Ex-BLM employee’s $10.7K fraud scheme included personal flight to NM

Adrian Anthony Aragon, a 52-year-old from Butte, Montana, and a former employee at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), acknowledged his involvement in a scheme in which he illicitly acquired $10,700 from government resources, utilizing a colleague’s forged signature for personal gains.

As an administrative assistant at BLM, Aragon had access to official financial tools, including a government travel card and a purchase card, which were meant strictly for work-related expenses. 

“The indictment in the case said Aragon used the government cards to pay for $2,500 in pottery, a $622 personal flight to New Mexico and cash withdrawals. The government alleged he attempted additional cash withdrawals and also tried to rent a car using the government card while on personal vacation. Aragon tried to cover his tracks by doctoring the statement on the card for the pottery and the flight, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” wrote the Daily Montanan.

BLM Field Office in Butte, Montana. DOI.

The misconduct came to light when an unnamed BLM worker, referred to as Jane Doe, reported unauthorized transactions totaling $10,700 on a government account under her name. Investigations revealed the funds were diverted to Aragon’s accounts at Wells Fargo and squandered on various personal expenditures.

Jane Doe indicated that Aragon manipulated office schedules to ensure he was often alone in the office, giving him the opportunity to misuse her financial documents. 

Further inquiries unveiled Aragon’s misuse of government-issued cards for non-official purposes, including a personal trip and luxurious purchases, with attempts to disguise these transactions.

Facing serious charges of government property theft and aggravated identity theft, Aragon now confronts the possibility of significant prison time, hefty fines, and a period of supervised release. His sentencing is anticipated on June 26, as he remains in custody awaiting further court actions.


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  1. Not in any way justifying what this idiot did, but then again, the DOJ is weaponized. The FBI used their people to raid Trumps home as if he were a terrorist. Hillary Clinton was totally behind the Trump/Russia collusion lies. She used her government computer for personal emails and then wiped it clean to hide what she did. Where is the prison time for these horrible people? Just asking for a friend……

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