AG Torrez joins brief seeking to override Texas’ pro-life laws

In a controversial move, New Mexico’s Attorney General Raúl Torrez has joined forces with 21 other attorneys general by signing an amicus brief aimed at expanding access to energy abortion care for Texas patients by overriding the state’s pro-life laws. The brief, filed in the Texas Supreme Court, supports the plaintiffs in Zurawski v. Texas, marking the first legal challenge since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022.

AG Torrez claimed, “Emergency healthcare should never be politicized or compromised,” criticizing Texas for allegedly creating an “unsafe space for pregnant women.” The statement further expressed solidarity with women across the country facing challenges accessing essential healthcare due to what Torrez referred to as “radical bans.”

The lawsuit, initially filed on March 6, 2023, sought clarification on Texas’ medical emergency exception under state abortion laws. A court order on Aug. 4 temporarily blocked the application of Texas’ abortion ban in cases of “emergent medical conditions.” However, Texas is now appealing this decision in the state’s Supreme Court.

The multistate coalition, represented by the amicus brief, contends that Texas’ laws endanger the lives and health of pregnant women and could have serious repercussions on the health systems of other states. The argument maintains that preventing medical providers from performing abortions needed to treat emergency medical conditions puts pregnant women at risk, as many complications require time-sensitive stabilizing treatment that may include abortion.

Furthermore, the coalition asserts that when Texas hospitals fail to provide emergency abortion care, women are compelled to seek assistance from out-of-state facilities, thereby straining emergency departments in other states dealing with overcrowding, long wait times, and staff shortages.

However, according to medical experts and doctors, abortions are never medically necessary, and the pro-abortion argument is used to confuse and harm women by foisting abortions upon them.

This controversial legal intervention places New Mexico at the center of a divisive national debate, with Attorney General Torrez aligning with a coalition of states advocating for expanded abortion access despite a growing pro-life stance gaining momentum in several parts of the country.


10 thoughts on “AG Torrez joins brief seeking to override Texas’ pro-life laws”

  1. How about Texas files to challenge your illegal immigration laws? This whole states government acts like the mafia. They are unhinged.

  2. Not surprising coming from that vile little commie/satanist. This state unfortunately is filled with these vile creatures. Although communists exist in other states governments as well, NM seems to have its inordinate share of them. Vote them out you say! Not while we vote on programmable computers similar to casino slot machines and the SOS is one of “them”.

  3. If these people really cared about science, they’d know that women are healthier carrying a baby to term than to abort. Abortion is never healthcare. Just ask the unborn baby!

  4. What Texas does within its boundaries is no business of NM. This tiny, vulgar man has no power in another state. NM will be known as an “ABORTION DESTINATION”…that is just evil and vile, and that is because of evil and vile NM VOTERS that claim, “family is everything” …..yeah right….😡👎🏻 You NM demon-crats are hypocrites and should be ashamed of yourselves for voting to KILL LIVE HUMAN BABIES IN THE WOMB!

  5. The Democratic party isnt!

    Since the Assistant Governor ( new meaning of AG)
    Likes the genocidal health ‘care’ of this state, perhaps he should lead by example and go do his post birth abortion of himself today.

    Genocidal democrats are everywhere.

    You are their problem.

    Democrats everywhere love terrorism.
    From Kkk to Pantifa.

    Biden won’t be prosecuted for his crimes of his hiding classified documents.
    Equal justice under the law tag line you see is now a laugh line.

  6. Agree with previous posts. New Mexico is creating an “unsafe space for un born infants.” Why do NM elected officials call murder healthcare. Reproductive health care is using something to prevent pregnancy, not cutting up living humans to kill them. That is murder, it is nice to know New Mexico is one of the top state that murder is legal. This is sad as most New Mexicans are against abortion and would cringe if they knew the facts. As a people, NMs need to wake up and realize what these crazy new citizens from states like California are doing to our state.

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