Haaland continues cancel culture crusade: demands Washington Redskins change their name

On Friday, New Mexico’s representative for the 1st Congressional District, Deb Haaland, called on the Washington Redskins, based in the Nation’s Capitol, to change their name, claiming it’s a “slur.” 

Haaland’s press release reads as follows: 

“We are in the middle of a movement. The Black Lives Matter protests have begun a reckoning with the systemic racism and oppression experienced by Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. From passing the Justice in Policing Act to PepsiCo ending the use of the offensive Aunt Jemima branding, it is clear as Americans will no longer stand for institutional racism and the NFL should be held to the same standard.

“We cannot tolerate the use of racial slurs or inappropriate use of Native mascots anywhere, but especially in the nation’s capital. This is a longstanding issue that the NFL has been aware of for quite some time. These mascots actively harm the well-being of our children by dehumanizing Native people and mocking our culture and traditions. Until we live in a country where racist mascots and the use of racial slurs by sports teams no longer exist, harmful stereotypes will continue to put communities at risk.”

“The national sports organizations like the Washington NFL football team have a role in fighting racism, they must change their name. I call on the fans, my colleagues and people across the country stand against racism in all forms.”

The “woke” mob has already gone after pancake syrup (Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth), sticks of butter (Land O’ Lakes), packages of rice (Uncle Ben’s), ice cream bars (Eskimo Pies), and the destruction of monuments across the country, showing that no one is safe from cancel culture — with Deb Haaland leading the fight, and taking up her scepter as the “queen of wokeness.”

Leftists are even going after their own — such as with ProgressNow NM now demanding that their founder, City Councilor Pat Davis resign, claiming he is a racist. Nationally, figures such as Jimmy Kimmel and others have had to atone for their previous sins as well. 

Across the nation, and in New Mexico, vandals have been destroying monuments and statues, such as the obelisk in downtown Santa Fe. The cancel culture knows no bounds, and Deb Haaland won’t be happy until her party’s rules are implemented far and wide.  


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