Pro-abortion, anti-Trump Democrat Nadia Sikes running for Alamogordo mayor

The race is heating up for Alamogordo’s open mayorship as incumbent Mayor Richard Boss is not running for reelection. Two Alamogordo City Commissioners, Susan Payne and Nadia Sikes are vying for the position. 

Sikes is a retired marketing professional. Sikes has been a far-left voice, shouting down citizens participating in meetings and publicly shaming citizens for not wearing masks or obeying tyrannical edicts from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

But in Alamogordo, which went predominantly to President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 and has long been a Republican stronghold, Sikes has been rabidly anti-Trump and supportive of extreme late-term abortion.

In multiple posts on Sikes’ Facebook page, she has posted vulgar content about the 45th President, including a post of someone holding a sign that said, “Our expectations were low but HOLY F**K.” In another post, Sikes shared a post comparing President Trump to Benito Mussolini, which read, “Holy f**king s**t.” 

CAUTION: Vulgar language included in Sikes’ posts:

While Democrats ran their first sham impeachment charade against President Trump, of which he was overwhelmingly cleared by the U.S. Senate, Sikes wrote, “Happy Impeachment Eve!” President Trump held a “Save America,” rally on January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., which resulted in many ANTIFA infiltrators dressed in MAGA gear leading a few Trump supporters into the Capitol. After this happened, Sikes wrote on Twitter regarding senators who voted against the Democrats’ second failed impeachment sham, “44 votes. 44 senators are okay with insurrection. Good to know.” 

On January 19, 2017, the day before President Trump was sworn in, Nadia Sikes changed her profile picture to that of former President Barack Obama. In another post, Sikes called Obama “the best President we’ve ever had.”

Sikes has shared multiple posts promoting abortion up-to-birth groups, and even participated in multiple abortion marches, such as the “Women’s March” and the “Roe v. Wade Commemorative Demonstration,” celebrating the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion-on-demand in America. Sikes has also shared “climate change” conspiracy posts promoting the fringe activist Greta Thunberg and content from the disgraced anti-Trump PAC, the Lincoln Project.

On Sikes’ radio program she runs out of KRSY AM 1230, she has interviewed extreme abortion up-to-birth groups Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and Young Women United, Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s lieutenant governor, Democrat Howie Morales, among other far-left figures, and organizations. 

But her rabidly anti-American social media posts are not the only thing Sikes has to face the voters over. She also has personally targeted citizens of Alamogordo, including lodging a complaint against a postal worker, Rich Merrick, apparently claiming he is tampering with her mail because he has exercised his First Amendment rights at City Commission meetings. Nadia’s complaint failed, but her attempt at going after a citizen’s livelihood to get back at someone politically appears to be the lowest a person can go.

The complaint came years after Merrick spoke out against Sikes at Commission meetings in 2015 because Sikes used her official capacity as a commissioner to try and close a gun show being held at New Mexico State University Alamogordo. 

Sikes has consistently bashed citizens who do not support Gov. Lujan Grisham’s mask mandates and has voted against multiple resolutions brought forth before the City Commission against these draconian rules. Sikes calls them “public health guidelines.” Watch a moment from an August 2021 meeting here:

Sikes endorsed extremist Democrat Gabe Vasquez for Congress against incumbent Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-NM-2). Here is Sikes pictured on Vasquez’s website:

The municipal election is November 2, and citizens will make a decision on whether they want a radical far-left extremist to serve as the mayor of conservative Alamogordo or a conservative Christian to serve as mayor.


7 thoughts on “Pro-abortion, anti-Trump Democrat Nadia Sikes running for Alamogordo mayor”

  1. This lady must be crazy if she thinks she can Alamogordo… unless she knows something we don’t. *cough cough fraud.

  2. Why are leftists always making up our commission seats, etc? Because there aren’t enough conservatives that are willing to step up and lead. It’s too bad. If we don’t start at the local level, we don’t have a hope of changing this state red.
    It’s just like all the leadership in all these businesses forcing vax mandates. Where are all the conservative CEOs, board members, managers, etc? Why aren’t there any clear conservative leaders taking a stand and saying, over my dead body?

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