Gabe Vasquez outed as cowardly cop hater

A new report from the Washington Free Beacon exposes Democrat congressional nominee Gabe Vasquez in New Mexico’s Second District for his cowardly anti-cop comments during the Black Lives Matter/Antifa unrest in 2020.

The report notes, “During a June 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Las Cruces, N.M., a local reporter interviewed one attendee who furiously expressed his desire to defund police. ‘We need serious police reform in this country,’ the man said over chants of ‘no justice, no peace.’ ‘It’s not just about defunding police, it’s about defunding a system that privileges white people over everyone else.’ While the interviewee—who shielded much of his face in a hat, neck gaiter, and sunglasses—identified himself as ‘James Hall,’ a ‘Las Cruces resident,’ the facial features he did show bore a curious resemblance to then-city council member Gabe Vasquez.” 

“That’s because the interviewee was, in fact, Vasquez, a former city official who monitored the protest told the Free Beacon. Contemporaneous evidence reviewed by the Free Beacon, meanwhile, supports the assertion. Vasquez tweeted live from the event on June 6, 2020, sharing first-person photos accompanied with the hashtags ‘BlackLivesMattters [sic]’ and ‘Las Cruces.’ Six months later, Vasquez shared a photo that showed him sporting the same distinct, teal-and-orange neck gaiter he wore in the interview.” 

Vasquez “quietly” deleted all the evidence tying him to the cop-hating, police-defunding comments made under a false name. 

The Democrat, who is aiming to unseat GOP Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, did not return the Free Beacon’s request for comment for obvious reasons.

Vasquez, who has often lobbed inflammatory rhetoric toward Herrell, erroneously calling her an “extremist,” has proven to be an extremist himself due to his previous radical statements calling America “AmeriKKKa.” 

As we previously reported

​​In June, during the George Floyd protests, Vasquez once again claimed the United States is systemically racist and the “systems” (referring to police) are “built on oppression. He wrote, “Black lives matter. Until we deconstruct and rebuild the systems of oppression that keep black people in perpetual harm, justice will not be served. That includes law enforcement, the economy, and the disgusting wealth inequality that keeps white rich men in power.” 

Vasquez’s campaign is heavily funded by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, other leftist members of Congress, and even DUI-charged state Rep. Georgene Lous, who is retiring due to the politically cancerous scandal.


13 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez outed as cowardly cop hater”

  1. Does America-hating Vasquez not know that should he win the House seat, he will have to swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution?

  2. The contrast couldn’t be greater: Gabe Vasquez is for open borders and open jails. Yvette Herrell backs the blue, the Border Patrol, active military, and veterans. Vasquez hates America while Herrell is a true American patriot. A vote for Yvette Herrell is a vote for America.

  3. Another democrap Demon in NM

    He needs to shut his mouth. He does not support those that love New Mexico and those that love this country. He supports an organization filled with lies and deceit. None of this nonsense belongs in New Mexico. Vasquez has brought this evil to our state by joining fascists riots that want to defund law enforcement. He should be ashamed of himself.

  4. The problem is not black, red, green, yellow, blue or white. The problem is respect for the law. The problem is criminals and lawbreakers NOT the police. It seems some nut job started this support your local criminals and raise them up as heros instead of supporting the people who support and protect you.

  5. What do you expect from communists except disastrous policies and lunatic ideas. An America hating candidate is the last thing NM needs. we already have two in Congress destroying our state and colluding with the other 98% in Congress to destroy this country.

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