Ex-Gov. Bill Richardson angered over PRC candidates sent to governor

Democrat ex-Gov. Bill Richardson is decrying the state Public Regulation Commission (PRC) nominees submitted by the Public Regulation Commission Nominating Committee as non-representative of New Mexico, specifically in regard to Native Americans.

Richardson told the Associated Press that the exclusion of these rural-area individuals was “a glaring omission.” 

He said, “To ignore northwestern New Mexicans and the Navajos in Cibola, McKinley, and San Juan counties is both short-sighted and insensitive,” adding, “The PRC needs to go back to the drawing board. Period.”

Most of the nine nominees selected to fill the three spots on the newly created governor-appointed commission are from the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas.

Former Four Corners Power Plant engineer Jeff Peace, who applied but was not selected as a nominee, said, “We don’t have [representation] now. And if it’s not me, then somebody else,” saying, “But like I said, we just keep getting shortchanged up here.”

Regarding the outrage over the nominees, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s press secretary Nora Sackett told the AP, “The governor’s role is just one aspect of the comprehensive process that seeks to ensure qualified professionals can be relied upon to work on these technical matters that affect every New Mexican.”

The report noted:

Joseph Little is among those who will be considered by the governor. From the Mescalero Apache Nation in southern New Mexico, Little has worked with tribes on everything from water rights to utility easements.

The others are Cholla Khoury, New Mexico’s chief deputy attorney general for civil affairs; Amy Stein, who has worked as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., and California before teaching in Florida; former Public Service Co. of New Mexico resource planner Patrick O’Connell; former Republican state lawmaker Brian Moore; FERC senior policy adviser Gabriel Aguilera; Carolyn Glick, who worked for years at the PRC as general counsel and a hearing examiner; Sandia National Laboratories engineer James Ellison; and Arthur O’Donnell, who has served as a PRC consultant.

But still, Richardson insisted, “I just think it was very insensitive and wrong not to include a Navajo.”

Read more about all the PRC nominees here.


14 thoughts on “Ex-Gov. Bill Richardson angered over PRC candidates sent to governor”

  1. Nora Sackett told the AP, “The governor’s role is just one aspect of the comprehensive process that seeks to ensure qualified professionals can be relied upon to work on these technical matters that affect every New Mexican.”

    How stupid do people like Nora
    Sackett think we are!!? We know that EVERYTHING they do is to further the Globalist’s agenda, and to maintain their power and control over us. PERIOD! But make it sound good so the sheeple believe we’ll somehow benefit from it. 🙄

  2. Pedo richardson was a frequent visitor of the epstein ranch, you know the international pedophile, jeffrey epstein, the guy who bought the old bruce and gary King ranch NEAR SANTA FE! Wake up NM, we have an international pedophile ring here in NM and New Mexicans continually look the other way! They’re trafficking, raping, and sacrificing the children of NM!! BEWARE CYFD, we know what you’ve been up to!

    1. I find it business as usual by not proceeding in exposing the “guests” at the Epstein rancho and island. I think a few of the sheeples might wake up. JR gets way too much press and did nothing but rape NM.

    2. No wonder so many have gone missing, CYFD is involved really!??Need to pray, keep an eye on the children, tell moms and win these people at their own game, they are SICKO’S and on their way to hell!!

  3. This is a democracy, and this is what the people of New Mexico voted for. A dictator for a governor and for the state to continue to be run by one party- the Democrat party. So here it is.

    1. Yep we get what we deserve. The people voted to change how the prc was made up. The former “governor” crawls out from under his rock whenever he thinks there is a shot of grift about.
      I want to know why he was never asked about the deals given to his Hollywood “friends” Thank goodness he didn’t become president when he ran.

  4. Mary-Catherine Meek

    Bill, the Carpetbagger Ex-Governor, needs to butt his nose OUT of NM government business!!!
    To be sure, too many New Mexico citizens…..and who knows who else…..re-elected the dictator witch……and there is no hope for anything good to happen in NM for the next 4 years….but Billy-boy SHOULD have NO say in how she manages NM.
    THAT is for US to do!!!

    1. This State has gone to hell with all these SICKO’S, MLG is involved, no doubt! God is going to careen this sick business staight to hell, repent get out while you can, because messing with God, you have no chance. By the way changed my initials because someone refrred to a JR, I have no affiliation with whover they are.

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