Hamas-sympathizing socialists surround ABQ Jerry Seinfeld show

Demonstrations took place outside a Jerry Seinfeld performance in Downtown Albuquerque on Friday night as Hamas-sympathizing bigots voiced their violent opposition to Israel’s right to exist.

The gathering occurred close to the entrance of the Kiva Auditorium at the convention center, where attendees were waiting to see Seinfeld, who is Jewish and has publicly expressed his views on Israel being attacked by Hamas terrorists in the unprovoked stroke of bloodshed.

The protest, titled “Shut Down Racist Zionist Jerry Seinfeld,” was orchestrated by the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Participants chanted phrases like “Jerry, Jerry, you can’t hide, you’re supporting genocide” using a loudspeaker and displayed Palestine flags and placards with slogans such as “Hands off Rafah” and “no one is free until we are all free.”

Although there were minor scuffles between some protestors and event-goers, no significant incidents or injuries were reported. This event is part of a series of protests disrupting local gatherings in New Mexico this week.

A concert by Jewish-American artist Matisyahu scheduled at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe was canceled on Wednesday due to similar protests.

The demonstration also targeted the venue hosting Seinfeld’s show on Friday evening.

Protestor Alex McDonough shared their perspective, stating, “I hope anyone who’s platforming the racist ideology of Zionism and siding with the soldiers who are committing genocide — I hope they lose their platforms,” in a sentiment of hate, misinformation, and cancel culture. 

Zach Benjamin from the New Mexico Jewish Community Relations Center commented on the broader implications of such protests, expressing concern that “[s]ilencing the voices of artists based off their race, religion, national origin or identity. This sets a dangerous precedent. This will give other artists pause before they perform or exhibit New Mexico if we become perceived as a place where artists are welcome selectively.”

Just days ago, Jewish singer Matisyahu’s concert at Meow Wolf was canceled two hours before it began because Hamas-sympathizing staffers at the venue refused to work because of the pro-peace, anti-war singer’s support for Israel’s existence. There has been a massive uptick in antisemitism since Hamas’ unprovoked attack on Israel that began in October 2023.


24 thoughts on “Hamas-sympathizing socialists surround ABQ Jerry Seinfeld show”

  1. The Party for Socialism and Liberation is headed by Joel Marcos Gallegos, on FB, “Marxist-Leninist”! He along with Bob Anderson are associated with ANSWER and The Revolutionary Communist Party. They organize BLM protests with their signs to prove it.

    Bob Anderson attended a protest about nine years ago at UNM’s bookstore in support of HAMAS which was organized by Ahmad Assed, the current President of the Islamic Center NM. Anderson was also in Solidarity Network and international Communist organization that promotes Communist groups in many countries. SOLIDNET.ORG.

    ASSED blamed Islamophobia even after the killer of four Muslims was found to be a Muslim. Is he radicalizing the Mosque? Did he, directly or indirectly, send aid to a U.S. designated terrorist group?

  2. The protesters illegally interfered with the rights of those attending the venue and clearly put them in danger. Why did not the police break up the protest? If it was a group protesting abortions, they certainly would have been busted.

    1. The police will not do anything about anything unless someone is shot at or murdered. I was told this by a police officer once. They claim it’s the way the laws are written, which is total bs.

  3. A Seinfeld quote is
    appropriate here: “”You know, the very fact that you oppose this, makes me think I’m on to something.”

  4. Where did these pro-Hamas people come from? Have our values been so torn down that people have no respect for other’s? I have always been proud of the variety of cultures here and for the most part we have respected and appreciated each other’s cultures. But now it seems people believe ‘you must believe as I do or you are not worthy of existing.’ I am a UNM alumni as is my daughter but I am not encouraging or helping any others in my family to go there if this kind of hatred is taught there.

  5. As long as the anti-Semitic Senator Henrich (think the German surname is an accident?) and Governor Grisham are in office, this will be tolerated. Their party is one of hate and intolerance. The only accepted viewpoints are their own.

  6. I can guarantee you that if. the police checked the protestors ID’s most would not even live in Albuquerque or New Mexico for that matter. The far left idiots (socialists/communists) bus people in to protest. And another thought, I am sure you all think it as well. If you love the so-called Palestine state, then they should pack up their stuff and just move there! Anyone who does not love America should just pack up and move to China, Russia or better yet, Ukraine.

    1. I urge all supporters of Israel to move there as well. They are a rich country. Why should the US taxpayer be on the hook for their problems? Americans should be fed-up with always being dragged into another war on their behalf. But with leaders like Biden and Senator Schumer, of course we’re being hijacked to pay for foreigners problems in Ukraine and Israel while they neglect US borders.

      1. Every now and then Biden does something right, like support Israel. It would be great if he could just figure out how to do what the American people want and close the border. Instead he listens to the UN.

  7. “Hamas sympathizing protesters “. Nice try with your broad brush . Maybe it’s the 76 year occupation after the Nakba when the Palestinians were brutally forced from their homelands buy the settler militias and now are being slaughtered by the IDF being supplied fully with American bombs and bullets .
    Against Abortion but Genocide of children is OK ? America’s main export is death and destruction . How can you sleep at night ?

    1. Since the other…terrorist sympathizing protester…wouldn’t answer my question…Pat, I’ll ask you…Pat…as you seem to be an…expert…Pat. What was the nakba? Be specific…Pat.

      1. Nakba

        The Nakba is the violent displacement and dispossession of Palestinians, along with the destruction of their society, culture, identity, political rights, and national aspirations. The term is used to describe the events that took place during the 1948 Palestine war, as well as the ongoing persecution and displacement of Palestinians by Israel throughout the Palestinian territories. Wikipedia

    2. How nice to accuse the IDF of genocide but ignore the October 7 raid by Hamas into Israel, the murder of innocent civilians, and the taking and holding of Israeli hostages that precipitated this latest round of regional violence. Oh, and while you are at it you blame the U.S. for it all. History will not find the Palestians as victims and blameless.

      1. “Innocent civilians” just happen to be residents of illegal settlements on Palestinian land occupied by Israel. This is not within formal Israeli borders .

    3. Ummm… When the Brits were getting ready to leave, they essentially proposed a two-state solution. “Palestinians” rejected it.

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