GOP AG nominee Jeremy Gay tied with Dem Raúl Torrez in new poll

According to a new Cygnal poll, Republican attorney general nominee Jeremy Gay is tied with Democrat nominee Raúl Torrez. The poll shows Gay at 41.4 percent while Torrez had 42 percent. 16.6 percent of voters were undecided.

The polling company wrote, “The environment in New Mexico provides a key opportunity for Republicans to win in November: the generic congressional ballot is tied (Republican 46.9% – Democrat 46.6%) and incumbent Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is struggling below the 50% threshold, sputtering at 46.2% while Republican challenger Mark Ronchetti hits 44.4%, and Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie notches 4.5%, with 4.9% undecided.” 

“In the race for Attorney General, Jeremy Gay has a higher ceiling than Torrez. The better-funded-to this-point Torrez has a higher name ID (69.5%) than Gay (57.9%). In particular, Torrez has a higher name ID with Democratic voters than Gay does with Republicans, and that cashes out on the ballot, where 19.2% of Republican voters remain undecided, a higher mark than among Democrats (13.6% undecided).” 

Cygnal noted that of 16.6 percent of independent voters from the poll, they “lean Republican on the generic congressional ballot (R+6.1).”

A previous leftist poll commissioned by New Mexico Political Journal in June showed Gay was seven points behind Torrez, and he appears to have closed the gap. 

“Our campaign to restore law and order and end the violent crime wave plaguing New Mexico is clearly resonating with voters,” said Gay, a U.S. Marine Corps judge advocate. “Families are sick of the inaction from politicians like District Attorney Raúl Torrez who declined to prosecute over 50 percent of violent felony cases. The time for talk and inaction is over. As Attorney General, I will get justice for victims and I will ensure criminals are held accountable.”

The poll was conducted between September  27 and 29 with a sample size of 400 and a margin of error of ± 4.86 percent. 

According to the polling company, “Cygnal is an award-winning international polling, public opinion, and predictive analytics firm that pioneered multi-mode polling, text-to-web collection, and emotive analysis. Cygnal consistently ranks as the most accurate firm, and clients rely on Cygnal’s ability to create intelligence for action. Its team members have worked in 48 states and 17 countries on more than 2,700 corporate, public affairs, and political campaigns.” 

Torrez is a Soros-funded candidate who has spent hundreds of thousands to back the extreme far-left Democrat. As we previously reported:

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros, who has funded extreme projects such as Black Lives Matter and other dark money groups backing socialist initiatives, donated $107,000 to a political action committee, “New Mexico Safety & Justice” that helped Raúl Torrez win the Democrat primary for district attorney in 2016.


4 thoughts on “GOP AG nominee Jeremy Gay tied with Dem Raúl Torrez in new poll”

  1. Jeremy, you have our votes and prayers. Let’s save the state one by electing one worthy politician at a time.

  2. Great news for Jeremy and the citizens of New Mexico. Torrez has not done his job as District Attorney when it comes to crime and he wants to be our next AG? In addition, why do we need another Hector Balderas type who only serves MLG, and not the citizens of New Mexico?

    1. Elizabeth Westberg

      I met Raul Torrez tonight, he is an amazing human as well as an experienced and well informed candidate. He welcomed any and all questions and answered so eloquently and thoughtfully. He gave an inspirational talk on the state of our nation, the fragility of democracy and the decline of community. I believe New Mexico will benefit greatly with his election as AG.

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