Haaland’s DOI hijacks official White Sands account to spread radical ‘Progress Pride’ propaganda

One of New Mexico’s two national parks, White Sands, is being led in the direction of far-leftism under socialist Deb Haaland’s Secretary of the Interior. Haaland has long been a radical extremist with her anti-American views, but she has now hijacked one of New Mexico’s most treasured places to spread her political agenda. 

Earlier this month, Haaland hoisted a “progress pride” flag on the roof of the Department of the Interior building in Washington, D.C. The flag mimics the commonly used “LGBT Pride” flag, which features a rainbow. However, it adds colors black, brown, and different light blue and pink hues to symbolize even more radical “social justice” movements.

But over the weekend, Haaland used the official White Sands National Park Service Instagram account to spread “Progress Pride” extremism, posting a photo of a ranger in uniform standing “on white dunes with the Progress Pride flag hanging from their shoulders like a cape,” according to the post’s description.

The caption of the post reads, “Pride Month is about celebrating growth and diversity, while reflecting on sacrifice and perseverance. Our dunes, and the plants and animals that call them home, change and grow in a harsh desert environment. Without this wonderful diversity, our park would not be the amazing place it is! We hope you feel comfortable being yourself at White Sands National Park and continue to find solace and fun in the dunes!” 

Joe Biden’s U.S. embassy to the Vatican (Holy See) erected a “Pride” flag on the building, a direct affront to the Roman Catholic faith, which believes pride is one of the seven deadly sins. However, embassies to Muslim countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, or Afghanistan did not erect the loud-colored flags. 

It is clear under the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris regime, radical extremism, such as Haaland’s, are the mainstream, despite the majority of Americans disagreeing with the unAmerican agenda, focusing on dividing Americans based on color, gender, sexual orientation, and other factors.


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  1. hijacker Haaland has again proven she DOESN’T have New Mexico in her best interest but follows the crowd of corrupt and destructive leftists!

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