PETITION: Demand the resignation of Rep. Phelps Anderson for betraying his constituents

State Rep. Phelps Anderson (DTS-Roswell) was elected on a pro-life ticket as a Republican by the voters of New Mexico’s 66th District—which includes Roswell, a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” However, Anderson betrayed his constituents’ trust by voting for the abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill, H.B. 7.

After massive backlash from his home district and across the state, he left the Republican Party in disgrace to become an Independent. He then on February 10 voted against a pro-life bill to protect women going to abortion facilities during COVID-19. On February 19, Anderson voted for the final passage of S.B. 10, abortion up-to-birth, and infanticide legalization.

But the people of the great 66th District did not elect an Independent—They elected someone they thought was a Republican. They also thought they were electing a pro-life representative, but now they are left without any representation at all.

However, Rep. Anderson doesn’t care. He callously told reporters, “Resignation is not a choice for me because I believe when an unpopular vote is made, we cannot expect our legislators to resign.” 

If Rep. Anderson refuses to resign and he continues to serve in the New Mexico House, the people of District 66 will be without representation for 23 months—equivalent to one year and 11 months.

Rep. Anderson’s betrayal should not be tolerated, which is why today, the Piñon Post is launching a petition demanding Rep. Anderson resign. 

As I said before, Rep. Anderson “must now resign and allow local leaders to fill his seat with someone who truly represents the 66th District. The time for wishy-washy and unreliable ‘Republicans’ in the House is over.”

Please sign the petition and help us make a real difference! 

PETITION: Demand the resignation of Rep. Phelps Anderson for betraying his constituents

Dear Rep. Anderson:

Dear Rep. Anderson:
Your votes for the extreme abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bills, H.B. 7 and S.B.10, have not only sparked outrage in the 66th District by the people who elected you as a pro-life REPUBLICAN to that seat. Your votes have forced Republican Party leaders to decry your grievous actions publicly.

The votes you took show that you callously disregard sacred human life and that you do not adequately represent the people of District 66, which includes the city of Roswell—a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” The city affirmed that “the protection of all human life is important to the people of the City of Roswell.”

Your vote blatantly betrayed the very locality you claim to “represent” in the House of Representatives.

Now, with you switching parties to a “Declined to State,” your lack of a caucus and your uncertain committee assignment standing, the people of the 66th District have no voice in the House advocating for them.

You will do nothing but cause more division in your district by remaining in the Legislature, which is why We The People demand you resign from the House of Representatives.

Below you will find the names of hundreds of New Mexicans who are demanding you resign your office and end your shameful tenure in the House of Representatives.

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7 thoughts on “PETITION: Demand the resignation of Rep. Phelps Anderson for betraying his constituents”

  1. Rep. Anderson: You were elected through a primary system in which you stated yourself to be one thing, and then abused that system and the trust of the people by immediately becoming another thing. Such disregard for those who elected you under these false pretenses deems you unfit for office. Do the right thing and resign, today.

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