MLG pardons 19 criminals convicted of drug possession, burglary, larceny, and other charges

On Friday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham pardoned 19 criminals convicted of forgery, drug possession, burglary, larceny, issuing a worthless check, and conspiracy, among other crimes. The pardons are the first since the Susana Martinez Administration, where pardons last occurred in 2012.

In a statement, Lujan Grisham wrote, “The power of executive clemency is an exercise in compassion.” She continued, “Each of us, in our own way, in our own lives, has the obligation to find forgiveness in our hearts for those individuals who have paid their debts, who have expressed genuine contrition and made sincere and forthright amends for their offenses. The governor’s power of executive clemency is an avenue for that exercise available to me, and I am humbled by the opportunity to deliver it. My administration will continue to evaluate all applicants in a responsible, methodical, and even-handed manner.”

The Governor’s noted in the release that “the governor’s pardon restores certain fundamental rights, such as the right to vote, the right to hold public office and other positions of public trust, and the right to bear arms.” 

On Twitter, Lujan Grisham wrote, “Today I granted pardons to 19 individuals, all of whom have shown themselves to be reformed and contributing members of society.” However, she did not specify the criteria she based their “reformation” on.

The governor’s pardoning power extends to all offenses committed under state law other than the offenses of impeachment and treason. However, the governor does not have authority to pardon convictions for violations of municipal ordinances or convictions from another jurisdiction, such as convictions from other states and convictions under federal law.

The move does not appear to be coincidental, amid nationwide protests and mounting pressure by leftist groups to defund police departments and release criminals in the name of “social justice.” 


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