Haaland renames 13 supposedly racist NM federal ‘features’ with ‘squaw’ title

This week, far-left Department of the Interior (DOI) Sec. Deb Haaland announced DOI had removed 650 federal “features” with the name “squaw,” which she claims is a racial slur. In a press release, the Department insisted that squaw has been used as “an offensive ethnic, racial and sexist slur, particularly for Indigenous women.” 

The move came after a vote by the Haaland-established “Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force,” which moved to strike the names from federal lands.

“I feel a deep obligation to use my platform to ensure that our public lands and waters are accessible and welcoming. That starts with removing racist and derogatory names that have graced federal locations for far too long,” said Haaland. 

In New Mexico, there are 13 places renamed, including Squaw Creek Tank reservoir in Catron County, which is now named “Tin Tank Number Two.”

Other instances include Grant County’s Squaw Creek Ridge Tank and Squaw Creek, now named “Ridge Tank” and “Meason Creek,” respectively, Chaves County’s Squaw Canyon valley and Squaw Creek, now named “Janey Canyon,” and “Squaw Creek,” respectively, Soccorro County’s Squaw Peak, renamed to “Bear Peak,” Sierra County’s Squaw Tit Canyon and Squaw Tit summit, now named “Horse Camp Canyon” and “Grandview Peak,” respectively, Catron and Sierra Counties’ Squaw Creek, now named “Tin Creek,” Otero County’s Squaw Tank reservoir, now named “Lone Butte Tank,” Doña Ana County’s Squaw Mountain, now “Bar Mountain,” San Juan County’s Squaw Spring, now “Tuurkava Paachihpi Spring,” and Sandoval County’s Squaw Peak, now “Tamayameh Kah Sta Mah.”

The DOI press release notes, “Secretary’s Order 3405 created a Federal Advisory Committee for the Department to formally receive advice from the public regarding additional derogatory terms, derogatory terms on federal land units, and the process for derogatory name reconciliation. Next steps on the status of that Committee will be announced in the coming weeks.” 

This means the renaming of supposedly racist federal lands from “squaw” is just the tip of the iceberg for Haaland, who is prioritizing social justice over anything else. It is unclear how much the mass renaming of federal lands will cost the taxpayers, who will have to pay to replace signage, maps, merchandise, and all other necessary modifications.



14 thoughts on “Haaland renames 13 supposedly racist NM federal ‘features’ with ‘squaw’ title”

  1. The term “squaw” is an Algonquin Native American term for “woman.” This tribe does not consider the term offensive, but rather, embrace it. What is offensive is Haaland’s attack on the oil and gas industry, the lifeblood of many New Mexican workers.

  2. Amazing how obsessed Deb Haaland is to build her legacy as Interior Secretary.
    A quest to fix so many inane issues high on the American public’s lists of injustices. Not!
    Yet, a leadership that is totally lacking in effective and prudent management of the natural resources. Pitiful.

  3. When asked whether she thought gas prices are too high she deflected to some irrelevant story of her driving when she was 18…which DUI was that I wonder.

  4. The sheer pettiness of this sort of stupid drivel is the perfect barometer by which to measure the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of leftists aka democrats.

    1. However, they do know their voting base. Useful idiots only know how to do what they are told, are stunned by big words, swayed by superficial “important” issues like ‘offensive’ names, and are incapable of critically thinking, which might offend their fellow compliant useful idiot group members.

          1. I wouldn’t make any bets on it. There is a reason useful idiots like ‘NM’ are called useful “idiots.”

  5. Wow. So astounding. I’ll sleep ,so much better tonight. What an absolute waste of time and money. How about…electricity, running water, more, and better, medical facilities on native lands? Oh wait, that $$$$$ has gone to…the alcohol fund no doubt. And kick backs for SOMEone to buy ugly jewelry. The woke native Americans make me cringe and it’s no wonder I don’t talk much about my Cherokee heritage, or the Choctaw.

    1. Natives living on a reservation or pueblo are very use to this kind of thinking and behavior. Politics Rule in these places and many of them just don’t seem to know there’s a better way.

  6. Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me”. These idiot politicians are wasting time focusing on people’s feelings rather than the real serious issues. They are doing this intentionally to gain IDIOT votes and distract from the real problems. They can kill babies, bash Christians, lie, spread propaganda, and the list goes on (would take the entire page). And the nation wonders why there is no respect for life at all,crime is out of control, and entitlement rules so they can hold onto their power. VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE PEOPLE or things are going to get much worse. God bless our country.

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