As NM carjackings rise, leftists rejected Dem-sponsored proposal to fix crisis

During the 2023 Legislative Session, few proposals to tackle the state’s crime epidemic reached the governor’s desk. A handful of bills focusing on retail crime, catalytic converter thefts, and cyber security ultimately passed, but nothing specifically tackling carjackings or other violent crimes.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) report shows New Mexico has the fourth-highest rate of car thefts in the nation, with Albuquerque leading the state in rates of carjackings.

H.B. 491, a bill to tackle car theft, sponsored by Reps. Cynthia Borrego (D-Albuquerque), Joseph Sanchez (D-Alcalde), and Art De La Cruz (D-Albuquerque) died in its first committee, with four leftist Democrats rejecting the measure.

The bill would increase penalties for the unlawful taking of a vehicle, embezzlement of a vehicle, or fraudulently taking a vehicle.

According to the bill’s fiscal impact report, “Under the revised penalties, anyone convicted for these crimes could be guilty of a fourth-degree felony for a first offense; a third-degree felony for a second offense, regardless of which provision was the first offense; and a second-degree felony for a third or subsequent offense, regardless of which provision was the first or second offense.”

Borrego explained was necessary due to the increased number of car thefts, including a family member of hers who owns a car lot and fell victim to thieves stealing a vehicle then later trashing it miles away.

Despite carjackers seeming to become increasingly emboldened to steal vehicles in New Mexico, the four Democrats on the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, Reps. Joanne Ferrary (D-Las Cruces), Angelica Rubio (D-Las Cruces), Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque), and Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe) quickly tabled the bill. Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo) both voted against tabling the bill.

Block wrote on Twitter following the vote, “The NM House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee just tabled a commonsense bill that would enhance penalties for repeat offending carjackers. NM is top in the nation for car thefts, but the bill died on a party-line 4-2 vote despite it being sponsored by 3 Dems. What a clown show.”

Other bills that died on arrival in the committee included legislation from Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque) to curb fentanyl dealing, increase sentences for illegal gun possession, and make it easier to keep suspects behind bars pending trial.

Without meaningful crime bills getting across the finish line, it is unlikely crime in the state will let up, as weak-on-crime legislators have prevailed in killing proposals from both Democrats and Republicans to fix the scourge of violence and lawlessness in New Mexico.


18 thoughts on “As NM carjackings rise, leftists rejected Dem-sponsored proposal to fix crisis”

  1. “Clown Show” is a perfect description of this past NM legislative session. Why are these weak-on-crime legislators continually elected by voters? I don’t get it.

    1. I wonder if they are actually elected or if shenanigans happen to keep horrible legislators in office regardless of how the people vote!

  2. Before we had cars, HORSES were the means of transport as well as farm work. HORSE THIEVES WERE HANGED. Discuss amongst your yourselves.

    1. Unless you defend yourself are a Republican or Constitutionalist Then they bury you in rendition programs!

      Example member of the border watch arrested by NMSP, placed in Dona Anna County Jail, with illegals beaten near to death! Message don’t mess with Governor Gruesome’s cartel friends.

      Another was that man attacked by 8+ ANTIFA forced to draw his firearm to defend himself. Charged by ABQ. DA for attempted murder?

      Only criminals, leftist, communist, are allowed to get out free!

  3. It’s almost as though the leftists in the legislature feel a special bond or kinship with the criminals amongst us.

  4. Lawyers, guns, (Not referring to legal gun owners) and money rule this state not to forget criminals. They are striving for anarchy. What you reap you sow. They think with all their power and money they are the untouchables. God help us.

  5. Democrats weak on their pet criminals but yet they increasingly want to turn into felons by trying to pass ludicrous and illegal gun laws. Throwing you the law abiding into jail for exercising your 2A. I can guarantee that if you defend yourself by shooting one of their pet criminals while attempting to harm you, or your loved ones, the democrats will throw the book at you, keep you behind bars with outrageous bail and let the criminals family sue you in civil court until you are penniless.

  6. The Dominion machines and unbridled fraud keep these subhumans in power, but dumb-as-dirt voters are part of their criminal system.

  7. Joanne (D), Angelica (D), Liz (D), Andrea (D)…
    Anybody see a common thread here? We’re in grade school, people. And the homely mean girls are hogging the tether ball. So there. You don’t like it? Lump it. You say a Republican is for it? Then were against it, period. Doesn’t matter if we secretly agree with it, we’re not going to give you the satisfaction. Because if we agree with you that means you’re right. And something deep inside of us just can’t do that.

  8. What would anyone expect? 2019 a Democrat tried to hide removal of MANDATORY minimums for Child rape under 12 years of age(only 3 years)In a Game & Fish bill!

    If someone hadn’t read through all those pages & Found that stashed in section 2. pedophiles wouldn’t be required to minimum sentencing.

  9. That as mentioned above CLOWN show legislative session lasted about 59.5 days too many and again the criminals get protected by Loserjan Gruesome and her corrupt cronies! It’s time to hold NO MORALS lawyers and no cajone`s judges accountable!! One more reason for law abiding citizens to”thin the herd” of useless punks. Concealed carry is becoming a requirement!

  10. Do hard criminals vote democrat? That must be so.Maybe democrats harvest ballots from prisons and illegal immigrants and thats how they always win.

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