Gov. Lujan Grisham tests positive for COVID-19 for third time

In an unexpected turn of events, the Office of Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham confirmed Monday in a press release that the governor has tested positive for COVID-19. The statement noted that Governor Lujan Grisham is currently “experiencing some minimal symptoms.”

The Governor’s office told the public that she is in good spirits despite the mild symptoms.

For the remainder of the week, Governor Lujan Grisham will be carrying out her duties remotely.

The press release did not provide specific details about where or how the governor may have contracted the virus. 

Governor Lujan Grisham’s positive test result also raises questions about potential impacts on the state’s governance, though the remote work arrangement is designed to ensure continuity in decision-making processes.

Lujan Grisham previously tested positive for the virus in August of 2022 and in November of 2022.


26 thoughts on “Gov. Lujan Grisham tests positive for COVID-19 for third time”

  1. Will Herr Governor now use her latest positive test to try to shut down the state? Sounds a
    Exactly like something she would try.

  2. Everyone I talk to about this…. Conservatives mostly, I don’t talk to many Democrats…. feels like this is part of a buildup to implement restrictions as we get closer to election day. Even if they don’t use a Covid scare to do it, the Democrat leadership across the country will guarantee that the majority of Democrat votes cast will be absentee. How else will they be able to stuff ballot boxes? Someone asked me why they extended absentee ballots to be turned in after election day. That’s the only way they know who didn’t vote in-person so that they can create fake absentee ballots in their name.

  3. So what is this gangest doing to ctest positive a third time?? WHAT is going on in Santa Fe OUR Capital Buildings. This woman needs removed. She just came back from where? Taiwan???? What went on there????

  4. Man that jab sure does seem to be working well for her… 🤣😂🤣. And of course I agree with all my previous commentors, this is nothing but a phony move back towards lockdowns and mandates. I know it’s not right to wish ill on anyone, but this is one evil woman. If she were to die from this infection, although I wouldn’t celebrate, I damn sure wouldn’t shed a tear either!

  5. Surely by now nearly everyone knows the “Jab” is NOT a vaccine, does not confer immunity, and to call it a vacine contributes to the corruption of the language and denial of true medical science. The original Covid 19 from the CCP was a declaration and act of war and our “esteemed leaders” dropped the ball with an appropriate response in order to increase their own power and wealth. MLG is no different, exhibiting the usual behaviours of short people who would be tyrants.

  6. Three times?? Sorry to hear it. She might need to work on building her immune system. I hope you feel better soon Governor.

  7. With test used she has a 50 percent chance of having the flu.
    My hope is that the vacine takes its course and she goes to God soon.
    She has committed multiple crimes of manslaughter. New Mexicans will suffer adverse reactions to poisonous vacines for generations to come. Thousands have died. Tens of thousands have lost their jobs and small businesses have closed. The terror that has used against New Mexicans is monsterous. She is a tool of scumbags. She is a criminal that must face justice.

  8. I don’t wish her ill but I do wish her a few IQ points so she could read AND understand the US and NM Constitutions.

    I’d like her to develop some empathy for the people of NM and understanding of how many businesses and livelihoods she is responsible for destroying.

    And I’d like her to actually care. Really and truly care about everyone in this state.

  9. This tool of the world elite drpopulation cabal, Michelle lujan Grisham, is carrying out her orders perfectly. The ONLY reason ANYONE has Covid 1984 is because they are scam tested. No test, no Covid 1984!!!!

    Anthony Fauci co-authored an article in the less than prestigious NEJM March 26, 2020 ” covid 19, navigsting the uncharted, in which he stated “covid 19 is akun to the seasonal flu with the same mortality rate” there has been no overal increase in mortality. Illnesses have been redefined. Grisham is plsying her role to instill fear in hearts of those who believe the government devils

    One of my Aunts who was 94 and in a nursing home had covid 19 on ger death certificate. I would speak to her on the phone. She was heartbroken thst het children, my cousins, were not allowed in to see her. Her grandchildren were notcsllowd to see her. She was isolated. She woukd tell ne she just wanted to get out of there. She was a prisoner of the wicked state of Pennsylvania!!!

    No SARSCov2 virus has ever been isolated from a patient identified as having covid1984!!!

    If anyone wants to find the truth about covid1984 follow the $$$ money not the “science”!!!

    Lots of $$$ to be made and total control by wicked governments and their move toward depopulation via the vaccines so called which is the real gain of function. The weather manipulation which is being carried out via CERN HAARP NEXRAD microwaves ekectrifying of our atmosphere by STATRODPHEIC AEROSOL INJECTION aluminum fly ash covering the sky …etc. Our only hope is in the LORD Jesus Christ not wicked godless demonic governments!!!

    MLG is following orders from her superiors!!!!

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