GOP defector who voted for abortion up-to-birth and infanticide claims his vote ‘makes no difference’

In a response to concerns from a Republican Roswell city counselor about Rep. Phelps Anderson’s “yes” vote in the House Health and Human Services Committee on an abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill, Anderson seemed to brush off the concerns of the lawmaker, claiming his vote “makes no difference.” Anderson left the Republican party over his vote.

In his note, he also used the Democrats’ talking point that the 1969 law currently protecting unborn life is “antiquated” while not addressing the fact that the bill would also strip conscience protections for health care workers and allow underaged girls, some under the influence of predators, to get abortions without parental consent.

Anderson claimed “dark forces” from “outside the community” were trying to bring “exaggerations and falsehoods” about his vote. 

Here is an excerpt from Anderson’s note: 

I write this note to give you an explanation of recent events. hope my response helps clear the air as today there are dark voices outside the community bringing exaggerations and falsehoods. 

Two weeks ago I voted yes in the House Health Committee to pass House Bill 7 (the repeal of New Mexico’s 1969 Abortion Law). The antiquated law was ruled unconstitutional in 3973 by the U. S. Supreme Court. I believe the repeal of New Mexico’s Abortion Law makes no difference. A yes or no vote changes nothing. very few laws bring no change and HS 7 is one of these few bills. 

Thank you for your words concern and support for my work in the New Mexico Legislature. The COVID circumstances here in Santa Fe make the job even more difficult. Constituent input and comment is sorely lacking under the locked down State Capitol. I know I have disappointed some of you in Chaves, Lea and Roosevelt Counties. Disappointing people is not my intention but tough Legislative decisions please some and disappoint others. That said, unpopular votes are not a reason to resign from office as tough decisions are an everyday occurrence in the Legislature. 

After the abortion up-to-birth and infanticide vote, Rep. Anderson once again voted against life in the womb by rejecting a commonsense Republican bill to mandate safety protocols at abortion clinics during COVID-19. 

Rep. Anderson represents Chavez, Lea, and Roosevelt Counties, which includes a large part of Roswell. Roswell is a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

During the committee hearing when Anderson voted for H.B. 7, he said the following:

the one thing I have heard today that I do think might change based on testimony is the conscience clause, and that will make a difference in how I vote on the House floor if I go and believe that the conscience clause is not—is being removed. And I kinda think that I believe right now that that’s not what this repeal is doing, but I will—but we will see this bill again. 

What are your thoughts on Anderson’s vote for abortion up-to-birth and infanticide H.B. 7? Will Anderson finally stand with his constituents when the bill hits the House floor or will he vote with Democrats and the abortion lobby and back the bill? 

The Piñon Post has launched a petition calling for the resignation of Rep. Anderson for betraying his constituents. Sign the petition here. 

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