KOB 4 News reports wrong name of newly sworn-in U.S. rep.

On Sunday, liberal media outlet KOB 4 reported the incorrect new U.S. representative being sworn into the 117th Congress from the Third District. 

During the evening newscast, Kai Porter, a reporter for the station, reported that “Alexis Martinez Johnson (D)” was sworn in, despite Teresa Leger-Fernandez (D) being sworn in instead. Martinez Johnson was the Republican nominee in the Third District, who is not a Democrat.

Watch the clip below:

The actual new representative posted on her Twitter account, “What a joy to get to share this day with my sons Dario, Alisandro, and Abelino. They made calls, marched in parades, put up signs, and supported me each step of the way – and today they saw their mom sworn in to Congress.” 

Alexis Martinez Johnson responded to the flub my KOB, writing in a statement, “I ran over a yearlong campaign as the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress and feel it is important that the media, specifically in this case KOB, clarifies this fact to not confuse the public. It is also important that the 3rdCongressional District knows who in fact is their current congressional representative.” 


3 thoughts on “KOB 4 News reports wrong name of newly sworn-in U.S. rep.”

  1. You called Kai Porter a “reporter” which may be technically true, but he’s really just a news-reader like the rest of them. He can blame whoever wrote his copy, but he’s really admitting that either he doesn’t read his copy in advance, before going on the air, or read the copy and doesn’t know who won the election.

    In case we have any doubts who won, it’s the Democrat-Communist Dame with Three Names, wearing a cloth fashion-mask, aerosolizing her germs and suspending them wherever she goes. Thanks for showing you care!

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