From ‘Can’t win for losing’ to ‘We can and we will win’

We are not going to wait for another election cycle.

A response from a Republican insider to last week’s article was that “not much is going to change in New Mexico this election cycle. Depending on who wins the Presidency and the NM US Senate race, there is hope.” The Conventional Wisdom, “Conservatives have been losing for so long, what is another couple more losing election cycles?” Can we afford to wait?

Two of our children called a while ago to announce they were expecting. Then recently, they told us we would have granddaughters. We are excited to have granddaughters now too. But as I write this article, I wonder, when will the Democrat-run school systems and the teacher’s unions let us know what the gender of our grandchild is? 

While Republicans squabble amongst themselves, the Albuquerque mayor may be lining up to run for the governorship in 2026. The mayor will do for New Mexico what he has done for Albuquerque: record murders, record crime (APD underreports significant crimes), and record homelessness. In Albuquerque, even the homeless and criminals complain about crime. 

When Republican leaders were wailing, “We can’t win because the Democrats’ redistricting and campaign tactics are unfair,” they succeeded in driving the Republican “rank and file” away from the polls. Then, the Republican leaders blamed the rank and file for not showing up.

While Republican leaders follow Robert’s Rules of Order, the Democrats line their pockets and shake down businesses. Even oil and gas companies contributed to various Democrats that wanted to shut down their industries.

While Republican leaders support free enterprise, the Democrats create union-only jobs that funnel money into their political campaigns. The union-only movie industry gets its twenty-five percent kickback, union-only public construction projects, and union-only public employees. The message could not be clearer with the shooting on the “Rust” set after the union-only workers were replaced with non-union workers. 

Republican leaders’ unofficial motto does not have to be, “Can’t win for losing.” It can be “We can and we will win.” That is why I write this column every week despite people telling me I am wasting my time and risking my business and personal safety. I am not alone in this effort, and we are making progress.  

After Ronna McDaniel won her re-election to the Republican National Committee, she announced this was her last term. After that unconscionable election flyer and the drumming of the 2022 election, state Rep. Jim Townsend (I always had great respect for Townsend) did the honorable thing: he resigned from his leadership position. 

In this article and others, I have discussed how to keep our Republican Party open to all while remaining competitive in the general election. The Republican National Committee is investigating this very issue. 

In past articles, I have addressed utilizing the strategies (which are legal) that the Democrats used to win elections, which included “ballot harvesting.” A recent CNN article discussed that the RNC is investigating utilizing a form of ballot harvesting.

I have always been a proponent of congressional and statewide candidates working with the county party and their efforts. County parties are integral to energizing the rank and file. That is why I was disheartened when the leading gubernatorial candidate told the delegates he did not need them. However, it is a hopeful sign that then-candidate Mark Ronchetti now seeks an audience with the Bernalillo County Party.

New Mexico Republicans can take lessons from the Battle of New Orleans. The British Army, fresh from defeating Napoleon, believed they were invincible and marched into battle only to be mowed down by General Andrew Jackson. Likewise, the Santa Fe Democrats have had total control of New Mexico for so long that they no longer hide their corruption and disdain for the New Mexico People; they are ripe for a resounding defeat too. 

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33 thoughts on “From ‘Can’t win for losing’ to ‘We can and we will win’”

  1. The Republicans have too many tired, complacent, comfortable old farts who are glued to their seats and afraid to stand against tyranny. They are all talk and no action. We don’t need a pep rally we need men who will lead.
    They need to hand the torch over to actual leaders. Men who have learned to lead instead of cowering from Jezebel in fear.

    1. I agree with your comments as well. Yes, there are some very good women in the GOP. In addition, there are some that are good leaders and are not supported because the old ones that have done nothing and lost don’t want to give up the “power” they think they have. If they had any true skills they’d recognize they will never win the way they’re going. Kind of like doing the same thing over and over and thinking there will be better/different results.

    2. And, exactly what part are you playing in the Republican Party? Are you actually involved or sitting on the sidelines complaining?

    1. Labguy: You put a smile on my face this morning. Years ago the NMGOP director years ago met me outside their offices and walked me to Starbucks across the street. Not much has changed since then. I am my own man and always have been.

      1. Mike, I think business owners aquire the skills and tenacity to make great leaders. I am keeping my eye on you hoping for great things. I think there needs to be fresh blood in each of these local Republican groups. We need to volunteer as committee men and be involved in actually helping to choose the candidates for primaries. Too many times you get a choice of rino vs democrat, and nothing gets improved. I’m tired of nothing changing. I truly believe we are more red than they lead us to believe. It’s pretty obvious elections have been rigged for ages. I’ve seen the proof.

      2. Sorry, still ain’t buying it. You are right about nothing “historically” changing! Unfortunately same can be said about a man’s heart…Jeremiah 17:9.

    2. Kimothy M Sparks

      1. Get rid of Steve Pearce as Chair of the state party.
      2. Stop propping up a RINO like Mark Ronchetti.
      3. GOP state and county party organizations should take no part in propping up one Republican candidate over another in the primary (this was done to Karen Bedonie and was shameful).

      1. Who do you have in mind to replace Steve Pearce? And, who was a better candidate than Ronchetti? Certainly not Bedonie. Bedonie couldn’t get any votes even after switching parties.

      2. New Mexico Voice

        Agreed, RINOchetti was the worst to prop up. Why put your trust in someone who promises to be weak on the issues and compromise?

  2. The Bernalillo County GOP needs dissolved. Their ineptitude knows no bounds. They are a total pay to play clique. What has it gotten them? Loss after loss after loss.

    To qualify, it seems you need to pay your tribute, be over age 70 and suck up to the current “powers”. It’s time for these folks to step aside.

  3. The GOP unelected leaders need to step down. They need to let the people decide who will be leaders. The women’s Republican group was worthless as they adored anyone who had an R next to their name. We need a patriot group to form. Trying to make a suggestion on what we can do to move forward.

  4. Republicans need to start using reverse psychology. If they’re for something, just tell the D ladies that they’re against it. The uncontrollable, instinctive reaction from most Democrats will be “well, if they’re against it, then I’m for it!”

  5. Mick –
    No Mark didn’t say that. More rumors – shocking. He said while he didn’t need their votes THAT MORNING (Convention) to get on the ballot because he already had 4x the number of signatures needed to get on ballot, He said he would need their vote for the primary and general. He thanked them for all their time and encouraged them to do everything to get the vote out. Our convention and ballot rules are outdated compared to other states. Mark was showing leadership – AND respect. He believes anyone who has a shot should be allowed on the ballot. Unfortunately party leadership doesn’t want change. They want control. I know you don’t like Mark – but trust me unless you’re actually the guy who’s been in ARENA you don’t have a clue what happened, what should happen in the future, or what the actual issues are in our state party and how to actually win in this state. Marks is still the only candidate to get the most D, R and Indy votes in a statewide election (twice). He sacrificed his 25 yr TV career to try and make this state better for our kids and small biz. But our own party continues to stab him in the back instead of asking for his expertise and advise on what we need to do to move forward and WIN! The guy with the most experience at this! What a shame. We have to stop worrying about who is going to “kiss the ring” and instead who actually has a real shot at winning.

      1. Krysty Ronchetti

        His name is Mark – not “weatherman.” Secondly let’s play this out (because I’m beyond tired of people not getting how this actually works…trust me if there was anyone who wished the results weren’t what they were it’s US!
        1) you file a complaint for voter fraud. With no actual evidence to support it – and even if you have testimony from those who worked closely at the polls- it has to be decided if it’s a case first by SOS. Let’s see…what do you think Maggie would do? (Eye roll)
        2) Let’s play pretend that she agrees to let the case be heard. Guess who appointed the judges that would hear the case based on little actual proof – which believe it or not – we have none. It would be dismissed immediately.
        3) Let’s say we all rally to get this together…it’ll take roughly $1M to move forward with the investigation. Do you have that? Cause we don’t. We spent every single dime trying to beat her so we could in-act laws to protect voter integrity and voters rights.
        4) every other candidate who has attempted this comes up short. Not one election has been recalled because of “cheating.” Kari Lake is a perfect candidate to prove this. As is Hillary Clinton.
        5) do we believe cheating could’ve happened? You bet. Do we have the power to do a single thing about it? No. Should the party move forward to bring forth a case? They need to raise a ton to do so and I’ve never seen them raise anything under current leadership. This is a leadership decision – and they said nothing.
        6) You HAVE to get votes to start with. We had full R counties who didn’t vote because of what this article talked about. You drive fear into people that their vote won’t count. Great. That helps us a lot. We don’t talk to youth, or women, or appeal to a large group of legacy Dems. Until we stop kissing the ring and worrying about something we can’t change, (yet), can we please put forth our energy into creating a party for real change that fits the electorate in this state? Here’s a tip – the majority is not far left nor far right. It’s moderate. Down the middle.

        1. So let me get this right. If cheating occurred via electronic means and Mark the professional meteorologist (the best one to watch) says that it did, that would be a bad thing? If every R in the whole state voted and voted a certain way, couldn’t the electronics say they voted another way. So if everyone denies electronic crouption and only focuses on other crouption and “get out the vote”, you believe the “good” members of the party can overcome the corruption of the democrats, uniparty, paid and paid off public officials?

        2. People did not vote because the republican candidate was weak and did not stand for anything, especially not our founding documents, which neither you nor Mark know anything about. There are constitutional protocols to deal with treasonous public servants, are you willing to educate yourself and use them??? No one else is, including John Block. Go to qfs 1776 dot com and watch the free series on our original organic constitution of 1787 as amended with the bill of rights in 1797. After you watch and study and learn, get back to me, and that includes everyone reading this.

  6. The “dirty little secret” that EVERYONE knows is, that this party, GOP is full of incompetent, uncouth females and “old farts” that don’t care to realistically relate to people whom they’re asking to vote for them. Their sights are set on me, me, me. Which is why they’re losing and will continue to lose. In addition, elevating former democrats now turned republicans is definitely not doing anything either. Their tendencies are still with the democrat mindset. Delusional.

    1. Yes, being told to vote for someone because they are not a democrat is not a winning strategy and inspires no one but the most brainwashed, indoctrinated idiots. Divide and conquer so they all get their pay offs and pensions while others suffer.

    1. No doubt! Why should I support someone that I KNOW has no interest in the New Mexican people and certainly has not earned by vote…just because the GOP (nothing grad about it) interest groups/committees say that I need to help by voting for the person they say to…NAH! Show me how and why and what they have done to deserve my vote first.

      1. New Mexico Voice

        Bedonie tried… and was lied about, threatened, destroyed by the RPNM elite and the dems… why vote if both parties are the same? We need SERIOUS reform

  7. After the recent Gubernatorial election, having supported Ronchetti more than any previous candidate, it was obvious to me that the election was stolen. We, as conservatives, are blind fools if we believe elections here are fair. Until the NM GOP does something worth its name, I refuse to spend another dime on NM politics.

  8. I was a democrat out of high school, once I had to live life issues I became a republican, now that the RNC elected a failed leader again I am going independent after the primaries. I have realized NM is full of good, misinformed, brainwashed citizens. In a discussion of issues most NM will fall on the side of being conservative. But they vote democrat. That should be enough to let folks know to drop the term Republican and talk about issues, better schools, more job opportunities, stoping corruption, once folks are doing the north south, then squeeze in the party affiliation.

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