Democrat ex-NM House speaker mocks proposal to ban gruesome sex crime

In a strange turn of events, far-left former New Mexico House of Representatives Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) mocked an endeavor by state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) to make necrophilia (rape of corpses) illegal in the state — New Mexico being one of only three states that don’t have legislation making the macabre practice illegal.

“Somebody in law enforcement brought up a case where someone was raped after they were murdered, and they could not charge [the suspect] with rape because it’s not illegal in New Mexico, and it honestly made me sick to my stomach,” Lord told the Santa Fe New Mexican announcing her initiative. 

The outlet further reported, “Lord said her bill would leave no question necrophilia is prohibited by law. It would create three new crimes: criminal sexual penetration of a dead human body, a second-degree felony; criminal sexual contact with a dead human body, a third-degree felony; and criminal desecration of a dead human body, a fourth-degree felony.”

But Egolf mocked the proposal, writing in jest, “My New Year’s wish is coming true early!! This is REALLY going to improve lives all over New Mexico; The @NewMexicoGOP continues to show us that they have their finger on the pulse of New Mexico.”

Lord responded to Egolf, “Do you realize that women have been murdered and then raped afterward in New Mexico?  But I guess you’re good with that.  I’m not really that surprised coming from you, Brian.”

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo), the founder and editor of the Piñon Post, chimed in, “Oh, look! Another apparent supporter of corpse rape. At least they’re self-identifying these days so we know who the sickos are.”

Another wrote, “Just proof that Dems like to f— their constituents even when they’re dead!” 

New Mexico has been behind the curve on many laws banning disgusting sexual offenses. Just this past session, the state made bestiality illegal in the state. 


14 thoughts on “Democrat ex-NM House speaker mocks proposal to ban gruesome sex crime”

    1. You took the words right off my screen! And after seeing mr. egoff’s photo it’s plain to see you hit that nail square on the head. Good call Mr. Hoylen…

  1. Really, is this news? and moreover, there are far more laws NM should rewrite, or write to better this state. Let’s do better Politicos.

      1. But Democrats celebrate the death of the unborn everyday! Which is sick enough on its own merit.
        Why would it surprise anyone that they would want sex with a dead body…

        What is important is not voting in those who celebrate death. It is life that is to be celebrated as well as those who protect life.

  2. Being able to prosecute and lock up sickos IS improving the lives of NM CITIZENS.

    Looks like egolf is another socialist supporter of violent criminals – sounds like his concern is only to keep these offenders on the street…

  3. Egolf was always a disgusting and pathetic excuse for a human being. For whatever his machinations I am just glad he’s no longer at the Roundhouse. The last three letters of his name sum up what he is all about.

  4. So now Democrats want to retain the right to rape the bodies of dead people just like they steal those dead folks’ votes. Talk about adding insult to injury!

  5. You know John, there are a LOT of folks that think sex that differs from missionary heterosexual sex should be criminalized 😉 😉.
    Just sayin’

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