Egolf says 2021 Legislature to be ‘100% virtual to the public,’ dealing a blow to rural NM

On Monday, Speaker of the New Mexico House Brian Egolf confirmed to KRQE News 13 that the 2021 Legislative Session will be “100% virtual for the public,” meaning the “Roundhouse will be closed to the public.” 

Previously, legislators were discussing utilizing the Santa Fe Convention Center to accommodate “social distancing,” however, that appears not to be the case, according to one report.  

“Speaker Egolf said they will be expanding the use of Zoom so people can participate remotely in the session. They will even have closed captioning for people hard of hearing,” said the report

The move to go 100% virtual, however, will be the final call of the Legislative Council, but Egolf appears to have the votes.

Republican legislators responded to the news that was delivered to them via tweet, instead of the Speaker letting them know any other way. Rep. Gail Armstrong (R-Catron, Socorro & Valencia Counties) wrote on Twitter, “So much for transparency!” 

Rep.-elect Stefani Lord (R-Bernalillo, Sandoval & Santa Fe Counties) wrote to her followers, “If you don’t have internet.  If you have a spotty internet connection. If you don’t know how to use ZOOM, well, your voice won’t be heard this year at the roundhouse.  P.S. I can’t believe I learned about this on Twitter.  Shouldn’t the speaker let the legislators know?” 

The upcoming Legislature will be 60 days long and many hot-button issues including an abortion up-to-birth bill, recreational marijuana legalization, anti-gun bills, and other previously defeated legislation from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham are expected to be discussed. The move to go 100% virtual may hamper access to those who live in rural communities without access to a reliable internet connection, among many others. 

Speaker Brian Egolf can be contacted via email at this address


4 thoughts on “Egolf says 2021 Legislature to be ‘100% virtual to the public,’ dealing a blow to rural NM”

  1. Democrat BULL SHIT at it’s finist just about the time your going to vote on something the ZOOM call will go dead and they will have voted there CRAP in with out your knowledge…You mark my words the Democracts are so CORRUPT they don’t even try to hide the fact they are SCREWING YOU…….BEWARE

  2. Brian Egoff looks like an idiot in that face diaper, but at least it matches his tie! Nancy Pelosi turned masks into match-y-match-y fashion statements for the camera, and the down-stream Democrat-Communists, at least the ones with higher ambitions, are following suit.

    Someone should break it to him, that cloth-mask-wearing ain’t stoppin’ no stinkin’ Wuhan Flu, from either direction. He should google “masks and vaping” to see how his face diaper is “aerosolizing” his germ-y breath and suspending it in the air for even longer. Thanks Bri! You’re showing you care (when on-camera), and making a great fashion statement, as well.

    On the other hand, he could feel righteous in his N-95, but what do we think that blow-vent is for? He may keep germs from coming in (dubious) but that mask will be blowin’ his viruses out for everyone to enjoy, thanks again!

    The reality is, that mask can be cloth, paper or satin panties, nobody cares, because everyone knows that mandatory masks are just the costume portion of this s–t show, “security theatre” to “show you care”, but mostly an exercise in obedience to The State.

    Here’s a clue for those who need one: Until it’s safe, means never.

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