Abortion trafficking banned in county bordering New Mexico

In a groundbreaking decision, a Texas county along the New Mexico border has taken a bold stand by outlawing abortion and abortion trafficking. The move has sparked heated debates and drawn attention from both supporters and critics.

Cochran County’s decision, aimed at protecting the sanctity of life and family values, is already making waves. Local authorities argue that it aligns with their commitment to uphold traditional principles, echoing the sentiments of one official who emphasized, “We believe in safeguarding the rights of the unborn.”

Pro-abortion extremists claim the move violates “reproductive” rights despite abortions ending the reproductive process. 

As the nation watches, the Texas-New Mexico border county has become a focal point in the ongoing battle over abortion. The ban not only covers abortion procedures but also includes measures against abortion trafficking, adding a layer of complexity to the debate.

Proponents hail this as a bold step towards preserving conservative values, while opponents view it as a potential powder keg for legal challenges. The county’s decision is expected to fuel the already intense national conversation on reproductive rights and may set a precedent for similar measures in other regions.

In March, far-left New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a law prohibiting local municipalities from “denying, restricting, or discriminating against an individual’s right to use or refuse reproductive health care.”

“Dickson pointed out that Roosevelt and [Lea] counties in New Mexico, which abut Cochran County, have taken the measures they can to ‘push back against the abortion industry,’” The Texan reported

The Texas county has marked a pivotal step in the fight for the right to life, and the move will likely save babies’ lives by halting abortion trafficking into New Mexico, which is an abortion up-to-birth state, per a far-left law passed in 2021 that garnered bipartisan opposition.


8 thoughts on “Abortion trafficking banned in county bordering New Mexico”

  1. This is my birth county. I am beyond thankful, Cochran Co. Tx. has made this bold stand and preserving life.
    Thank you all Cochran Co. for honoring God by protecting the not yet born.
    Ann Cagle Eby
    Ruidoso, NM

  2. I could not read the entire article. I stopped at “Reproductive Rights”???? Killing a baby is not are reproductive right. Using a rubber, taking birth control pills or shots, using something that stops the joining of the sperm and egg to include not having sex are reproductive rights. I would even go as far as the day after pill (but that weighs on my mind) but at least it is killing a very small set of cells that can only be seen under a micro scope. Come on folks, cutting up baby parts is murder, if it has a heart, it has a mind, that is killing a child. By the dems definition if a pregnant woman is shot and only the baby dies there is no crime, that is nuts.

    1. I agree. The word “ Reproductive”is a lie in the democrats vocabulary regarding abortion. Reproductive means to reproduce not KILL an unborn child.

  3. First – I am pro-life. I resent my tax dollars being used against my values, violating my right to exercise choice of religion. Second, when our governor advocates abortion up to birth, why is the young 19 year old girl Alexee Treviso, charged with first degree murder for the VERY SAME THING? Is it somehow ok for a doctor to kill a baby for money, yet First Degree Murder for a traumatized young woman to do the same? Life should be valued and protected, but when it is not – where do we draw the line? Why should we judge this young woman so harshly when we advocate and invite other young mothers to come to our state for the same result. We have that same blood on our hands as Alexee Treviso, perhaps worse.

    1. Apparently they have allowed her to attend NMSU either online or in person. I heard their was about 35,000 signatures and counting for a petition. I think I heard that the petition doesn’t really matter and it’s ultimately the University’s decision. It blows my mind if she’s able to do this.

    2. Official ACOG policy is and always has been “No elective abortion after viability.” Which is to say only medically necessary abortions are done after viability. Would you watch your pregnant daughter die of cancer, leave her husband and other kids? It’s a gritty, difficult business best left to doctors, not ignorant politicians.

  4. She’s a dictator. She thinks that because she’s Governor we all have to conform to her ideals. In her mind she thinks she doesn’t have to follow Federal law. She obviously doesn’t believe in the Supreme Court’s ruling. She’s always trying to power grab. She tried to restrict firearm rights and she got a quick dose of reality. A slew of Democrats, Keller, law enforcement, and NRA voiced their displeasure with her.. Shoot I even heard that ACLU which is one of the biggest pro-abortion organizations voiced their displeasure for her actions.

  5. Texas is C sectioning 5th graders. SEVEN were sequestered in social services in just one month after Texans banned abortion. Radical fundamentalist billionaire Tim Dunn is behind this insanity, turning Texas into a Taliban police state. He just spent 3 million to get his boy Ken Paxton -the biggest criminal AG in TX history-off impeachment charges. Some “Christian.”

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