Gas prices set to skyrocket after MLG signs 50+ cent per gallon gas tax bill

On Tuesday, the far-left, anti-energy Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed H.B. 41 into law. The bill sponsored by Sen. Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque) is dubbed the “clean fuel standard.”

The bill will increase gas prices by at least 50 cents per gallon, and you can expect similar increases in groceries and supplies and pretty much everything else. This bill will make life more expensive in New Mexico for average consumers — harming the poorest New Mexicans, who will take the biggest hit with the new law. 

The bill finally passed the Legislature by a thin margin of 36-33 in the House of Representatives.

California, Oregon, and Washington have similar laws in place, and the gas prices in these states have risen significantly due to the radical proposal. 

According to the California Energy Commission, “Filling up the tank in California also costs more since gasoline prices are higher on average than the rest of the United States for a few reasons. These reasons include the isolated nature of the state’s transportation fuels market, a special gasoline recipe that reduces air pollution, environmental program costs, and taxes.” 

Washington State’s Department of Ecology’s May 12, 2022 report admitted the price increase due to the Clean Fuel Standard in the state, while an Oregon Department of Environmental Quality report acknowledged significant cost increases due to its version of the law.

Now, as New Mexicans battle the crippling burdens of inflation among ramifications from other legislation passed, consumers will be saddled with the brunt of the extreme legislation to hike gas prices to high levels the state has never seen before. 

Despite the ramifications to New Mexicans, Democrats celebrated the extremist bill being signed into law:

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo), also the Piñon Post’s editor, wrote about the bill taking effect, “Remember the gas prices now here in NM — and this is after over three years of Joe Biden’s hellscape. The governor and her allies in the Legislature are hiking our gas prices by over 50 CENTS PER GALLON with the horrific HB41. Hold THEM accountable by electing the strongest conservative fighters in the June primary and then the November general election to take them out and finally take out the trash!” 

“It’s clear that Governor Lujan Grisham took a look at California’s highest gas prices in the nation and decided that’s what she wants for New Mexico’s families,” said Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future, following the bill’s signing. “As a national leader in oil production, New Mexico’s leaders should do all they can to support our energy industry. Instead, Santa Fe politicians want to copy failed policies that punish families by driving up prices.”


46 thoughts on “Gas prices set to skyrocket after MLG signs 50+ cent per gallon gas tax bill”

    1. I agree. Our state is already suffering enough. So not only will gas prices go up, but everything that involves freight to get here. And grocery prices are already horrible, but they will go up more now. What is she trying to do to us?

      1. She thinks she is saving the planet and we are the ones that need to pay for it. There are things we can do but they are illegal and will take a real revolt. Let me know when you are all ready to go. And BB: yes. We are CA; WA; OR; It will only get worse.

        1. NMConcerned Mom

          No, she’s not trying to save the planet. What’s happening here is killing NM business and economy. It will continue to economically depress the state.

          Volunteer and get conservatives in who csn help turn these horrible policies around.

      2. She wants to be the queen she’s trying to destroy all of our constitutional rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and also by the stake constitution. She’s a looney tune she’s evil and she’ll stop at nothing to destroy New Mexico.

  1. She’s actually condemning herself with signing these bills into law. Keep em coming and maybe people will rise up and see the light and vote the other way.

      1. Price of gas goes up and so does everything else. Just saw that marijauna tax brought in a billion where does this go? Should be helping New Mexico and not stuffing Political pockets. MLG I am sure is behind it all. I didn’t vote for her.

    1. Rose, MLG is not condemning herself. This is her last term as Governor. She’s going to do everything in her power to destroy New Mexico. She’s looking for recognition from the Biden administration. So sad for New Mexicans.

    2. Sorry Rose what you see here is generational democrats that are digging their own graves and taking us with them. They will never vote another way even though they see with their eyes what is happening.

  2. This is her last term. MLG does not care about New Mexico. Never has…

    This bill was passed by LEGISLATORS!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

    You know Legislators want to get paid for their “work” in Santa Fe right?!

    Poor and dumb is what MLG ran on! Congrats, you are fulfilling your promises Michelle! Keep New Mexican kids uneducated and the working class poor…

    Ay, Dios Mio!

    1. Dru Tagliapietra

      It’s time to hold the liberal Democrats accountable for the state of New Mexico. With all three branches of government under their control, it’s no wonder that bad bills are getting passed. It’s time for the people of New Mexico to take action and demand that their representatives prioritize their needs. By voting for candidates who truly care about the “little” people, we can finally move our state out of last place. Don’t let the liberal Democrats hold us back any longer – it’s time for change.

      1. You are so right but one time I Pastor said the oppressed always vote in their oppressors. It’s true here for New Mexico. You think people would wake up and smell the coffee just because your Democrat doesn’t mean you have to vote Democrat these stupid radical idiots out of office! And don’t put someone back in that’s the same

  3. Frank E Tercero

    Neither the leftist governor nor the Legislature seem to care about the common people. But we keep putting them back in!
    So what is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result!
    We don’t seem to realize that electing or reelecting the same brand of politicians into our governorship or legislature will only continue to produce the same irrationality (insanity) that we have
    experienced these last few years under Democrat rule. Is that what we want?

  4. I guess she wants to keep (or make) already-impoverished NM número uno in overall POVERTY. W/ inflation & terrible prices for everything, what the hell is she doing to the citizenry??? That witch has a real fetish for believing low population, predominantly rural NM is equal to all of the heavy hitter leftist loon states like CA, OR, WA, NY, etc. & that she’s a heavy hitter too

    1. I guess being # 1 in something makes MLG feel great, since we’re last in pretty much every other category! I’m a staunch Christian Conservative and this state needs HELP!!

  5. I agree, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to fix this! Voters need to take responsibility for their actions at the poll and stop re-electing the same people and then complaining when they see this happening. VOTE this idiot out of office and out of our state!

  6. I said it during covid and it’s still happening – if you want to know what will happen in NM next, keep your eye on CA and NY. did y’all see Trever’s cartoon in Sunday’s Journal? it was on the money.

  7. I just wish she and all of her Democrats legislators would move to California and leave New Mexico alone. In what world is a 50 cent per gallon of gas tax a good thing for the people of this state. Please wake up and vote them out this year or we might not be here next year.

  8. We pay more for their imaginary problems. Even if it was real HOW THE HELL does raising taxes fight “climate change”?

  9. I don’t see anything in the bill that says gas will increase by 50 cents. By changing fuels standards the cost will increase, but how did you arrive at 50 cents?

  10. You cannot fix democrat stupidity and evil. The goal is to destroy the state and it’s residents. Can you imagine the harm this is going to cause tax paying citizens of this state?

  11. I did not see any pro 50 cent increase. NM is a conservative state, u can be conservative as a democrat. NM needs to vote out these democrats that want to take our guns, cut off your kids sex organs, make u buy an electric car that does not meet your needs, pay extra at the pump, be the last or almost last in every measurable aspect across our nation. We need to vote these Marxists out of our government. By the way there is a new Hispanic speaking conservative news net work. If u speak Spanish and do not have news that supports you please search the net and I will find it .

  12. We have to drive to do everything, everything we buy has to use fuel, the Democrats are trying to make me leave New Mexico. I won’t be able to afford to live here, it will be the wealthy and welfare rats left.

  13. Jujubrevolushun

    It’s too late to do anything about it now. That opportunity passed with the last election. But honestly, we’ll never get rid of the radical far left loonies because the population centers in NM are all true blue bloods (Santa Fe, ABQ, and Las Cruces). So, the only way out is to move to another state, which most of us are not in the position to be able to do. It makes my blood boil.

  14. This is horrible. Pray for the small town people who have to travel too and from. It’s going to ge very expensive for them. God please take care of the people of NM.

  15. Typical dembocrap politicians jumping on the bandwagon of “the newest and greatest fad of green energy”. I’ll guarantee piglet Loserjan is getting a kickback from these “wind whisperer’s” . New Mexico is already burdened with those overpriced (foreign made) windmills that generally sit still. ( those companies got big tax breaks to build in NM and DON’T HAVE TO produce power,, read the small print in their contract). We have enough wind to run those things all day and produce enough energy to run the country yet they sit locked down. The companies and the squatter in the roundhouse again lined their pockets on the back of New Mexicans!!

  16. It’s interesting that the governor hates the oil and gas industry, but she loves the money that she receives from said industry to use for her pet projects. Very sad for all of us who struggle to pay our bills in this climate.

  17. The commie “Governor “ is following the UN agenda 2030 to destroy what’s left of this country through fake “climate change “ policies agreed to by our globalist masters. She surely has illusion’s of being on the world stage after her destruction of NM.

  18. All for the HOAX of ‘climate change’… The few DemocRats I know still blame high gas prices on PUTIN!! Now they can blame…who? Surely not the DemocRats in Santa Fe…surely not MLG…. No, they just put their masks back on and got their sheepish way.

  19. Can you show me specifically where this Bill will raise taxes by .50 a gallon? Can you outline how we got to that specific number?
    From what I can tell it certainty introduces regulations and policies that would certainly raise fuel/ gas prices, but no specific tax… if I tell someone this, and they show me the bill I want to be able to show them or be educated as to how it will raise the tax. Im sorry if I’m just not seeing it…Bills are difficult to read sometimes.

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