Governor hints at agenda items she intends to add for 2024 session

New Mexico’s 2024 legislative session, running from Jan. 16 to Feb. 15, is poised to address critical issues, particularly gun violence. In a recent update on the Public Health Order, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham acknowledged the urgency of tackling the escalating problem of “gun violence.” 

She emphasized, “Gun violence is out of control. Public safety and crime are out of control.” The governor outlined plans for the upcoming 30-day session, focusing on public safety, police retention and recruitment, and potential enhancements to existing laws.

Governor Lujan Grisham expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness of the anti-gun forcible locking up of firearms law passed in 2023 but said there is a need for even more anti-gun laws, per KOAT 7. She emphasized a multifaceted approach, including educational initiatives for parents and families, expanding successful programs like the Violence Intervention Program at schools, and launching targeted campaigns to reach students directly. The governor affirmed her commitment to strengthening laws if needed, citing the “red flag” law as a potential area for improvement.

During a press conference in December, Governor Lujan Grisham also announced plans to include an “assault weapons” ban on the legislative agenda. NMSU’s Assistant Professor of Government, Dr. Cory Sukala, acknowledged the challenges of addressing gun-related legislation in a month-long session, especially with budgetary considerations taking precedence. Dr. Sukala highlighted the governor’s ability to influence legislative priorities but noted that they aren’t legally binding directives.

Given the limited time during regular sessions, Dr. Sukala suggested the possibility of a special session dedicated solely to addressing public safety and violence-related concerns. That would likely take place due to the lack of support in the current Legislature to ram through anti-gun bills, even from Democrats. That’s why the governor would have to force the issue in a special session if she is to see any such anti-gun “assault” bill pass. 

Sukala emphasized that such a move would underscore the governor’s obsession with snatching guns by any means necessary. As New Mexico gears up for its legislative session, the debate around gun control legislation and public safety measures is set to take center stage.


19 thoughts on “Governor hints at agenda items she intends to add for 2024 session”

  1. Tracy Tatro Trujillo

    Teach kids and adult how to safely handle guns. My kids have been around guns since they were babies and have never had an issue. Not once have I or my family had fun issues. You can’t control how people are and if you take guns and make them bad are you going to give up your armed security. Your a hypocrite

  2. There are more babies being killed in this state by abortions than there are people being killed by guns.MLG has no problem with killing people. Also need to look at who is doing the killing by guns. It is not the responsible gun owners.

  3. Several years ago the State Legislature endorsed the NRA Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program to be taught in schools. None of the left wing School administrators and Teachers unions would allow it to be taught

  4. She is padding her resume at the expense of NM citizens.
    She hopes to get a position outside of NM with some left leaning corporation, University or federal bureau.
    Hopefully, she will alienate enough New Mexicans that the balance of power can be wrestled away from 100 years of Democrat rule.

  5. In taking her oath of office, she agreed as part of the job to defend the Consitution.
    So what she is doing is treason. She needs to be impeached. If not, all the others are also breaking their oath of office, which is also treason. Same for the NM Supreme Court.

  6. Gov Gruesome is completely IGNORANT OF FIREARMS!
    Her “gun violence” rhetoric is indeed something to behold. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “GUN VIOLENCE”, GUNS DON’T SHOOT BY THEMSELVES,
    But Gruesome would rather take money from Soros, let public safety be handled by Soros backed prosecutors, and SPIT IN THE FACE OF LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS

    1. You are so right. We don’t have a gun violence problem we have a criminal violence problem. I would like all the idiots that voted for her to stand up and take responsibility.

  7. Again the piglet Loserjan attacks the law abiding citizen! There will be dancing in the streets when she is arrested and escorted out of the roundhouse!!

    1. The problem is that it isn’t happening fast enough. If ALL people that disagree with things she does banded together, stormed the Roundhouse and demanded that she and her liberal SC step down (or else), things could happen a lot quicker. Remember Marie Antoinette? That was not that long ago, yet how soon we forget how well that brand of FAFO works. The Republican Party is doing absolutely nothing to hammer these things home, either. While the Dems already have a game plan to steal the next election, Republicans just tolerate Pierce being a namby-pamby and do nothing. It’s become a joke…the party of “thoughts and prayers.” I will never vote Democrat, but New Mexico’s Republicans make me very ashamed.

      1. Saturday, February 3 10:00 am at the State Capitol in Santa Fe is a good opportunity to voice your opposition. Second Amendment Day Rally.

        1. So what if I go and suggest the death penalty be reinstated, for those that kill others with stolen or procured weapons by a firing squad. Would that make me a bad person? I am a responsible gun owner by the way.

  8. I sure didn’t vote for her. With illegals everywhere, abortions out of control, this woman is evil personified. We need her out of office!

  9. A lot of these “gun violence” issues would go away if the prosecutors and judges would do their job and enforce the laws already on the books. Unfortunately the bail reform law (SJR1) doesn’t work the way we all thought it would. Forcing new gun laws on law abiding citizens is a farce, we aren’t the problem!!

  10. I thought special sessions were only allowed for budget issues? What does gun control have to do with the budget? Sounds like another abuse of power?

  11. MLG did not speak to the New Mexicans for the New Year. Humm where is she? Haven’t seen her at all. Not even on the news. Interesting!

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