Extremist anti-gun group endorses Gabe Vasquez

On Tuesday, socialist Rep. Gabe Vasquez took to X, formerly Twitter, to announce he has been endorsed by the fringe anti-gun group, Giffords, run by Democrat ex-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords of Arizona.

Vasquez wrote, “Thank you [Giffords] for the endorsement!”

Ex-Rep. Giffords wrote, “With so much on the line, I’m proud to endorse Representative Gabe Vasquez, who’s committed to passing commonsense gun safety legislation.”

The far-left New Mexico Democrat added on his X post, “In Congress, I will continue to champion gun safety and provide the perspective of a hunter and gun owner. We can, and we must do more to keep our families safe.”

Vasquez backs extreme gun bans that infringe on New Mexicans’ Second Amendment rights. He obviously doesn’t understand that the Constitution’s provisions granting the right to bear arms were not written for the intention of “hunting” but rather upon the discretion of the nation’s citizens, which is why it writes, “… shall not be infringed.”

When asked in a forum about guns the first time he ran for Congress, Vasquez said, as reported by the Las Cruces Sun-News, “I think that I personally have to learn a lot more about different styles of firearms that can be used both for self-defense and for hunting purposes,” admitting he does not know enough about guns even to warrant having an opinion on the matter.

He added at the time, “I know for sure that an AR-15 is not a weapon that you should use for hunting, for example. But I want to be somebody that comes to the table and talks about these in a way that reflects both the values, the culture of New Mexicans, and at the same time keeps our kids safe.”

Vasquez faces a tough race in November against Republican former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who is leading in the polls in the Second Congressional District.


14 thoughts on “Extremist anti-gun group endorses Gabe Vasquez”

    1. I think the anti-2 Amendment people should plead ignorance of the US Constitution. They pick and choose what the 14th Amendment says. If it applies to the States as they say, no restrictions can be placed on buying, owning or using firearms as long as no one is harmed or threatened. Also free speech applies as in the 1st Amendment and all “speech codes or “hate laws” are unconstitutional. This is why the US is out of control.

  1. He should probably pick a cause that doesn’t require deep knowledge to champion – how about climate change?

  2. How about going back to where you were raised there GABBY on the streets of Juarez, as in the Republic of Mexico, and see if you can teach gun control there…you know…where you were raised?

    For those of you ill informed, Juarez…or “J” town as it was called for the prostitution, drugs, smugglers, and murder rate exceeding the death toll in the Ukraine.. by of all things…GUNS.

    GABYY your much too smart for USA Politics… Go home to Mexico and preach there.

    1. I agree. Gabe should return to his roots and try to convince Mexican crime cartels that they should embrace “common sense” gun laws, since the cartels actually run Mexico.

  3. Another useless politician who will hide behind a computer in a building protected by armed security officers and tell the general public we aren’t worth anything so we don’t need a gun. “Do as I say not as I do”.

  4. He obviously does not understand American inalienable rights. One of which is gun laws that can not legally be infringed upon with what ever unconstitutional laws they pass.

  5. Another escapee from the asylum. What a fraud.Doesn’t know anything about guns (at least he admitted it) but yet has a vote. He better learn about guns he might need one someday when he loses his security and has to go home.

  6. Vasquez is simply following instructions from his communist bosses, the same ones that have bought 95% of Congress and the senate. That’s why nothing changes and America continues circling the drain. Our democommie “leadership “ in NM are all on board with all of the globalist’s destructive policies . Before we shout “vote them out” we need complete election reform not what we have now subject to communist manipulation.

  7. The extremist leftist representatives and senators think that they will be immune from persecution by the globalist elite if they toe their agenda. However they need to look at history to see what happened once the radicals took control of governments. The SA in Germany was like the BLM and Antifa burning, looting and causing mayhem for the damnocrat party. They are useful idiots that will be discarded like the SA was with hitler.

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