Haaland humiliated again during congressional hearing

On Tuesday, U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a Democrat former congresswoman from New Mexico’s First District, was once again humiliated in front of a U.S. congressional panel.

Haaland couldn’t answer basic questions from Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-WY), a former Interior Department secretary under President Donald J. Trump.

Zinke asked Haaland during a hearing, “Is it your policy that critical minerals should be sourced from countries that are stewards of the environment like the U.S. and our allies, or sourced from Russia and China that don’t share our same values?”

Haaland responded, “Our policy is to, um, work to make sure we have the best, um…” 

Zinke responded, “I’ll take that as a maybe,” asking further, “Are you aware that China produces more emissions than any other country on the planet?” 

“I have probably read that somewhere,” Haaland responded.

The congressman then asked, “Have you read the Department of the Interior report on critical minerals dated December ‘17?” Haaland responded that she had not. 

“Are you aware that China controls, by proxy, production [of] the supply chain of critical minerals that are critical to both the EV (electric vehicle) world and defense?” asked Zinke. 

Haaland said, “Thank you for that information.” 

After further questions from Zinke, Haaland continued to respond, “Thank you for the information, congressman,” seeming not to know the basic information referenced. 

She continued regarding a question about sourcing these minerals domestically rather than abroad, “We are working currently on identifying those critical minerals…. That is with the U.S. Geological Survey…. I know energy independence is a priority of… [Joe] Biden.”


Following the embarrassing hearing, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block wrote, “We are not sending our best and brightest to Washington. Biden’s appointees and nominees have a difficult time answering basic questions. She’s been the Sec of Interior for 2 years. Does she know anything? Embarrassing.” 

Another wrote, “This woman makes [Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg] look experienced & qualified,” adding, “That was pathetic.” 

During Haaland’s confirmation hearings, there were similar flubs by the then-congresswoman, who could not answer basic questions before being elevated to the Interior Department post by Joe Biden. 


44 thoughts on “Haaland humiliated again during congressional hearing”

    1. Haaland is an actual member of the Pueblo tribe. Her father though is of Minnesota Norwegian stock. Deb Haaland plays the Native-American card although her father was a war hero. Deb Haaland’s last name is shared with soccer superstar Erland Haaland. Haaland (actually Håland) is a farm name in Norway where both both Deb and Erland’s ancestors once lived.

  1. NM cannot run its own state, so I guess it is screw up move up. At this point our Governor should run for president!! She is super unqualified to run for dog catcher (no insult to hardworking dog catchers intended) so she is a shoe in for the position.

    1. Please move to another state worthy of your brilliant mind like Idaho maybe. Our Governor has done a better job than past governors.

      1. Nancy Tannenbaum

        She has done a magnificent job if your definition is destroying the economy, skyrocketing homicides, and continuing the liberal/leftist/democrat policies of her predecessors aka mentors. One does not have to be “brilliant” to comprehend that this ‘governor’ is responsible NOW, in the present, for this state’s Last In Everything Good and First In Everything Bad status. It amazes me that people cannot/will not see this.

      2. She sure has! Singlehandedly ruined our economy with her assinine covid policies, put education last and prioritized her own needs — namely those of groping men, eating lavish food and drinking top shelf liquor on taxpayer dime. Name one good, verifiable thing Grisham has done for her constituents’ benefit. I’ll wait.

  2. I could have answered all of the questions she didn’t have a clue about. Someone remind me what the qualifications for Haaland’s position is? Never mind… I forgot our education rating, and that qualification norms here do not count.

  3. Nancy Tannenbaum

    She hits all of the “right qualifications” so being as dumb as a bag of hammers doesn’t matter.

  4. Another fine example of “we had to appoint her to get our quota of minorities in office”.. Kinda like having the bosses nephew dumped on you -he’s too stupid to wipe his own butt and LAZY but he knows you can’t fire him. Let’s hope New Mexicans wake up and rid public office of her,Moochie Loserjan Gruesome, Little Benny boy Loserjan and Hiney lick Heinrick!!

  5. Zinke was a shill for the oilies. Secretary Haaland represents the rest of us, including Native Americans who have never had a seat at this table as their lands were “taken” and exploited. I’m thankful that we have her in office and Zinke in the peanut gallery.

    1. Another example for Sen Kennedy (LA). He said you can be ignorant or stupid, but you can fix ignorance, however; you can’t fix stupid. You, Jack cannot be fixed and apparently neither can Secretary Haaland!

    2. Zinke is no schill; i served with the man, and heart and soul is for doing the right thing for America as a whole. Just because you disagree with his policies, beliefs does not give you the right to falsely label the man, when you’ve never met him or talked to him. I have and I believe he did things in the best interest of the people of these United States.

      1. he imposed an insurection on our government. when trump won the white house every one who didnt like it accepted it. And he is no better than Putin or any other authoritarian leader . by not accepting the will of the people and making up lies to destroy our democracy. i voted for trump and until Jan 6 was a suppoerter but i learned who he was after jan 6 and all those who still support him are blind to what this man has intended for our country.

        1. Nancy Tannenbaum

          Our nation is a republic, not a democracy. It is a pity that you have fallen for the “insurrection” lie.

      1. The reply that started out with “you must be rich” is not intended for you. Sorry. It is intended for Kristi.

    1. Another example for Sen Kennedy! You must be really rich so $5 gas and $6-7 eggs and even no eggs are okay with you. Closing schools so now our kids lost 2 years of learning is okay with you. Maybe a C5 leaving Kabul with people hanging on that plane and running down the taxi way is okay with you. Maybe 13 dead American military is okay with you. Maybe the fiasco called our border is okay with you. After all, these are the results of decisions made by those more qualified than Trump, according to you. We are so fortunate to have someone bring to our attention that Sec Haaland and her boss are so well qualified.

  6. What an embarrassment, can we get any worse. Whatever happened to the best and brightest for a job? Oh no wait……..we are woke now.

  7. New Mexico’s continued legacy of political corruption shines so brightly in DC while the Demonrats continue to rape the people of this land. Sad but true. At least Yvette Herrell offered this state a chance of survival.

  8. ANOTHER great example of the New Mexico Education system (bottom in Education in the US) and the Politics that continue to keep the State from improving itself and complacencies. Hispanics and Natives continue to Vote for Democrats with expectation the Democratic Party, running the State Govt to do what they promise and fix things – Waiting, 40+ years for positive changes… Keep voting Democrat NM

  9. Watching ms. haaland flounder and sink under relatively easy questions I ALMOST felt sorry for her – until she said “the regime of Hi Fraudulency
    Jao Xidung is committed to energy independence”
    That’s when I started to look for boulders to toss at her.

    This is what we get when these appointees are judged by the leftist ideal
    ✓ woman
    ✓ minority
    ✓ easily led
    ✓✓✓ Native BONUS

    I’m sure there are many
    highly qualified women or minority people who would do an excellent job at these positions. The job app should have boxes for
    ✓ intelligent
    ✓ qualified
    ✓ dedicated to America

  10. Bet she doesn’t know China is building a coal fired power plant every week and cobalt is mined by children with shovels. The better question for the Interior Secretary is, “what do you know?’ She was appointed because she’s a wokeaholic. Not a spelling error just not in the dictionary, yet.

  11. The rule of being a cabinet member is that no one can be smarter than Vice President Biden, even Obama said he was a screw up. It would really look bad for JB if something that someone else suggests actually worked.

  12. Humbly Seeking Wisdom

    This pathetic excerpt from one member of the Biden stable of utterly incompetent “cabinet” members, not to mention the Veep, is just one of the countless examples of the depth and breadth of the ignorance, incompetence, and stupidity we now have as “leaders and experts” of our country.

    What was once our beloved America, is now Amerikka, the laughing stalk of the WORLD!!! This birthing person from New Mexico is one of the MOST magnificent examples of what happens when the exact opposite of appointment by merit, expertise, brilliance, specialization, and exceptionalism is replaced with meritless insane appointments , and unqualified WOKE-CHECKBOX appointees the world is now beholding. All personally endorsed by the Mumbler in chief. God help our country….

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