MLG could barely contain her excitement after NM Senate rammed through abortion up-to-birth bill

On Thursday, the New Mexico Senate voted 25-17 for an abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill, S.B. 10. During the Senate meeting, pro-life Republican members proposed compromises limiting abortions after 20 weeks while protecting conscience objections for medical workers. But the Democrats, with the votes they needed to ram the bill through, refused to concede an inch, while the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo) refused to take questions about her bill in an unprecedented move.

After the massive blow to human life, just two years after the same bill died on the Senate floor in 2019, far-left Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham could barely contain her excitement about the anti-life bill’s passage.

Gov. Lujan Grisham wrote, “This is a simple bill. And it is powerful in its simplicity. It affirms a woman’s self-evident autonomy over her own body. And it ensures no health care provider in our state may be criminalized for providing health care. I thank and applaud the women senators who spoke in such personal terms in their supportive testimony today. This was a moment for common-sense leadership and I am grateful to the lawmakers and advocates who have met that moment.”

Actually, the Governor’s statement is inaccurate since the bodily autonomy of children in the womb is removed, health care providers would be “criminalized” by not referring or performing abortions, and abortion up to the very date of birth can be argued as definitely not “common-sense.” 

The statement comes as the Governor flew to Washington, D.C. to meet with Joe Biden just one day after she coincidentally lifted her strict ban on out-of-state travel. Yet, she had time to write up a statement praising the New Mexico Senate’s passage of the most radical anti-life bill in the nation. Some of the bill’s supporters made vile statements on the Senate floor, such as Sen. Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo) who said he threw a model of a 12-week old baby “right in the trash,” calling the baby “offensive.”

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However, Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of the Second District wrote a starkly different statement, commenting, “It’s a sad day for New Mexico when our Senate votes to legalize abortion up to birth.” 

While pro-life members of the Senate gave Democrats chance after chance for a compromise, the bill ultimately passed. Countless health care workers have pledged to leave the state due to the hostile legislation. 

The bill now goes to the House of Representatives, where it is expected to be considered next week, according to the rabidly pro-abortion Speaker of the House Brian Egolf. “We’re not sure exactly yet when we’re going to be meeting on the floor of the House next week,” Egolf said. “If we have a meeting late in the week, we might be able to send a bill to the governor then. If not, very early in the week following.”


10 thoughts on “MLG could barely contain her excitement after NM Senate rammed through abortion up-to-birth bill”

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  2. How sad, considering this state is primarily Catholic with a strong Christian following. Those that do not want to get involved or support a side have now supported a side. Maybe the doctors will speak up and say how cruel this is after some of them, who BY FORCE, will have to perform these procedures without killing the Mother at the same time.

  3. This out of a Governor who forces New Mexicans to wear mask. My body my right, does not cover covid. This is yet another New Mexico fail for protecting our kids. How someone can celebrate something so sick goes to show how Secular and Reprobate our Government really is.

  4. I also claim self autonomy over my own body which is why I will never allow the government to tell me how to breathe or what to put into my body.

  5. A tree is recognized by its fruit. MLG is a Marxist and a murderer (which is what Marxists do). Proverbs 12:5 says the advice of the wicked is deceitful and she is certainly wicked by God’s standard. Therefore I will not follow anything she says or mandates.

    1. This “beautiful state” is run by democrats and libs and all you have to do is look at the chaos and economic problems of the blue states and that alone should tell you all you need to know. And now we a a corrupt Democrat Federal Administration and within 4 weeks they have destroyed all that was good for the nation.

  6. I am heartbroken that our governor and a majority of the state Senate can dehumanize a precious baby in the womb to justify his/her healthy little body being painfully destroyed solely upon the authority of his/her mother’s wishes under the guise that it’s “her body” alone.
    This sounds remarkably like the arguments used to defend the slave owners’ rights to abuse or even destroy their personal, human property.
    We have not really progressed, have we? It’s still the Democrat Party promoting supremacy of some over the lesser, just as in the days when the Republican Party formed as the anti-slavery party.
    God help us if we have sold our souls.

  7. When you think in terms of a governor and legislature having the power to murder a child up until its birth, this is something the Nazi Party would do. Don’t be surprised if they don’t sell the body parts.

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