The secret life and crimes of terrorist ‘prophet’ apprehended in Taos: Docs.

In a case that has captured national attention, Jany Leveille finds herself at the center of a legal storm after her involvement in a terrorist plot in New Mexico came to light. Leveille, a key figure in a group accused of establishing a training camp for terrorist activities in Taos County, has entered a guilty plea for her actions. According to KRQE News 13, federal authorities had initially agreed to a sentence cap of 17 years for Leveille despite the gravity of her offenses, which could have merited a life sentence under different circumstances.

The origins of this case can be traced back to 2018 when federal agents raided a secluded encampment in Taos County. The raid unveiled a shocking scene: a makeshift training ground where children were reportedly being prepared to launch attacks on governmental institutions and FBI agents. The authorities detained five adults, including Leveille, and discovered 11 children in a state of malnutrition. Leveille, a Haitian national, was purportedly the ideological and spiritual mentor of this group.

Investigations into the compound revealed a highly fortified setup, complete with a 100-foot escape tunnel, weapons caches, and a tactical training area designed to mimic real-life combat scenarios. Federal documents suggest that Leveille wielded significant influence over the group, particularly over Sirraj Wahhaj, whom she allegedly persuaded to marry her, thus securing her legal status in the United States.

Leveille’s role within the group extended beyond her marital manipulations. She was believed to have proclaimed herself a prophet, claiming to receive divine instructions. Her leadership included authoring a manuscript that outlined the group’s ideological beliefs and preparations for an impending conflict against those they deemed non-believers.

One of the most harrowing allegations against Leveille involves the kidnapping of Wahhaj’s son from Georgia. The child was reportedly brought to the compound, subjected to rituals purported to be exorcisms, and denied necessary medical treatment, leading to his tragic death in 2017. Federal authorities assert that Leveille attempted to conceal the child’s death, persuading her followers that he would be resurrected.

Leveille’s guilty plea in August to charges of illegal firearm possession and providing support to terrorists marked a significant development in the case. These charges, as noted by federal investigators, are severe enough to justify a life sentence in other contexts.

As Leveille awaits her sentencing, which is anticipated to fall between 12 and 17 years, the implications of her actions continue to reverberate through the community and the nation. Following the completion of her sentence, deportation is expected, marking the end of a chilling chapter in New Mexico’s history that has highlighted the persistent threats of domestic terrorism and the complexities of combating ideological extremism within the United States.


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    1. So many unanswered questions. Exactly where are the other 4 adults? Where are the 11 children? Why all the attention on the Haitian woman when clearly Sirraj Wahhaj had more actual terrorism ties. Originally this story, and their trek to NM didn’t make sense; now it really doesn’t make sense.

      August 8, 2018 / 10:06 PM EDT / CBS/AP

      Man arrested at New Mexico compound is son of imam with possible link to 1993 World Trade Center bombing

      The man arrested at a squalid New Mexico compound is the son of a controversial Brooklyn imam who was on a list of people who “may be alleged as co-conspirators” to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, according to court documents released by prosecutors Wednesday. Siraj Wahhaj, who shares a name with his son who was arrested Saturday, testified as a character witness for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the notorious “blind sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 of plotting terror attacks in the U.S.

      In addition to the younger Siraj Wahhaj, authorities found 11 children and four adults living in “filthy” conditions at the compound Saturday in Amalia, New Mexico. Prosecutors also alleged in court documents that Wahhaj, 39, was teaching the children to commit school shootings. The documents claim Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound with the children.

      Man at filthy New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, prosecutors say
      Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe previously said adults at the compound were “considered extremist of the Muslim belief.” He did not elaborate, saying it was part of the investigation.

  1. 17 years is a joke. She/he/they will be out in about 8 yrs when you add time served. Death of a child, conspiracy to commit acts of terror, kidnapping (which carries death sentence if there is a death, and THERE WAS!). Like I said, It’s a joke by Democrat Judges and why our country is awash with crime.

  2. The death of a child caused by an adult should result in Capital punishment. A millstone wrapped around the neck and tossed into the sea. Where did I read that quote from???

  3. How many more training camps are set up across the US?? What sorts of invassive surveillance is required to detect them?
    I propose limiting migration to only those willing to follow the process in place to become a citizen & stop allowing anyone in that claims asylum — it is sad, but this is just being abused; this is what happens when masses of people are coached into claiming asylum.

  4. WHY TO WE HAVE to search all links and stories to find the names: Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhanah Wahhaj, and Lucas Morton – all but one Muslim names. And this: “Everyone at the compound prayed to Abdul’s body, and the children were told that Abdul would be resurrected and come back as Jesus,” said Prosecutor John Lovelace in 2018.’ That such ‘terrorists’ dwell among us, is scary enough. And now, with Bidens OPen border and nameless criminals and terrorists flocking in, it is only a matter of time: 9/11 2.0 AND MORE. CONGRATS, MLG, HUSSEIN AND SENILE OLD JOE.

  5. I want to know why any of those adults stayed alive to stand trial and more so why is there a chance that cult leader will ever make it out of prison!?!! Sooo much wrong with the judicial system and the NO MORALS lawyers and NO CAJONE`S judges who let these people walk!

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