law enforcement leadership be elected — just like Sheriffs are often elected.
    The policing leadership should not be beholden to the reigning politician, they should only be concerned about losing their job if they do not protect the people they serve. It should be up to the people to decide if they are being protected, not a politician that lives with 24/7 personal security and has the option to “obtain” and spend $21k on home security.

    FIRST and foremost – Election Integrity!!!
    This must be the sole concern on upcoming elections; we need to shout so loud that no politician can ignore it. Without Election Integrity, nothing you say, do or believe will ever matter – think hard about that. You have no voice.
    Anyone that cries “racist” (or fill in the blank with any unsubstantiated implication) is just another sad, ignorant, brainwashed socialist bent on protecting fraudulent elections and holding a plastic bag over your head.

  5. It’s easy to spend another man’s money!! Hiney-lick doesn’t care about NM or it’s people – a well known fact that appears the day after elections!

  6. He doesn’t even care about NM. You know when people care. How he gets voted in, who knows?
    Yeah heard he was planted here..from another State, sucks.

  7. Even our friends at KKOB have left us. Remember, they put Darren on the radio to tell us how far out of touch we are…

  8. I’m surprised that’s all you’ve found screwed up things you are reporting on this Pelosi puppet! Worthless representation!!!

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