Gas tax bill sponsor has taxpayers foot the bill for charging her electric car

According to photos exclusively obtained by the Piñon Post, far-left Senate Pro-Tem Sen. Mimi Stewart is taking as much as she possibly can from the New Mexico taxpayers — even plugging in her electric hybrid car in the Legislative parking garage while at work. 

Stewart drives a white Ford C-MAX Energi, which is parked in her assigned spot, as can be seen in the pictures. She is utilizing the outlet on the wall of the parking garage to plug in as she goes to work passing her party’s agenda in the Senate.

This cost comes in addition to Stewart’s $174/day per diem, which is to be spent on gas, food, and lodging. Although it is unlikely to amount to a mammoth amount of money taken from the taxpayers for the electric charge, is it a good look for a sitting state senator to be taking per diem AND grifting as much as possible from the taxpayers.

Stewart is an ardent anti-energy Democrat who has for years proposed an extreme bill that would install “clean fuel standards,” resulting in a 20 to 35 cent per gallon tax on gasoline, which would harm the poorest New Mexicans. 

“This is bigger than just the cost of gasoline…. This program does not really affect the cost of gasoline, like so many other factors that go into it,” Stewart claimed in 2021. She added,  “When everybody talks about, ‘Oh the poor are gonna be hurt,’ I do believe the poor care about the climate.”

To make matters worse, Democrat Sen. Bill Tallman (D-Bernalillo) has sponsored S.B. 55, which would create an “electric vehicle income tax credit,” which would let Sen. Stewart get at least $2,500 in a tax credit since her vehicle falls in the scope of the legislation being bought before January 1, 2027. 

So, the New Mexico taxpayers already subsidizing Stewart’s expenses while at the legislature with per diem are further paying for her electric vehicle’s charging while in Santa Fe and could potentially give the anti-energy legislator a tax credit for owning a hybrid vehicle. 


4 thoughts on “Gas tax bill sponsor has taxpayers foot the bill for charging her electric car”

  1. I’m to the point where I wonder how NM can continue to exist as a State. It would seem NM lives off of federal money, outrageous taxes and promotes a deepening welfare state with 50% of New Mexicans on welfare or other charity from the state. Why don’t we just through in the towel and become part of TX? NM wouldn’t be accepted into the Union if the vote was held today.

    1. As a native NM I would normally object to become part of TX. Now I am afraid if we joined TX we would just be part of its downfall!!!

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